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CryptoRl2 is a singleplayer roguelike, writte in Java with MarteEngine
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CryptoRl 2


CryptoRl 2 is a cave-dungeon roguelike based on Crypto setting, setting in a dark underterrain world full of monsters. You are an elf and you awake in an unknown cave and you have to return you your home, Kelmera.

How to run

To run you must have installed on your system java 1.8, please visit

To run cryptoRl in windows please run cryptoRl.exe or cryptoRl.bat

How to play

Intro screen keys: use your mouse to press START

Game screen keys:

  • arrows or WASD: move you elven hero and find a way back to your city, Kelmera. Move near an enemy to attack it
  • space: wait a turn



version 1.0:

  • add new items: sword (+1 attack) and shield (+1 defense)
  • from Archifenix: put in menu screen that using F2 you can go fullscreen
  • BUG From Archifenix: the text at the top is blocked from view until you repeat the same action a few times (fighting an aberration for example resulted in health being lost but the text only scrolling into view after the third or so hit)
  • BUG from Pavel Provotorov: Sounds when the player/monster recieves damage
  • BUG from Pavel Provotorov: Adding health bars to mosters. The combat is hard without those
  • added new monsters: Fungus, Shade, Ring, Formian, RedFlame, BlueFlame
  • level balancing for new monsters
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