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Adding barcode functionality in MigraDoc pdf rendering

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================================================================================== Original !Readme.txt from

Welcome to PDFsharp and MigraDoc Foundation

PDFsharp & MigraDoc Foundation Support Forum

The right place to search for answers and to ask new questions:

The PDFsharp & MigraDoc Web Site

Here's the homepage:

Here's the PDFsharp & MigraDoc Wiki:

Please note: the Wiki introduces many of the PDFsharp and MigraDoc samples with screen shots, code snippets, generated PDF files, etc.

Current Downloads

Visit the homepage and click on Downloads.

You'll find the latest versions on CodePlex:

And on SourceForge:

Available Packages the complete source code (recommended if you're using Visual Studio 2010) the compiled assemblies (for those who don't use Visual Studio 2010)

Visit CodePlex for further information:

What's New in PDFsharp & MigraDoc Foundation 1.32

Version 1.32 contains some minor bug fixes. Version 1.32 includes solutions for Visual Studio 2010. If you need solutions for VS 2005 or VS 2008, download version 1.31.

What's New in PDFsharp & MigraDoc Foundation 1.31

Version 1.31 contains some minor bug fixes. Image compression was improved:

  • Bitonal images are now compressed using CCITT Fax encoding
  • Bitonal images are still FlateEncoded if compression ratio is better
  • JPEG images are now FlateEncoded if that reduces size
  • Non-JPEG grayscale image are now stored without color palette
  • Color paletters are now FlateEncoded

Bitonal images: only images with a two-color palette are treated as bitonal images; save images that only contain black and white in a bitonal format (Paint calls it "Monochrome Bitmap") to be able to profit from the new CCITT Fax compression.

Please note: if you favor small PDF files, go for version 1.31. If you favor fast PDF generation, stay with version 1.30. One of the forthcoming versions will allow you to configure the generation of PDF files (something like "Optimize for Size" and "Optimize for Speed").


Adding barcode functionality to MigraDoc pdf rendering



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