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Is it possible to disable the cleaning of the related categories after a product is saved? We have products that are tagged in many categories, so saving 1 product leads to invalidating a lot of categories.

I have tried to disable the cleaning of the categories by commenting out the following lines in \Model\Observer\Save.php

               /* foreach ($categories as $categoryId) {
                        sha1('category_' . $categoryId)

But this doesn't seem to work. Is there anyway to make this work?


Hello @oblomovx I'm sorry, at the moment you can't fix this without a hack like yours. To make your hack complete you should also disable these lines https://github.com/GordonLesti/Lesti_Fpc/blob/master/app/code/community/Lesti/Fpc/Helper/Block.php#L126 in Lesti_Fpc_Helper_Block
At the moment, I'm working on a solution to edit the cache_tags by an event.


Hello Gordon,

Thank you for the respons, I have disabled the lines and it seems to work indeed. Keep up the great work!

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