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1.1.0 (2015-05-10) 6c431da4f3c3e9fb2b9cb7dd37a32d4822777071
- #1497 taskd ignores the host definition and always listens on
- #1503 build failure with musl libc due to undefined GLOB_BRACE and GLOB_TILDE
(thanks to Natanael Copa).
- #1511 sync init crashes if client certification file is empty or invalid
(thanks to Marton Suranyi).
- TW-1296 make test/run_all exit with non-zero code if a test fail (thanks to
Jakub Wilk).
- TW-1304 Minor build and install fix for NetBSD (thanks to atomicules).
- TW-1366 In diagnostics it's called 'Cert', and in config it's called
'certificate' (thanks to Jack).
- TD-8 Statistics not working via client (thanks to Alexander Sulfrian).
- TD-37 Segfault when specifying '--data' with no path (thanks to iron_houzi).
- TD-39 Documents refer to "modification" and "modified" dates, need to
collapse to one (thanks to jck).
- TD-41 Systemd 'taskd.service' script (thanks to Ralph Bean, Roman
- TD-42 Cannot compile taskd - GNUTLS_VERSION undefined in diag.cpp (thanks
to Michele Vetturi).
- TD-45 Fix preprocessor define (thanks to Jochen Sprickerhof).
(thanks to Anton Khirnov, Renato Alves).
- TD-46 gnutls: -54 Error in the pull function.
- TD-48 Empty username is not an error (thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- TD-51 Taskd should listen on all matching adresses and interfaces (thanks to
Anatolij Zelenin).
- TD-53 Log message when server is ready for action (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TD-54 Usage of flock() prevents compilation on Solaris (thanks to Tatjana
- TD-55 TLSServer/Client need to include <errno.h> on Solaris (thanks to
Tatjana Heuser).
- TD-56 File.cpp needs to include <string.h> on Solaris (thanks to Tatjana
- TD-57 taskdctl script assumes /bin/sh is /bin/bash (thanks to Tatjana
- TD-58 "Config file /var/taskd/config modified" message even when the file is
not writable (thanks to Alexey Kotlyarov).
- TD-59 Taskd segfaults when syncing task whose annotations value is not a json
array (thanks to Felix Martin).
- TD-60 Make PKI scripts easier to use (thanks to viq).
- TD-61 has broken links (thanks to Jack).
- TD-63 Support logging to stdout when running in foreground mode. (thanks to
Christian Kampka).
- TD-66 No reason given for sync failure when the cause is client.allow
mismatch (thanks to Jack).
- TD-68 Error: Handshake has failed (A TLS packet with unexpected length was
received.) (thanks to Jack, Mario, Joao Santos).
- TD-72 Taskd appears to log everything at the end of a sync (thanks to Jack).
- TD-74 Taskd transforms integer values into double strings (thanks to Anatolij
- TD-75 Fix status_statistics (thanks to Jack).
- TD-78 Create the x509 PKI with a proper CN and don't use SubjectAlternativeName
(SANs) (thanks to Louis Opter).
- TD-79 Bad error message for wrong hostname configuration (thanks to Jens
- TD-87 Error 500: Priority values may be 'H', 'M' or 'L', not '' (thanks to
Karsten Krohn).
- TD-89 No man page for Taskctl (thanks to Jack Laxson).
- TD-92 »taskd config« only checks the end of the key when changing config
entries (thanks to Dominik Heidler).
- 'validate' command will parse/validate a JSON string or file. Used for
debugging Taskserver clients.
- CRL cert is now optional (thanks to Anton Khirnov).
- Improved support for IPv6 host names (thanks to Anton Khirnov).
- When '--data' is specified, the 'diagnostics' command shows more details.
- Documentation corrections.
- Added certificate verification to GnuTLS versions < 2.9.10 (thanks to
Alexander Sulfrian)
- Includes line numbers when reporting parse errors in data (thanks to Kosta
- Removed debug output.
- Updated URLs.
- Improved I/O performance with better defaults for buffer sizes.
- Can log to STDOUT when configuration setting 'log' is set to '-'.
- Removed support for client.allow/client.deny settings.
- Corrected pki scripts use of '--bits' option (thanks to Pierre Calligaro).
- Server now supports a configuration setting 'trust', which can be either
'strict' or 'allow all', and defaults to 'strict'.
- If the 'trust' setting contains a bad value, the 'diag' command will
indicate this, and the server will log it.
- Removed linking of pthreads.
- 'trust' is now given a default 'strict' on config initialization
- Fixed several issues with scripts/setup_server.bash when folders contain
spaces or relative paths are used
------- current release ---------------------------
1.0.0 (2014-01-15) 3a2142f2708bad9ffad9f70ab4b163de2068e6c7
- #1408 Denial of Service Vulnerability in taskd (thanks to Yves Agostini).
- #1448 specify secure ssl cipher list for tls connection (thanks to Zed
- #1480 Taskd segmentation fault on sync with Mirakel (thanks to Titus Stahl).
- Skipped tests that fail for root (thanks to Patrick R McDonald).
- Added socket shutdown (thanks to Yves Agostini).
- Removed need for PATH_MAX (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Changed name to 'Taskserver'.
- Minor documentation corrections.
------- old release ---------------------------
1.0.0.beta2 (2013-11-03)
- #1397 existing org folder breaks init action in taskd (thanks to Axel
- #1398 man and help pages are different concerning $TASKDATA (thanks to Axel
- #1434 Taskd client spec: unknown field MUST vs SHALL (thanks to Profpatsch).
- #1435 Type of “modification” field is not clear (thanks to Profpatsch).
- Fixed portability (thanks to qbit).
- Fixed demo documentation (thanks to Rainer Müller).
- Improved test suite.
- Server now requires the client to provide a cert, and validates it.
- Server allows an optional 'ca.cert' setting to specify the CA cert when the
'server.cert' is self-signed.
1.0.0.beta1 (2013-09-08)
- #1287 'taskd config' ignored $TASKDDATA.
- #1289 The 'init' command no longer defaults the 'server' variable, and
provides feedback when it is not specified.
- #1290 The pki/generate.client script now takes an argument is used to name
the files.
- #1291 The 'taskdctl' script needs to use TASKDDATA for config command.
- #1292 Allow --data as an arg to taskd, not just the command.
- #1293 The operation.txt document details client.allow, client.deny.
- #1294 SIGHUP now forces a server config file reload.
- #1295 Relaxed message parsing slightly.
- #1296 Now uses permiѕsions 0600 and 0700 when creating files and directories.
- #1299 Now properly counts bytes sent back to client.
- #1300 Encode/decode pairing is now properly balanced.
- #1305 Commit should be available from 'git archive' tarballs (thanks to Ben
- #1306 Server never seems to sends a 201, always 200.
- Improved error handling for unrecognized requests.
- Improved test suite for Cygwin.
- Improved log entries, for brevity and clarity.
- Improved log entries for performance characterization.
- Added statistics for orgs, users and data size.
- Added data profiling script.
- Now requires libuuid.
- Restructured the data root so that users are made unique by a UUID.
- Implemented org-level redirects.
- Documented redirects.
- PKI examples can now use gnutls-certtool otherwise certtool.
1.0.0.alpha (2013-06-23)
- Supports CRL (Certificate Revocation List).
- Supports new user key generation.
- Documentation for:
- operations
- writing a client
- task data interchange format
- Taskserver protocol
- sync algorithm
- taskd.1 man page
- taskdrc.5 man page
- Supports 'client.allow' and 'client.deny' lists.
- Client interface now an optional feature.
0.12.0 (2013-06-03
- Added IP logging option.
- JSON support.
0.11.0 (2013-05-18)
- Implemented 'config' command.
- Implemented 'remove' command.
- Supports $TASKDDATA in config command.
- Improved demo scripts and documentation.
- Consistent use of command line options for all commands.
0.10.0 (2013-05-12)
- Full TLS support, for encrypted-only communication.
- Added 'diagnostics' command.
- Bug: Statistics 'tps' value now floating point.
0.9.0 (2012-10-16)
- IPv4 and IPv6 support.
- Sync use cases and test.
0.8.0 (2012-10-11)
- Functioning sync algorithm.
- Initial documentation.
- Demo scripts (early unit tests).
0.7.0 (2012-09-30)
- Added program shell.
- Added SSL support.
- Added server command, responding to 'statistics' and 'sync' requests.
- Added debug 'client' command.
- Added 'add' command.
- Equalled functionality of original codebase.
Project restarted 2012-09-26
Project started 2010-09-22
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