Crowd-Sourced Translation Platform and a Distributed Translation Memory for Ruby on Rails
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Welcome to Tr8n Translation Engine

Tr8n Translation Engine is a Rails Engine Plugin/Gem that provides a framework for crowd-sourced translations of your Rails application. The power of the engine comes from its simple and friendly user interface that allows site users as well as professional translators to rapidly translate the site into hundreds of languages.

The rules engine that powers Tr8n allows translators to indicate whether sentences depend on gender rules, number rules or other rules configured for each language. The language specific context and case rules can be registered and managed for any language in the advanced user interface. The engine provides a set of powerful administration tools that allow admins to configure any aspect of the engine; enabling and disabling its features and monitoring translation progress.

The Tr8n engine is based on a robust and flexible pluggable architecture where rule types and even the syntax of the “tr” tokens can be configured or extended for any application deployment.

Tr8n translation engine has been successfully deployed by the following companies:

Geni Inc,

Yammer Inc,

You can visit their web sites and see how it is being used. If your company is using Tr8n, please let me know and you will be added to the list.


Please look through the following slides to get familiar with Tr8n concepts and features:

Once you are done, you can try out Tr8n features yourself by following the deployement instructions from one of the examples:

Configuration Guide

Integration Guide

Translation Markup Language (TML)

Rules Engine

Language Context Rules

Language Case Rules

Supported Languages

Installation Instructions

Add the following gems to your Gemfile:

gem 'will_filter', "~> 3.1.2" 
gem 'tr8n', "~> 3.2.1"

And run:

$ bundle

At the top of your routes.rb file, add the following lines:

mount WillFilter::Engine => "/will_filter"
mount Tr8n::Engine => "/tr8n"

To configure and initialize Tr8n engine, run the following commands:

$ rails generate will_filter
$ rails generate tr8n
$ rake db:migrate
$ rake tr8n:init
$ rails s

Open your browser and point to:


Integration Instructions

The best way to get going with Tr8n is to run the gem as a stand-alone application and follow the instructions and documentation in the app:

$ git clone git://
$ cd tr8n/local/tr8n_server
$ rake db:migrate
$ rake tr8n:init
$ rails s

Open your browser and point to:


Tr8n Screenshots

Below are a few screenshots of what Tr8n looks like:

Tr8n Language Selector (in a lightbox)

Tr8n Translation Interface

Tr8n Translation Votes Interface

Tr8n Language Selector (as a dropdown)

Tr8n Translation Interface (with a keyboard)

Tr8n Translation Tools

Tr8n Translator Dashboard

Tr8n Translation Admin Tools

External Links

Yammer in Translation

Yammer Now Available in Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish

Geni Goes Global With 20 New Languages And A Crowdsourced Translation Tool

Quora Discussion - What is the best way to deal with internationlization of text on a large social site?

LinkedIn Discussion

RailsCasts - If you would like to see a RailsCasts episode on how to get Tr8n configured and running, please visit the RailsCasts suggestion page and vote it up. Thank you!

Tr8n Discussion on Hacker News

IRC Channel for Discussing Tr8n