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Goteo API Documentation

This is the source code for the Goteo's API documentation

This documentation is mostly automated by reading the [swagger specs]({{ site.api_spec }}) from the api.

Swagger JSON files are needed to generate the documentation, they can be retrieved with the command

./ -u user:key -a

They'll be copied to the _json folder

For compilation we use Jekyll, install dependencies as the explain in Github and start a live preview with this command:

jekyll serve

Compilation uses the downloaded JSON files in the _json folder. A custom plugin, _plugins/swagger_parser.rb, automatically parses the downloaded JSON files and adds its content to the Markdown templates.

Two task are configure for Rake:

  1. Generates documentation as static, off-line HTML files into the _simple directory:

    JEKYLL_ENV=simple rake doc:simple
  2. And the automatic publication to the gh-pages branch in Github (official documentation):

    rake doc:publish


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