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Smart contract development for UKAN

Vesting smart contract

Usage example

This article explaines basic usage of vesting developed contract. To get more information please check corresponding documentation.

Functional requirements

  • The main goal of this contract is to create vesting once for 1 or more wallets.
  • Customer should be able to deploy contract and specialize token, which he wants to distribute
  • Customer should send tokens by himself on this contract in any time he wants
  • Customer should be able to add user for vesting shedule
  • User can claim his reward, if there's enough tokens on contract and reward is bigger than zero, whenever he wants
  • User should see how much tokens is available for claiming

Vesting tokenomic

  • Vesting contract should distribute tokens linearly. For example 0.1% of total vesting struct's amount should be vested each day for 1000 days.

Test coverage statistics

  Vesting tests
    Vesting successful unit tests
      ✔ Should successfully constuct vesting (394ms)
      ✔ Should successfully add user to vesting (38ms)
      ✔ User should successfully view info about vesting (41ms)
      ✔ User should successfully claim reward (108ms)
      ✔ User should successfully claim full reward (138ms)
    Vesting fail unit tests
      ✔ Should fail on adding user to vesting, cause incorrect address
      ✔ Should fail on adding user to vesting, cause user has been already added (40ms)
      ✔ Should fail on adding user to vesting, cause incorrect start time
      ✔ Should fail on claiming reward, cause have zero available tokens (68ms)
      ✔ Should fail on claiming reward, cause block.timestamp less than start (62ms)
      ✔ Should fail on claiming reward, cause not enough tokens (61ms)
    Vesting event unit tests
      ✔ Should emit event when adding user
      ✔ Should emit event when claiming reward (72ms)

  13 passing (1s)

File              |  % Stmts | % Branch |  % Funcs |  % Lines |Uncovered Lines |
 contracts/       |      100 |    92.86 |      100 |      100 |                |
  Vesting.sol     |      100 |    92.86 |      100 |      100 |                |
All files         |      100 |    92.86 |      100 |      100 |                |



Contracts contains mocked token, do not audit it.

contract IERC20 token


mapping(address => struct Vesting.VestingStruct) vestings


struct VestingStruct {
  uint256 amount;
  uint256 claimed;
  uint256 slicePeriod;
  uint256 startTime;
  uint256 duration;


event UserAdded(address user, uint256 amount, uint256 slicePeriod, uint256 startTime, uint256 duration)


event RewardClaimed(address user, uint256 amount)


constructor(contract IERC20 newToken) public
Name Type Description
newToken contract IERC20 ERC-20 token address for vesting


function addUser(address newUser, uint256 newAmount, uint256 newSlicePeriod, uint256 newStartTime, uint256 newDuration) external

Function to add certain user for vesting

Name Type Description
newUser address Address of user
newAmount uint256 Amount allocated for user
newSlicePeriod uint256 Period for which user can get reward
newStartTime uint256 Start time of vesting
newDuration uint256 Duration of vesting


function claim() external

External function for user to claim his reward


function available(address newUser) public view returns (uint256)

Function to see how much tokens is available

Name Type Description
newUser address Address of user, which reward we want to calculate


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