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How to read

  • Field format is: fieldName - FieldType
  • Method format is: methodName(TypeA arga, TypeB argb, ...) - ReturnType
  • If ReturnType is omitted, it is implied to be void.
  • Unless otherwise labeled, all members are public.
  • Unless otherwise labeled, all fields should be considered read-only.

Instead of the usual set/get prefix, the BDX code-base relies on the following convention to discern setters from getters:

Given functions of the same name, the one that takes no arguments, and returns a relevant object is the getter, while all others are setters.

Note that this and all other API is based off of the bleeding-edge version of BDX, so if something doesn't work or exist in your local build, that might be why.







Generally useful components, to help you make your games, and to help keep the core of BDX relatively small/clean.

Like all Components, these extend the Component class, and require the host GameObject reference to be passed as one of the constructor arguments (the first, by convention).


Complete documentation for this package can be found here.

The version that ships with BDX provides additional convenience methods for the following types:

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