A 2d game written in Java with real time lighting as a central gameplay mechanic.
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Shade -- A casual 2d game written in Java

An ant file is included with this project. To get up and running please
follow these instructions.

Building Shade:

    ant build // compiles source code and creates shade.jar

Running Shade:

    ant run // executes shade.jar with necessary arguments


    ant clean // removes bin/, webstart/, and shade.jar

Deploying Shade:

    ant webstart // creates a webstart to deploy to a server

This last one warrants some explanation. If you want to create a webstart
to host Shade on your website then you need to provide the url for your
server as well as a username and password to sign shade.jar. 

This will create a directory, webstart/, which contains all the necessary
files. Simply upload webstart/ to your server and navigate to:


Please see the wiki for all issues including but not limited to:

  + Building and running Shade
  + Contributing to Shade
  + Reporting bugs
  + Giving Feedback