balopat Update examples release notes to use v1alpha5.
An accidental merge created an extra version upgrade causing v0.17.0 being out of sync with the examples folder on master and the changelog.
This commit fixes the inconsistency by upgrading the examples and changelog to v1alpha5.

Fixes #1235.
Latest commit 29f9363 Nov 6, 2018



To run the examples, you either have to manually replace the image repositories in the examples from to yours or you can point skaffold to your default image repository in one of the four ways:

  • flag: skaffold dev --default-repo <myrepo>

  • env var: SKAFFOLD_DEFAULT_REPO=<myrepo> skaffold dev

  • global skaffold config (one time): skaffold config set --global default-repo <myrepo>

  • skaffold config for current kubectl context: skaffold config set default-repo <myrepo>

These examples are made to work with the latest release of skaffold.

If you are running skaffold at HEAD or have built it from source, please use the examples at integration/examples.

If you wish to make changes to these examples, please edit the ones at integration/examples, as those will be synced on release.