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@r2d4 r2d4 released this Apr 12, 2018 · 2760 commits to master since this release

Skaffold is under active development and features may change at any time.

curl -Lo skaffold && chmod +x skaffold && sudo mv skaffold /usr/local/bin

curl -Lo skaffold && chmod +x skaffold && sudo mv skaffold /usr/local/bin

New Features

  • Added skaffold fix command to migrate configs from v1alpha1 to v1alpha2
  • Added skaffold completion command to output bash completion for skaffold subcommands
  • Warns when an image is built but not used
  • Artifacts can now be built with bazel
  • Environment variable template tagger
  • Support multiple document YAML files
  • Helm deployer now accepts extra set values

Bug Fixes

  • Logs use relative time instead of host time, which fixes issues with clock sync on local clusters
  • Removed duplicate error
  • Docker build args passsed to Google Container Builder
  • Fixed unreliable file detection when using IntelliJ or other IDEs
  • Better handling of default values
  • Fixed issue with some logs being displayed twice
  • Fixed .dockerignore support


  • Updated go-git package
  • Refactored watch package

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