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Dockerize a Spring Boot application using Jib

This is an example of how to easily build a Docker image for a Spring Boot application with Jib.

Try it yourself

You can containerize the application with one of the following commands.


./mvnw compile jib:build -Dimage=<your image, eg.>


./gradlew jib --image=<your image, eg.>

Deploying to Kubernetes using kubectl

Dockerize Spring Boot app with Jib and deploy to Kubernetes

Make sure you have kubectl installed and configured with a cluster.

IMAGE=<your image, eg.>

./mvnw compile jib:build -Dimage=$IMAGE

kubectl run spring-boot-jib --image=$IMAGE --port=8080 --restart=Never

# Wait until pod is running
kubectl port-forward spring-boot-jib 8080 > /dev/null 2>&1 &
curl localhost:8080
> Greetings from Kubernetes!

* If you are using Gradle, use ./gradlew jib --image=$IMAGE instead of the ./mvnw command

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More information

Learn more about Jib.

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