Sitecore + Blazor, what a wonderful match
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Time travel into the future - BLAZOR + SITECORE

Let’s get going, we are gone hack this 3.5 inch floppy disc to the year 2005

For those still wondering what BLAZOR is, check out this great post – WHAT IS BLAZOR?

This repo allows you to run Sitecore app's client-side. We are also following the HELIX concept, the clean way.



To get started with Blazor and build your first Blazor web app check out Blazor's getting started guide.

Setup solution

Clone or fork this repo, build it and be happy 🙂

Blog posts

Server-side is dead, long live client-side! BLAZOR + Sitecore = a match made in heaven

Time travel into the future – BLAZOR + SITECORE + HELIX