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MarteEngine (ME) is a Java videogame engine with it's focus on a simple, clean API for fast game development.

Major inspiration comes from (Flashpunk) and (Slick forum).

Authors are Alberto "Gornova" Martinelli, and Thomas "Tommy" Haaks, and Stefan "Stef569" (in order of appareance!).

Current main contributor of Marte Engine is Stef569: THANKS!

MarteEngine run on top of Slick Build #229 and LWJGL Version: 2.6


Last stable MarteEngine version is 0.2, now is in developing 0.3


  • entity based framework: everything in your game is an Entity, many things are already coded, no reinventing the wheel anymore!
    • basic physics
    • collision detection
    • a standard way to organize your project
  • manipulate your entities: rotate, scale, animate using tweens,
  • examples! Ready to play and easy to learn! (click to play!):
  • distribuite your game: windows exe, webstart, applet all done using ready-to-run ant tasks, fast and easy
  • based on proven libraries: Slick and Lwjgl

Download library only In order to run MarteEngine you need following dependencies: slick, lwjgl.

Basic tutorials

  1. Setting up your Enviroment
  2. Hello World
  3. Entity and World
  4. Keyboard and Mouse Input
  5. Basic collision
  6. Animate sprite
  7. Tweens
  8. Alarms
  9. Rotate and scale

Complete game tutorials

  1. Platformer
  2. MarteEngine roguelike Tutorials

MarteEngine version 0.2

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