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@balopat balopat released this Sep 27, 2019 · 668 commits to master since this release

v0.39.0 Release - 09/26/2019

Note: This release comes with a new config version v1beta15.
To upgrade your skaffold.yaml, use skaffold fix. If you don't upgrade, skaffold will auto-upgrade in memory as best it can, and print a warning message.
See for details on what beta means.
The env vars DIGEST, DIGEST_HEX and DIGEST_ALGO now fail if found in envTemplate fields.

curl -Lo skaffold && chmod +x skaffold && sudo mv skaffold /usr/local/bin

curl -Lo skaffold && chmod +x skaffold && sudo mv skaffold /usr/local/bin


Docker image


  • We now include build args in the artifact cache hash generation #2926
  • Skaffold now passes the --set-files argument to the helm CLI: you can define helm.release.setFiles in the skaffold.yaml
  • Skaffold now passes the --build-args arguments to kustomize: you can define deploy.kustomize.buildArgs in the skaffold.yaml

New Features:

  • Optional pull secret for Kaniko #2910
  • Add Jib-Gradle support for Kotlin buildscripts #2914
  • Add graceful termination for custom builders #2886
  • Add docs and tutorial for buildpacks #2879
  • kustomize build args #2871
  • Add setFiles to HelmDeploy.HelmRelease skaffold config which will be add --set-files argument to helm CLI #2895

Bug Fixes:

  • fix flake TestGetSetFileValues #2936
  • Fix helm deployer with imageStrategy helm and fix test runner #2887
  • Include build args in cache hash generation #2926
  • Fix test flake TestPollResourceStatus #2907
  • Fix build script for doc generation. #2884

Updates & Refactors:

  • Create new v1beta15 config #2881
  • adding release comment management to all config.go #2917
  • Change final status check error message to be more concise. #2930
  • Add unimplemented 'skaffold render' command #2942
  • Bump golangci-lint to v0.19.0 #2927
  • Add pod resource with no status check implemented. #2928
  • added support for interface type in schema check #2924
  • add protos for status check #2916
  • Refactor Deployment common functions in to a Base struct in prep to pod #2905
  • Add missing T.Helper() in testutil.Check* as required #2913
  • Removing testing version dependent skaffold config test in examples #2890
  • rename hack/versions/cmd/new/new.go to hack/versions/cmd/new/version.go #2882
  • [Refactor] Move pollDeploymentStatus to resource.Deployment.CheckStatus #2896
  • init: Add default config name #2668
  • Upgrade jib to 1.6.1 #2891
  • Print deployment status after every 0.5 seconds. #2866
  • Fail PR if it has a structural schema change in a released version #2864


  • add better docs for recreate pods #2937
  • added release comments manually #2931
  • add github pull request template #2894

Huge thanks goes out to all of our contributors for this release:

  • Aisuko
  • Andreas Sommer
  • Balint Pato
  • Brian de Alwis
  • Cedric Kring
  • Chanseok Oh
  • Cornelius Weig
  • David Gageot
  • Dominic Werner
  • Jack Davis
  • Marlon Gamez
  • Medya Gh
  • Michael Beaumont
  • Nick Kubala
  • Prashant Arya
  • Priya Wadhwa
  • Tad Cordle
  • Tejal Desai
  • Willy Aguirre
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