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# Added support to the Facebooker.yml file for switching to the new profile design..
# Config parsing needs to happen before files are required.
facebook_config = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/config/facebooker.yml"
require 'facebooker'
FACEBOOKER = Facebooker.load_configuration(facebook_config)
# enable logger before including everything else, in case we ever want to log initialization
Facebooker.logger = RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER if Object.const_defined? :RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER
require 'net/http_multipart_post'
if defined? Rails
require 'facebooker/rails/controller'
require 'facebooker/rails/facebook_url_rewriting'
require 'facebooker/rails/facebook_session_handling' if Rails.version < '2.3'
require 'facebooker/rails/facebook_request_fix' if Rails.version < '2.3'
require 'facebooker/rails/routing'
require 'facebooker/rails/facebook_pretty_errors' rescue nil
require 'facebooker/rails/facebook_url_helper'
require 'facebooker/rails/extensions/rack_setup' if Rails.version > '2.3'
require 'facebooker/rails/extensions/action_controller'
require 'facebooker/rails/extensions/routing'
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