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2.5.3 () -
- #2375 task hangs then dies when certain tasks are present in a report
Thanks to Max Rossmannek, Tomáš Janoušek and Chad Phillips.
------ current release ---------------------------
2.5.2 (2020-12-05) - b0c17d11639dc6e783befd89c8508f2abb9b4287
- TD-64 sync conflict deleted all annotations of the task
Thanks to Markus Beppler, Konstantin Vorobyev
- TI-91 Timewarrior does not compile on DragonFly
Thanks to Michael Neumann
- TW #1 URL formating
Thanks to buhtz
- TW #2 Update to markdown and rename DEVELOPER to
Thanks to Lynoure Braakman
- TW-54/#115 Reduce output for timesheet
Thanks to Aikido guy
- TW-61 Extract only tasks with annotations
Thanks to Aikido Guy
- TW-213 Align countdown column on boundary between number and text.
Thanks to Eric Fluger
- TW-1572 Alternative approach to urgency inheritance
Thanks to Jens Erat, Wim Schuermann
- TW-1667 hooks: upon failure indicate which hook failed
Thanks to Daniel Shahaf
- TW-1785 Purge command to remove deleted tasks
Thanks to Paul Beckingham
- TW-1772 Implementation of circular dependency detection is inefficient
Thanks to Michael Meier
- TW-1778 Unicode strings are truncated in task description
Thanks to Andrew, bjonnh, OKOMPer, Vladimir
- TW-1788 Closing a reopened task does not update the end time
Thanks to Ralph Bean
- TW-1791 taskrc(5) manpage: spurious "pri." in rule.precedence.color
Thanks to Sebastien Badia
- TW-1792 The info command uses '0' to reference dependencies on non-
pending tasks.
- TW-1795 Calendar underline on Day padding
Thanks to Renato Alves
- TW-1805 project:ide is not allowed
Thanks to Slaven ʙanovic
- TW-1807 dateformat lacks a flag to display day of week
Thanks to Ellington Santos
- TW-1813 Range filter doesn't work
Thanks to george js
- TW-1820 Install with -DLANGUAGE=2 flag not work.
Thanks to E. Manuel Cerr'on Angeles
- TW-1823 Incorrect unicode text wrapping / justifying.
Thanks to Sergey Trofimov
- TW-1827 Extract annotations from a task
Thanks to Ryan
- TW-1855 "Well-known" CA certificates not properly auto-loaded
Thanks to Flavio Poletti
- TW-1857 Change Task::get call to the more efficient Task::has
Thanks to Zachary Manning
- TW‐1858 Change signature for dependencyGetBlocked
- TW-1859 Change signature of Task::getTags
- TW-1860 Change signature of Task::getAnnotations
- TW-1861 Truncated description when adding annotation
Thanks to eezewaek
- TW-1869 segmentation fault (on unusual installation)
Thanks to Eric Hymowitz
- TW-1873 Specify different path to extensions/hooks directory
Thanks to Eli
- TW-1877 task done, task edit, task is now pending
Thanks to Eric Hymowitz
- TW-1878 uuids subcommand produces a space-delimited list, not comma-delimited
Thanks to Scott Kostyshak
- TW-1881 Missing last character(s) in Description field
Thanks to Hubert Toullec
- TW-1881 default.scheduled seems not to work
Thanks to Onion
- TW-1885 Task Sync does not send TLS SNI headers
Thanks to Dan Callahan
- TW-1903 grammar error -- There are 1 local changes.
Thanks to Eric Hymowitz
- TW-1906/#1919 sync sub-command is missing from task(1) manual page
Thanks to rjc
- TW-1910 unreachable statement
Thanks to Martin Strunz
- TW-1917/#1930 "above" does a string comparison, even when the value is numeric
Thanks to Dirk Deimeke
- TW-1930 Typo in help
Thanks to Kai HTML
- TW-1935 Separate verbosity category for rc overrides
Thanks to Paul J. Fenwick
- TW-1936 Tweak tests to have fuller TAP compliance
Thanks to Paul J. Fenwick
- TW-1938 Adjust behaviour of new-uuid and new-id verbosity levels
Thanks to Paul J. Fenwick
- TW-1947 "urgency.over" filter seems to not work correct
Thanks to Marc Richter
- TW #1964 task burndown shows extra brackets #1964
Thanks to php-coder
- TW #1966 Tests: Don't hardcode errno constants #1966
Thanks to Jakub Wilk
- TW #1973 Don't nag when no tasks are READY
Thanks to Martin F. Krafft
- TW #1986 [Nit] Update after migration to Github
Thanks to Kirill Bobyrev
- TW #1922 Can't find export scripts
Thanks to tom-doerr
- TW #2020 reserved.lines is not affecting the burndown height
Thanks to ad₋si
- TW #2047 Exiting the task editor with an error code doesn't remove the lock file
Thanks to coaxial
- TW #2051 doc/man: ready tasks sorted with started tasks 1st
Thanks to Simon Désaulniers
- TW #2053 Do not set CMP0037 on CMake 3.11.0 and above
Thanks to Janik Rabe
- #2077 Change taskrc override priority, respect verbose override, refactor.
Thanks to taiyu-len
- #2108 CmdHistory: repeat unit if a larger unit changes
Thanks to Janik Rabe
- #2132 JSON encode/decode string UDAs
Thanks to Chad Phillips
- #2176 How to get the full list of tags ?
Thanks to Adrien Lemaire
- #2091 duration of task is set to a wrong and extremely big value
Thanks to Wray Zheng
- Added 'juhannus' as a synonym for 'midsommarafton'
Thanks to Lynoure Braakman
- Deprecated the 'DUETODAY' virtual tag, which is a synonym for the 'TODAY'
virtual tag.
- Removed deprecated 'alias._query' setting.
- Fixed ambiguity in the esp-ESP localization
Thanks to Fidel Mato
- Deprecated the 'new-uuid' verbosity option, since its functionality can be
removed by merging with 'new-id'.
- Correct a false-positive warning when a due date is removed and a wait is
- Added 'QUARTER' virtual tag.
- Fixed unquoted glob in bash completion script
Thanks to Ran Benita
- Deprecated use of alternate Boolean configuration settings. Use values "0" for
off, and "1" for on. Avoid used of "on", "off", "true", "t", "false", "f",
"yes", "y", "no", "n".
- Fixed test harness for Python 3.x.
Thanks to jrabbit
- Improved certificate validation diagnostics
Thanks to Jelle van der Waa
- Improved portability for SunOS-like OSes.
Thanks to Antonio Huete Jimenez
- Updated the 'timesheet' command with a more compact report that accepts a
filter, and has a default filter showing the last four weeks of completed and
started tasks.
- Added 'history.weekly', 'history.daily', 'ghistory.weekly', 'ghistory.daily'
report variations, with code refactoring.
Thanks to Lukas Barth
- New DOM references: annotations.count, tw.syncneeded, tw.program, tw.args,
tw.width, tw.height, tw.version.
- The message telling you to sync now indicates how many local changes will be
- Removed compile-time language settings and I18N.
- Workaround for alias grep=rg in fish
Thanks to Lionel Miller.
- Do not set CMP0037 on CMake 3.11.0 and above
Thanks to Janik Rabe
2.5.1 (2016-02-24) 8b4ae3b54b44dfbd00b96cdd6dceb8dfe7cc1ea0
- TD-104 Unrecognized taskwarrior file format
(thanks to Jeremy John Reeder, Reg).
- TW-38 Dates in the far future give bad estimates in burndown
(thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- TW-188 short help text
(thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-311 Estimated completion in burndown.daily shows impossible results
(thanks to Michele Santullo).
- TW-1313 some recurring intervals reset due time to midnight
(thanks to James Dietrich).
- TW-1425 The 'age' format rounds in odd ways
(thanks to Black Ops testing).
- TW-1435 Ability to sync the full history of tasks including completed ones
(thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1446 Difference in how relative dates are specified in report filters since 2.3.0
(thanks to atomicules).
- TW-1481 Unable to assign a completed task as dependency
(thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1500 Dates formatted as ".age", ".remaining", or ".countdown" often give
blank results
(thanks to Jeremy John Reeder).
- TW-1582 Wrong urgency for first report after reviving task with
"mod status:pending"
- TW-1658 rc override to non-existent alternate rc quietly uses default
(thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-1697 Inconsistent failure mode on invalid task id
(thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1698 tests: 'make test' should exit non-zero if tests failed
(thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1703 When on-modify hook is installed, some messages print UUIDs instead of
(thanks to Robin Green).
- TW-1704 Use Task::identifier to reference the Task in the output
- TW-1705 Directories in .task/hooks should not be reported as invalid hooks
(thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1709 Parsing bug when doing "task undo"
(thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- TW-1710 Setting wait date on status:completed / status:deleted
(thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1714 Starting recurring task starts all recurrences
(thanks to Robin Green).
- TW-1718 String UDA not passed through unchanged
(thanks to Wim Schuermann).
- TW-1719 Description cannot contain improper ordinals
(thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- TW-1720 CmdContext uses a mix of both throw and std::cout to convey errors
(thanks to Paul Beckingham).
- TW-1723 task info causes segfault
(thanks to Roman Golovin).
- TW-1724 some commands show color codes when redirected
(thanks to Alan Young).
- TW-1729 zsh completion: zregexparse:4: not enough regex argument
(thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1733 taskwarrior 2.5.0 can not compile FreeBSD 10.1
(thanks to ribbon).
- TW-1734 calendar gives an error when context is set
(thanks to Simon Michael).
- TW-1735 context with no subcommand should do something
(thanks to Simon Michael).
- TW-1736 Error on detection of BOM in files.
- TW-1738 add defined languages JAPANESE
(thanks to ribbon).
- TW-1741 Warning "ignoring return value of ‘int ftruncate" while doing make on
(thanks to Sunil Joshi).
- TW-1742 Indian Holiday Calendar (Master HolidayFile)
(thanks to Sunil Joshi).
- TW-1748 CMakeLists shouldn't hardcode libc++ on Darwin
(thanks to Misty De Meo).
- TW-1749 PATH_MAX isn't defined in FS.cpp in some versions of OS X
(thanks to Misty De Meo).
- TW-1750 REG_ENHANCED, used in RX.cpp, isn't defined in all versions of Darwin
(thanks to Misty De Meo).
- TW-1752 cleanup of diag output
(thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-1754 '\' at end of description in 'task edit' merges task with following task
(thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- TW-1756 The columns.t unit test fails two tests after 2300 local.
- TW-1763 Removing the due date of a task with no due date modifies the task
(thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- TW-1768 Task sync failed: "Either your credentials are incorrect, or your account
doesn't exist on the Taskserver."
(thanks to Konstantin).
- TW-1773 one task eaten all my RAM
(thanks to Yaroslav Molochko).
- Fixed broken build for Cygwin and older GCC
(thanks to Richard Boß).
- The default configuration is now 256-color only.
- The 'columns' report now shows whether a column is modifiable or read only.
- UDA indicator column did not properly default to 'U'
(thanks to JDufault).
- Removed arguments until TW-1404 is fixed
(thanks to Roman Inflianskas)
- Removed unused 'dom' and 'shell.prompt' configuration settings.
- Numerous performance improvements. Taskwarrior 2.5.1 is between X% and
Y% faster than 2.5.0 when running various commands.
- New formatting specifier 'relative' for columns of Date type was introduced.
- Fixed bug where 'rc.allow.empty.filter' was not behaving properly
(thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- Fixed man page bugs
(thanks to pawprint).
- Improved OpenBSD support
(thanks to Kent R. Spillner).
- Included 'problems' script in build dir
(thanks to Gordon Ball).
- The 'run_all' script was not correctly using exit code 0 when all tests pass
(thanks to Gordon Ball).
------ old releases ------------------------------
2.5.0 (2015-10-21) dd5968a61b1fab258b38879cfdbb7d67f1bcd550
- TW-20 Task edit loses annotation precision, causing journal updating code
to incorrectly indicate annotions are deleted and recreated (thanks
to Cory Donnelly).
- TW-32 Unable to change annotations via task edit (thanks to Peter De
- TW-46 Circular dependency detection broken for missing tasks.
- TW-50 Creation time is lost after editing (thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- TW-148 default.command options (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-158 JSON export should model dependencies as array (thanks to Nicholas E.
- TW-263 Unexpected zsh autocomplete behaviour (thanks to Leon Feng, Marc
- TW-269 \t is not rendered correctly (thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- TW-283 Process rc.* items when executing config (thanks to Ben Armstrong).
- TW-303 Ability for "import" to update existing tasks (thanks to Kosta
- TW-1285 relative dates combined with times (thanks to Adam Gibbins).
- TW-1319 UDA is NOT sorted corresponding to the order of UDA list entries
(thanks to Onion).
- TW-1344 Filter due:yyyy-mm-dd is failing to display daily recurring tasks if
there is deleted task in the series.(thanks to Svetoslav Trochev).
- TW-1375 Use of ^ in regex parsed as exponentiate operator (thanks to
- TW-1389 tw will import same UUID n-times if part of same import (thanks to
Markus Beppler).
- TW-1419 On add '-tag' is considered a tag removal, which makes no sense.
- TW-1426 Adding a date in 1963 (why not?) stores a negative epoch, which fails
to export (thanks to Black Ops Testing).
- TW-1430 Slashes in project names don't work (thanks to Richard Boß).
- TW-1432 start/stop can be issued on completed tasks (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1440 "task import" from STDIN (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1448 Add possibility to modify newest task (thanks to Jens Erat).
- TW-1452 The uuid:<uuid> filter does not work (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1454 Redundant dependency should not stop modification (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1455 Filter parser does not properly handle parentheses in attributes
(thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1456 Filter parser does not always handle multiple arguments bundled into
one with apostrophes (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1466 UDA with type duration is stored as text/string (thanks to Thomas
- TW-1472 Syntactic sugar morphs into regex expressions, even if turned off
(thanks to Richard Boß).
- TW-1475 task config expands values with unnecessary spaces (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1478 due:easter sets the easter of the current year regardless of the date
(thanks to David Costa).
- TW-1479 Task arguments not properly parsed if they contain a space (thanks to
Tomas Babej).
- TW-1480 Weird behaviour on redundant filter beginning with number (thanks to
Tomas Babej).
- TW-1485 can't delete recurring tasks (except by workaround) (thanks to
Dustin J. Mitchell).
- TW-1488 You have more urgent tasks (thanks to Stefan Betz, Denis Kasak).
- TW-1496 Translation manuals are outdated/miss information (thanks to Jens
- TW-1499 Invalid due date produces jump to beginning of the unix epoch (thanks
to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1511 Project titles not properly parsed if they contain hyphens (thanks to
Leon Feng, Blake Sweeney, Dylan Mikus).
- TW-1515 abbreviation.minimum does not apply to date recognition (thanks to
Lars Beckers).
- TW-1521 task project!=PROJECTNAME does not work (Regression) (thanks to
Florian Petry).
- TW-1527 Extra spaces added around slashes (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1529 Parser incorrectly inserting spaces into task description (thanks to
David Brenner).
- TW-1533 dateformat confusion, regress tests (thanks to Peter Rochen).
- TW-1537 soww Synonym produces wrong date (thanks to Michael Meier).
- TW-1543 cmake complains "test" is not a valid target (on arch linux) (thanks
to Renato Alves).
- TW-1553 Setting defaultheight:0 makes burndown command hang (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1555 Project Names Converted to Dates (thanks to Ryan).
- TW-1566 Context is applied on 'task export' (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1569 update wait:<wait-date> manpage entry (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-1572 Better urgency inheritance (thanks to Jens Erat).
- TW-1575 `task log` mangles URLs when quoted (thanks to Luke Macken).
- TW-1592 Able to add duplicate tags using 'tags:<value>' (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1593 context and description substring (thanks to Peter Rochen).
- TW-1594 Filter "due.before" with relative dates stopped working (thanks to
Sebastien Badia).
- TW-1598 (Bulk) modification of tasks unintentionally overwrites description
if a context is active (thanks to Johannes Schlatow).
- TW-1600 Filtering "regressions"(?) in task-2.4.3, task-2.4.4 (thanks to Ralph
- TW-1607 Theme Support for missing UDAs (thanks to Stefan Betz).
- TW-1609 In 'urgency<10', 10 is interpreted as an ID (thanks to Wim Schuermann).
- TW-1611 soww weirdness (thanks to Wim Schuermann).
- TW-1612 Spurious whitespace added in task descriptions around certain symbols
(thanks to Denis Kasak).
- TW-1615 Japanese translation for Taskwarrior(150513) (thanks to ribbon).
- TW-1616 Intermittent lengthy delay when starting or completing a task (thanks
to Jeremy John Reeder).
- TW-1617 Can't search for multi-word project (thanks to Audrey Easterday).
- TW-1619 fish completion contain backspaces in fish master version (thanks to
Johannes Wienke₎.
- TW-1620 Dateformat wrongly interpreted (thanks to Dirk Deimeke).
- TW-1621 Recurrent parent tasks shouldn't be counted in history (thanks to
Denis Kasak).
- TW-1622 Duration UDA can't take an algebraic expression (thanks to Jeremy John
- TW-1624 Report filters combine incorrectly with command line with terminator.
- TW-1626 Wrong wait date (thanks to Andrea Rizzi).
- TW-1627 'mon' is replaced with date in project field (thanks to James Cline).
- TW-1629 Descriptions often get overwritten with "( or )" (thanks to Jeremy
John Reeder).
- TW-1630 "Due" parsing behavior seems inconsistent (thanks to Jim B).
- TW-1632 Japanese translation for Taskwarrior(150713) (thanks to ribbon).
- TW-1634 due.not:<date> excludes only tasks scheduled at midnight (thanks to
Tomas Babej).
- TW-1635 Running "task anystringatall" does not filter anything (thanks to
Tomas Babej).
- TW-1636 UUID with numeric-only first segment is not parsed properly (thanks
to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1637 project name "mod" interpreted as date (thanks to Wim Schuermann).
- TW-1638 Undo doesn't work when a context is set (thanks to Jeremy John Reeder).
- TW-1640 '_get <id>.start' for an inactive tasks returns a date formatted from
epoch 0.
- TW-1641 'edit' should process or reject <mods> arguments (thanks to Daniel
- TW-1642 After "--", an apostrophe unexpectedly ends the task description
(thanks to Jeremy John Reeder).
- TW-1643 Batch modifying tasks under context sets description to '( )'
(thanks to Leon Feng).
- TW-1647 descriptions that are stringified ids (thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1648 Typo in Documentation (thanks to Simon W. Jackson).
- TW-1649 'columns' colorizes output when stdout is a pipe (thanks to Daniel
- TW-1651 Provide opt-out of filter parser's id treatment (thanks to Daniel
- TW-1652 task rm misparsed (thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1653 info report regression; shouldn't be context sensitive (thanks to
David Patrick).
- TW-1655 Inform "No changes made." when quitting early due to signal (thanks
to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1656 Implicitly parenthesize argv filter (thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1660 Disabled sorting option (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-1662 filter before add becomes description (thanks to Daniel
- TW-1664 Notify of waiting→pending promotion (thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1666 import should reject invalid data (thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1670 Reversed ranges are parsed as a mathematician would expect (thanks to
Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1671 task add: segfault with foo-bar:1 (thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1675 project.not:something doesn't exclude project:something.subprojects
(thanks to Ander).
- TW-1678 segfault in ~ViewTask() (thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1683 Dom reference for project not properly evaluated (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1684 make no-date > has-date for all date attributes (thanks to David
- TW-1686 Sorting not working on udas (thanks to Naga Kiran).
- TW-1687 task add due:som appears to be interpreted as 'someday' (thanks to
Alan Young).
- TW-1688 task fails to import (thanks to Rainer Müller).
- TW-1692 '42//' segfaults (thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1695 edit: Concurrent edits (thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- TW-1699 Command interpretation displayed incorrectly (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1700 modify tags behavior changed (thanks to David Badura).
- TW-1701 Some generated UUIDs deemed invalid (thanks to Wim Schuermann).
- TW-1707 Context can leak into modifications (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1715 Dates misinterpreted when no dateformat active.
- TW-1716 on-modify hooks fail if `date.iso` is not set (thanks to Jens Erat).
- Prevent potential task duplication during import for non-pending tasks.
- Show the active context in "context list", if any is active.
- Fix "task edit" dropping annotation text after newlines.
- Removed obsolete script 'context'.
- Fix "project" verbosity info not showing without "footnote" being manually
- Internal plumbing: Use variadic templates for format(), reducing code bloat
and enabling more flexible use of the function.
- Enable "task sync" support by default. "cmake -DENABLE_SYNC=OFF" allows
disabling it and building Taskwarrior without libgnutls available.
- An attempt to add or remove a virtual tag is now an error (thanks to Scott M).
- json.array now defaults to "on", making "export" output a JSON array that
can be parsed by most JSON libraries without changes.
- The '_ids', '_projects', '_tags', '_uuids' helper commands are deprecated,
and replaced by the new '_unique' helper command, which generates lists of
unique values for the specified attribute.
- "import" can now import JSON arrays, the new default "export" output.
- The '_tags' helper command now includes virtual tags (thanks to Daniel
- When multiple tasks are 'edit'ed, a failure causes the editing to stop (thanks
to Daniel Shahaf).
- New 'UDA', 'ORPHAN', 'PROJECT', 'PRIORITY' and 'LATEST' virtual tags.
- Commands that do not accept filters or modifications now generate an error
when extra arguments are specified.
- Improved zsh support (thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
- Dependencies are exported as a JSON array by default, overridable using
'rc.json.depends.array=off'. Both forms are imported.
- The 'commands' command shows the supported commands, with additional details
that determine some of their behavior.
- Improved feedback for tasks that do not have ID (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- Comma-separated lists of UUIDs can no longer be used as a filter. Use the
space character instead.
- New 'recur' verbosity token generates a notification message when a recurring
task is created.
- New 'unwait' verbosity token generates a notification message when a waiting
task becomes visible.
- New 'rule.color.merge=yes|no' configuration option, that can optionally
turn off color blending engine.
- The '' configuration option is deprecated in favor
of ''.
- The long deprecated syntax of color values with underscores (i.e 'on_red')
is no longer supported.
- Correct a false-positive warning when a due date is removed and a wait is
- When GC is turned off, disable the query shortcuts, which no longer apply.
2.4.4 (2015-05-10) df49aaba126484b668c41d3ff9301f8d8ec49987
- TW-69 wait dates relative to due date (thanks to John Florian).
- TW-1285 I'd like to use relative dates combined with times (thanks to Adam
- TW-1474 Documentation is confusing with respect to user/uuid on the server
(thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1596 taskwarrior can't compile FreeBSD 9.3 32bit environment (thanks to
- TW-1603 Priority color precedence changed since it is a UDA, should be lowered
again (thanks to Jens Erat).
- TW-1605 Japanese translation for Taskwarrior (thanks to Oota Toshiya).
- TW-1606 scheduled.any filter (thanks to Peter Rochen).
- TW-1608 The recur/recurring report shows tasks without a recur interval
(thanks to Brad Collette).
- TW-1610 Disabling GC can lead to editing the wrong task (thanks to Scott M).
- The 'obfuscate' setting, if set to '1' will replace all text with 'xxx'.
- POSIX file locking mechanism, eliminating platform-specific code.
2.4.3 (2015-04-19) 499044b9b6bdbc95338ea585204e949d80b24a09
- TW-57 user defined attribute sort order (thanks to Max Muller).
- TW-70 urgency.user.keyword.<keyword>.coefficient=...
- TW-111 User-defined priorities.
- TW-1279 Make default.* not apply to recurring tasks.
- TW-1287 Make default.* not apply to synced tasks.
- TW-1539 user-defined urgency coefficients for priority values.
- TW-1541 Priority should be converted to UDA (in default taskrc) (thanks to
Tomas Babej).
- TW-1556 task hangs when modifying uda field with percent-encoded (url-encoded)
value (thanks to Stefan Frühwirth).
- TW-1578 Bash tab completion problems on first run
(thanks to Renato Alves and Ptolemarch).
- TW-1580 "modified" attribute no longer updated (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-1581 Tasks with dependencies show wrong urgency values for the first
report run after a task in the dependency chain is completed/deleted (thanks
to Ulf Eliasson).
- TW-1583 Invalid ID displayed for first report after done/delete (thanks to
Ulf Eliasson).
- TW-1584 attr.{isnt,not} use partial matching.
- TW-1587 Fix and improve example on-exit hook, adjust to new hooks API
(thanks to Jochen Sprickerhof).
- TW-1588 Most Export scripts cannot deal with new export format (thanks to
Scott Carter).
- TW-1590 syntax of rcfile not documented (whitespace, line continuation)
(thanks to Scott M).
- TW-1591 add an option to see non-pending project with command task summary
(thanks to Pierre Campet).
- TW-1595 info command doesn't print urgency details, if urgency is negative
(thanks to Peter Rochen).
- Setting 'bulk' to zero is interpreted as infinity, which means there is no
amount of changes that is considered dangerous (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- Disable hooks in bash completion script. Hooks were previously able to
abort processing or output interfering data, breaking completion.
- Fix "task add due:tomorrow+3days" failing to work without spaces.
- Performance improvements:
+ Stops after measuring a fixed-width column format.
+ Reduced number of std::string copies.
2.4.2 (2015-03-15) b9dc0813d9a8922b4cef9595033f133f9fbabf44
- TW-41 Tasks in subprojects are not counted in project completion (thanks
to Renato Alves).
- TW-1450 Projects command should trigger running garbage collector (thanks to
Tomas Babej).
- TW-1535 move default listing-break from list to ls (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-1545 cc1plus: error: unrecognized command line option '-std=c++11' (thanks
to Petteri).
- TW-1546 column type due.remaining breaks colors on due tasks (thanks to
Renato Alves).
- TW-1547 Recur column is always shown even if no recurring task is displayed
(thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1549 task annotate hangs with specific text pattern (thanks to Alexandre
de Verteuil).
- TW-1550 _contexts helper-command (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-1551 Unable to get a UDA value from DOM (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- Eliminated some code that is not UTF8-safe.
- Removed pthreads linkage.
- Implemented the context feature.
- Closed dangling pipes in execute (), resolving problems when a hook script
forks (thanks to Jens Erat).
- Re-enabled hook script feedback when exiting with 0 exit status.
- The 'info' command now shows virtual tags.
- Fixed major on-modify hooks regression where hooks could no longer modify
the tasks handed to them.
- 'task _version' now outputs "2.4.2 (git-ref)" when built from git. "2.4.2"
when built from release tarballs (thanks to Renato Alves).
2.4.1 (2015-02-16) 82e019a4a8b20de63d53b51d59b8d1c89d3c05b2
- TW-1457 Non-existent attributes are not properly handled (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1484 The 'history' and 'ghistory' reports do not obey rc.color.label.
- TW-1486 task wait shows completed tasks which has a wait attribute (thanks to
Sujeevan Vijayakumaran).
- TW-1487 Task export exports some numeric attributes as strings (thanks to
Tomas Babej).
- TW-1491 Regression in deleting due dates (thanks to Jens Erat).
- TW-1492 compiling v2.4.0 using musl(libc) (thanks to V.Krishn).
- TW-1495 German translation for taskwarrior (thanks to Jens Erat).
- TW-1498 Filtering for presence of UDA matches all tasks (thanks to Ralph
- TW-1501 Calc can't handle multi-digit numbers in some expressions (thanks to
Jeremy John Reeder).
- TW-1502 Successful on-add hook with no output confuses TW (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1504 On-modify hook does not accept correct JSON format (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1505 completely ignore mis-named hook scripts (thanks to Tomas Babej,
David Patrick).
- TW-1509 Hooks modifications performed on sync not syncing back (thanks to
Tomas Babej).
- TW-1510 Task can save empty value in the data backlog (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1517 Hook performance should be measured individually for each hook (thanks
to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1518 Misbehaving hooks silently break task processing (thanks to Wim
- TW-1519 Testing suite forces"ignore hostname" (thanks to Renato
- TW-1522 Date format doesn't like hyphens (thanks to Scott Carter).
- TW-1524 Build Broken (thanks to Jack).
- TW-1530 Multiple on-add hooks generating new tasks are ignored (thanks to
Tomas Babej).
- TW-1531 'task export' should handle recurrence (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1532 Hooks does not execute any script on Cygwin (thanks to Taisuke
- TW-1534 Urgency coefficient for user project disables 'info' output (thanks to
- TW-1542 Large numeric UDA values get rendered in scientific notation on export
(thanks to Ralph Bean).
- Fixed assorted color theme problems.
- Changed assorted reports so they do not use '.age' format for dates that are
in the future, because those are never shown with this format (thanks to
Sujeevan Vijayakumaran).
- New 'recurrence' configuration setting can disable recurring task generation.
2.4.0 (2015-01-01) 670102842c39bdc62ef84ae4b679a8f5a2d89523
- TD-42 Cannot compile taskd - GNUTLS_VERSION undefined in diag.cpp (thanks
to Michele Vetturi).
- TD-45 Fix preprocessor define (thanks to Jochen Sprickerhof).
- TD-55 TLSServer/Client need to include <errno.h> on Solaris (thanks to
Tatjana Heuser). Also applied to NetBSD.
- TD-56 File.cpp needs to include <string.h> on Solaris (thanks to Tatjana
- TD-57 taskdctl script assumes /bin/sh is /bin/bash (thanks to Tatjana Heuser).
- TD-79 Bad error message for wrong hostname configuration (thanks to Jens
- #1255 l10n translation utility improvements (thanks to Renato Alves).
- #1473 Make TASK_RCDIR customizable (thanks to Elias Probst).
- #1486 Truncated sentence in task-sync(5) manpage (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- #1487 `tasksh` segmentation fault (thanks to Hector Arciga).
- #1492 task show to display default values when appropriate (thanks to Renato
- #1501 info report streamlining - partially implemented.
- #1503 build failure with musl libc due to undefined GLOB_BRACE and GLOB_TILDE
(thanks to Natanael Copa).
- #1508 Show command highlight configuration (thanks to Nicolas Appriou).
- #1511 sync init crashes if client certification file is empty or invalid
(thanks to Marton Suranyi).
- TW-1 Recurring task message on the same task (thanks to Profpatsch).
- TW-2 Unexpected behaviour - marking task as done releases task ID (thanks to
Cory Donnelly).
- TW-5 does not work (thanks to Max Muller).
- TW-14 Parent recurring tasks cannot be deleted (thanks to Miguel de Val Borro).
- TW-15 'task recurring' shows only children of recurring tasks (thanks to
Louis-Claude Canon).
- TW-21 do not match a UDA if not followed by colon (thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- TW-24 incorrect use of xterm colorization escape sequences (thanks to Steve
- TW-28 Inserts spaces before punctuation characters (thanks to Matt Kraai).
- TW-29 Deletion of recurring tasks behaving strangely (thanks to Cory Donnelly).
- TW-37 Problem with fractions? (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- TW-42 "add" reports wrong task number when executed after "done" (thanks to
Steve Rader).
- TW-43 Better error handling than: "Found extra operands." (thanks to Benjamin
- TW-44 Space handling in dateformat (thanks to Louis-Claude Canon).
- TW-45 task recur:daily doesn't behave as expected (thanks to Nick Person).
- TW-47 odd ball usage (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- TW-52 "task add ... recur:2 months" interpreted as "2s" (thanks to jwhisnant).
- TW-55 Bulk edit recurring tasks without answering yes/no for each? (thanks to
Max Muller).
- TW-63 indicators for UDAs (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-71 task ls/list/long/etc. should match contents of projects too (thanks to
Cory Donnelly).
- TW-72 extend info report with urgency column.
- TW-90 configurable wait until day/week/month/year (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- TW-99 info report streamlining.
- TW-100 lazy dates (thanks to John Florian).
- TW-101 New description column format: Truncated WITH annotation count (thanks
to atomicules).
- TW-105 Doc needed - a comprehensive 'setup' walkthrough.
- TW-115 allow "0day" durations for UDAs.
- TW-128 new helper command; _envs.
- TW-139 Possibility to execute shadow file generation (thanks to Arnoud K).
- TW-145 default.due should accept a Duration (thanks to Ozgur Akgun).
- TW-159 show sort field(s) as bold in listing headers.
- TW-161 UDA indicator (thanks to Jim B).
- TW-168 modification of due date relative to current due date (thanks to Dirk
- TW-174 Provide an easy way to match non-leaf-node projects only (thanks to Ben
- TW-186 Increase for numerical UDAs (thanks to Steffen Uhlig).
- TW-193 Support listing breaks.
- TW-197 New virtual tag READY.
- TW-210 project search options.
- TW-218 Reveal terms of urgency calculation for a given task (thanks to Max
- TW-221 Migrate task-faq man page to the Wiki.
- TW-230 Filter tasks on partial UUIDs (thanks to Paul Kishimoto).
- TW-241 new column format; recur.short.
- TW-242 extra Space when annotating a path/filename, taskopen can not open the
file (thanks to Andreas Kalex).
- TW-244 task add "Description (Information)" results in
"Description ( Information)".
- TW-248 Substitute text doesn't work with forward slash (thanks to Jostein
- TW-249 Report filters don't allow parentheses (thanks to Philipp Woelfel).
- TW-250 Opening parenthesis in description gets padded in task 2.0.0 bet 2
(thanks to Michelle Crane).
- TW-251 extra spaces added after ( and / (thanks to Andy Spiegl).
- TW-252 task done - Doesn't stop task before marking complete (thanks to
Renato Alves).
- TW-253 Unrecognized taskwarrior file format. in
/Users/user/Dropbox/.task/ at line 1 (thanks to Kosta
- TW-255 'Mask' instead of 'iMask' shown in info report (thanks to Benjamin
- TW-256 Holidays not displayed for some locales (thanks to Leon Feng).
- TW-257 limit: not working properly (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- TW-259 Hyphenated words are split when added (thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- TW-261 Easy to create "not deletable" task (thanks to Jan Kunder).
- TW-262 Attribute modifiers not working within parentheses (thanks to Johannes
- TW-266 Allow project auto-completion to search completed tasks (thanks to
Kosta Harlan).
- TW-268 escaped backslashes do not work with "modify" (thanks to Steve Rader).
- TW-271 Parser still looks for task id even when -- is used (thanks to Jim B).
- TW-276 Path is wrongly added when using annotate (thanks to Jostein Berntsen).
- TW-277 Complex filters can skip infix term expansion.
- TW-278 Cygwin throws warnings building mk_wcwidth() in wcwidth6.c.
- TW-279 ".monthly" unexpectedly appended to task annotation (thanks to Florian
- TW-285 DUETODAY doesn't give any output (thanks to Jostein Berntsen).
- TW-288 `task edit` mangles descriptions with embedded newlines (thanks to
Kevin Ballard).
- TW-292 Override to suppress "this is reccurring task" message (thanks to Max
- TW-294 Display UUID of task created by add (thanks to John West).
- TW-295 Replacing annotations or descriptions which contain '/'s (thanks to
Johannes Schlatow).
- TW-296 urgency of blocked task should affect urgency of blocking task (thanks
to Sitaram Chamarty).
- TW-306 Wrong date format in burndown view (thanks to Michele Santullo).
- TW-752 task ID no longer defaults to info (thanks to Christopher Roberts).
- TW-1243 Automatically insert ( ) around user-supplied filter, if any.
- TW-1254 Calc command can segfault on negative numbers (thanks to Renato
- TW-1255 New testing framework (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1257 The 'Syncing with <host>:<port>' message ignores verbosity tokens.
- TW-1258 Portuguese Localization (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1260 New virtual tags YESTERDAY, TOMORROW.
- TW-1261 Migrate test bug.360.t to new unit testing framework (thanks to
Renato Alves).
- TW-1263 Command Reference Redesign.
- TW-1264 Project | Tags assigned ratio of tasks (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- TW-1265 cannot add UDA with underscore (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- TW-1267 If default.project is defined it's not possible to add a task without
a project (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1273 Words in task descriptions and annotations are cut-off after a hyphen
(thanks to Elias Probst).
- TW-1274 Map 'modification' attribute to 'modified' (thanks to jck).
- TW-1278 Next report filters tasks with due date set until due date arrives
(thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1282 incorrect URLs in man task-sync (thanks to Jeremiah Marks).
- TW-1288 Added missing locking for task modifications (thanks to Kosta Harlan,
Ralph Bean, Adam Coddington).
- TW-1293 Modifying or deleting a child task does not propagate if there are no
siblings (thanks to darkfeline).
- TW-1294 Modifying a child task does not propagate to parent (thanks to
- TW-1295 test/time.t fails on the last day of the month (thanks to Jakub
- TW-1296 make test/run_all exit with non-zero code if a test fail (thanks to
Jakub Wilk).
- TW-1298 The color 'orange' is not recognized. - taskwarrior will not start
anymore (thanks to Bernd Humpa).
- TW-1300 _get could use return codes (thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- TW-1301 Virtual tag +PENDING (thanks to Profpatsch).
- TW-1302 CmdShow.cpp:244: bad length in substr ? (thanks to David Binderman).
- TW-1304 Minor build and install fix for NetBSD (thanks to atomicules).
- TW-1306 Arguments before 'add' are ignored.
- TW-1307 burndown is aliased to burndown.weekly (thanks to darkfeline).
- TW-1309 memory error, if misconfigured (thanks to
- TW-1316 Some filter expressions require space before closing paren (thanks to
Will Dietz).
- TW-1318 creating a UDA in the wrong sequence will cripple taskwarrior (thanks
to Onion).
- TW-1320 Provide output of malformed row if invalid Taskwarrior file format
(thanks to Kosta Harlan).
- TW-1321 Unit test view.t fails oddly on Ubuntu 13.10 (thanks to John West).
- TW-1324 Numeric UDAs are compared as strings (thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- TW-1329 Short UUIDs (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- TW-1331 date more than 5 years away is faulty (thanks to Onion).
- TW-1334 task mod description:"word1 word2" fails to handle space (thanks to
Benjamin Weber).
- TW-1336 Project attribute does not allow whitespace (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- TW-1341 confirmation config setting should apply to config command as well
(thanks to Charles Ulrich).
- TW-1345 taskrc.5 manpage errors.
- TW-1354 Add value-dependent urgency coefficients for UDAs (thanks to Johannes
- TW-1359 "one-two-three" in description triggers Malformed ID error.
- TW-1360 color.until directive missing.
- TW-1361 Strange results with complex filter (thanks to Jim B).
- TW-1366 In diagnostics it's called 'Cert', and in config it's called
'certificate' (thanks to Jack).
- TW-1373 taskrc.vim VIM syntax file updated (thanks to lolilolicon).
- TW-1377 Tags in default.command are treated as "operator text".
- TW-1381 blocking report exits with "Unknown error" and exit code 3.
- TW-1383 Segmentation fault running with included example
(thanks to Markus Beppler).
- TW-1400 task "" gives a segfault (thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- TW-1403 fish shell: no option "modify" after task selection (thanks to Roman
- TW-1405 Add command _zshattributes (thanks to Roman Inflianskas).
- TW-1407 'task calendar 2014' leaks.
- TW-1409 Allow "1 of N tasks remaining" to be correctly localized (thanks to
Jeremy John Reeder).
- TW-1414 default.command doesn't work with execute anymore (thanks to Johannes
- TW-1415 The recurrence value 'month' is not valid (thanks to Petteri).
- TW-1416 Dates can't be input with hyphens (thanks to Jeremy John Reeder).
- TW-1417 Misaligned fields in report for "remaining" date (thanks to Jeremy
John Reeder).
- TW-1420 Modifying 'uuid' fails to generate error (thanks to Black Ops Testing).
- TW-1421 Modifying 'uuid' with bogus value can corrupt (thanks to
Black Ops Testing).
- TW-1422 Attempt to modify 'id' attribute creates an id attribute (thanks to
Black Ops Testing).
- TW-1423 Using the date February 29th, in a non leap year does not fail well
(thanks to Black Ops Testing).
- TW-1424 Using a date of '1824days' (in the future) fails (thanks to Black Ops
- TW-1428 Add support for color.uda.<name>.<value> rules.
- TW-1429 Filtering of tags containing special words does not work (thanks to
Johannes Schlatow).
- TW-1434 Parser issue in description.contains (thanks to Ralph Bean).
- TW-1436 Parser hangs when multiple slashes are used.
- TW-1437 has a bad default value.
- TW-1438 Configuration setting rc.confirmation=no no longer disables
confirmation requests (thanks to Adam Coddington).
- TW-1441 task import continues happily if filename doesn't exist.
- TW-1442 Dateformat incorrectly interpreted (thanks to Dirk Deimeke).
- TW-1444 Tag ordering is preserved, but should be sorted in reports.
- TW-1445 Aliases broken: cannot contain multiple arguments anymore (thanks to
Johannes Schlatow).
- TW-1447 Not possible to filter on a UDA of type String (thanks to atomicules).
- TW-1449 Nag function does not respect urgency (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1460 Empty due dates lead to endless loop.
- TW-1463 A few more problems with special characters in filters, pluses,
question marks, and braces (thanks to Ralph Bean).
- TW-1468 Filtering for project and description has issues (thanks to Richard
- TW-1469 Case-insensitive searching broken on Cygwin (thanks to Richard
- TW-1471 task calc uses output it doesn't understand (thanks to Jens Erat).
- TW-1477 Incompatibility with recurring tasks created with 2.3.0 (thanks to
David Costa).
- TW-1482 Priority values may be 'H', 'M' or 'L', not ''.
- Added new holidays.xy-XY.rc definition files
- Removed deprecated 'echo.command' setting, in favor of the 'header' and
'affected' verbosity tokens.
- Removed deprecated 'edit.verbose' setting, in favor of the 'edit' verbosity
- Includes utility 'calc' for quick command line calculations using the new
expression evaluator.
- Deprecated '_query' alias.
- Removed deprecated 'push', 'pull' and 'merge' commands.
- Removed version 1.x column name support.
- Removed version 1.x sort column support.
- Old-style color names including underscores are no longer supported.
- Removed priority counts from the 'projects' report.
- New theme: dark-gray-blue-256.theme
- Added certificate verification to GnuTLS versions < 2.9.10 (thanks to Alexander
- Added certificate hostname verification (thanks to Alexander Sulfrian).
- Removed debugging code.
- Added details in debug mode, for unrecognized data (thanks to Kosta Harlan).
- Removed unused 'patterns' configuration variable.
- Regular expressions are now enabled by default.
- New verbosity token 'filter' shows the complete filter used by the last
- Display debug/release build type in the diagnostics command.
- Removed obsolete task-faq.5 and task-tutorial.5 man pages.
- French localization (thanks to leowzukw).
- Removed deprecated 'report.X.limit' feature.
- Improved bash completion when TASKRC is exported.
- Segfault when 'project:android' is split into 'and' and 'roid' (thanks to
Richard Boß).
- Fixed typo in 'newest' and 'oldest' report definitions (thanks to Richard Boß).
- The 'diagnostics' command obeys color settings.
- Support 'allow.empty.filter', defaulting to 'yes', but if 'no' disallows the
combination of a write command and an empty filter. Ordinarily this is just a
warning that requires confirmation (thanks to Lee Lieske).
- Esperanto localization (thanks to Jeremy John Reeder).
- The 'total active time' information is removed from the 'info' report. This
was being misinterpreted as support for time tracking.
- Removed unused tips files (thanks to dev-zero).
- Removed shadow file feature, replacing it with an example hook scripts that
performs the same function.
- Added rc.hooks, a master control setting for hooks processing, which defaults
to 'on'.
- File format 3 (used in version 1.6.0 - 1.7.1) is no longer supported.
- If the '' setting contains a bad value, the 'diag' command will
indicate this, and the 'sync' command will error out.
- The filter form 'name:value' now maps to the partial match operator '=',
rather than the exact match operator, '=='. This means that dates now
match on the day by default, not the time also.
- Supports 'debug.hooks' configuration setting.
- Supports 'debug.parser' configuration setting.
- Supports 'color.label.sort' for column labels of sort columns.
2.3.0 (2014-01-15) c4eb46507031b7dee839dcb932bb2a22b2f0d3a2
- #328 Replaced the 'shell' command with a standalone 'tasksh' binary, which
includes GNU readline support (thanks to Haitham Gad).
- #934 support for 'reserved.lines' to accommodate multi-line
shell prompts when used in conjunction with 'limit:page' (thanks to Robert
- #1226 A new French translation has begun, and will continue to be a work in
progress for a while (thanks to YBSA R).
- #1227 A new 'verify_l10n' utility ensures the localizations are in sync
(thanks to Wim Schuermann).
- #1250 Support out-of-tree test runs (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- #1256 Supports default values for UDA fields (thanks to Thomas Sullivan).
- #1297 The task₋sync(5) man pages is rewritten with examples.
- #1339 The configuration file now supports JSON encoding of Unicode
characters, by specifying \uNNNN.
- #1385 Need a way to configure the trust of self-signed certificates.
- #1423 sync vs. push, pull, merge collision avoidance.
- #1473 Make TASK_RCDIR customizable (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Stores un-synched transactions in <data.location>/
- Adds a new 'synchronize' command to sync data with a Taskserver.
- Adds a new 'initialize' synchronize command argument that uploads all pending
tasks for first-time initialization.
- Adds a new 'sync' verbosity token, which will remind when a backlog builds
up and needs a sync.
- Supports IPv4 and IPv6 server addresses.
- Began fr-FR localization.
- Complete it-IT localization.
- Merged three l10n utility scripts into one tools, scripts/utils/l10n, which
will help the translation effort.
- The 'due' urgency component now uses seconds, not days, in the calculation.
- The 'debug.tls' configuration variable takes an integer which corresponds to
the GnuTLS log level. For debugging.
- File format 2 (used in version 0.9.3 - 1.5.0) is no longer supported.
- Migrated column processing code into Task.cpp for future use within each
individual column object. Legacy code left in Task.cpp for column objects
that are not yet modified.
- ColPriority.cpp - Migration of column modification code out of Task.cpp and
into the individual column object.
- Now requires libuuid (thanks to Martin Natano).
- New '_get' is a DOM accessor helper command.
- New virtual tags (WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, PARENT).
- Added the 'remaining' format for all date columns.
- Protects against interrupt during critical DB commit and sync operations.
- The 'push', 'pull' and 'merge' commands now generate a 'deprecated' message.
- Rewritten task-sync(5) man page, listing sync options and setup guidelines.
- Now properly uses the libc version of uuid_create and uuid_to_string for
FreeBSD (thanks to Pietro Cerutti).
- Performance improvements:
+ Optimizes indexing into for direct task access.
+ Improved I/O performance with better defaults for buffer sizes.
- #1195 Random seed not random enough - removed all random number code (thanks
to Jakub Wilk).
- #1196 Now builds on Hurd (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- #1197 Now 'tasksh' recognizes Ctrl-D to exit.
- #1200 Directory d_type==DT_UNKNOWN is now handled correctly (thanks to Jakub
- #1211 The 'dateformat' settings now default to the ISO-8601 standard of
'Y-M-D' (thanks to Robin Björklin).
- #1222 The 'summary' report now obeys the 'color.label' setting (thanks to
Steve Rader).
- #1235 The 'shell' command can now start in non-interactive mode without a
.taskrc file (thanks to Haitham Gad).
- #1247 Tests now create a local dir, rather than use the insecure /tmp dir
(thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- #1248 Merge tests no longer connect to (thank to Jakub Wilk).
- #1249 Build system now recognizes GNU/Hurd and GNU/kFreeBSD (thanks to Jakub
- #1263 The 'waiting' report properly lists only pending tasks with a wait date
(thanks to Fidel Mato).
- #1268 Edit doesn't accept changes, if task has completed dependency (thanks
to Dmitriy Matrosov, Michele Santullo).
- #1270 The 'undo' command is now properly removing backlog entries.
- #1273 Query with negative relative date differs greatly from absolute date
in past (thanks to John West).
- #1279 Assorted corrections to the task-ref.pdf document (thanks to Benjamin
- #1286 Cannot use "sow", "som", etc in "entry.after", "end.after" filters
(thanks to Jake Bell).
- #1300 Encode/decode pairing is now properly balanced.
- #1305 Commit hash now available in tarball builds (thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- #1352 Terminal crashes when using taskwarrior's zsh completion (thanks to
Ivan Freitas, XTaran).
- #1356 Command reference now mentions /from/to/g.
- #1381 Invalid JSON exported by Task 2.3.0-beta1 (thanks to Kosta H).
- #1387 ZSH Auto-Completion dates are not current (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- #1388 Updated task(1) man pages with import/export script examples (thanks to
Benjamin Weber).
- #1410 Incomplete Date Synonym List in man task (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- #1414 Client does not verify SSL certificates (thanks to Scott Kroll).
- #1415 Client should not require a SSL certificate if the server has a trusted
certificate (thanks to Scott Kroll).
- #1476 Unicode indicators increase column width (thanks to Paul Kishimoto).
- #1477 Pre-compiled static library (*.a) in source tarball (thanks to Jakub
- #1478 pri_sort.t failure (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- #1479 bug_annual.t failure (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug so that 'limit:page' now considers footnote messages.
- Fixed bug where specifying an ID of 0 yielded all completed/deleted tasks
(thanks to greenskeleton).
- Fixed rc.nag documentation (thanks to Jeroen Budts).
- Fixed bug where task edit incorrectly claimed duration UDA was modified.
2.2.0 (2013-04-07) 05f7948f7e70d7be3642bdc336faace52eaa9dfb
- Added Feature #685, which provides a 'blocking' report, and new color rule
(thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Added Feature #953, which includes the total number of blocked and blocking
tasks to the 'statistics' command output (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Added Feature #1039, which adds new date shortcuts, 'socm' and 'eocm',
meaning start and end of current month (thanks to Thomas Sullivan,
Louis-Claude Canon).
- Added Feature #1061, which allows the 'columns' command to use a search
string for the column name (thanks to Uli Martens).
- Added Feature #1069, which gives a clearer error when a UDA
is added without the uda.<uda-name>.type variable.
- Added Feature #1099, which supports the 'color.uda.<uda-name>' color rule
(thanks to Florian Hollerweger).
- Added Feature #1124, which provides a '_show' command that displays all
configuration defaults and settings, for use by third-party software (thanks
to Jake Bell).
- Added feature #1147, applying patch to display duration of each activity
session (thanks to Justin Forest).
- The 'projects' command now outputs abstract parents and reduces
repetition by not printing parent names in front of children names.
- Added framework for testing bash autocompletion.
- New helper command '_aliases' for autocompletion purposes.
- Stop consider new tasks after quitting a bulk change.
- Removed deprecated 'fg:' and 'bg:' attributes.
- The 'diagnostics' command now reports libuuid details.
- New characters for parsing and formatting dates ('n', 's' and 'v').
- New 'modified' attribute, which contains the most recent modification date,
if a modification has occurred.
- Fixed the mechanism used for selecting translations (thanks to Fidel Mato).
- Added new export script:
- Added the configuration variable 'print.empty.columns'.
- The 'push' and 'pull' commands now properly distinguish between a missing
transport utility and other errors (thanks to Russell Steicke).
- Removed support for Lua extensions.
- Added (thanks to YBSAR).
- Added (thanks to Fidel Mato).
- Fixed bug #642, so that the default 'data.location=~/.task' preserves the
'~', leading to more portable .taskrc files (thanks to alparo).
- Fixed bug #947, #1031, which kept expanding aliases after the '--' operator
(thanks to Jim B).
- Fixed bug #1038, which prints blank lines with bulk changes and when the
verbose attributes does not specify it. Lines do a better separation between
each changes also.
- Fixed bug #1042, where the 'diagnostics' command failed to detect missing
external utilities on Solaris and NetBSD.
- Fixed bug #1043, where aliases were not recognized by bash autocompletion.
- Fixed bug #1044, where 'task projects' considers newly deleted tasks and
provides an incorrect summary.
- Fixed bug #1047, which caused extra commas in exported JSON when UDA orphans
were present (thanks to Thomas Sullivan).
- Fixed bug #1048, which segfaulted rather than complain about syntax (thanks
to Bryce Harrington, Štěpán Henek).
- Fixed bug #1053, where ' characters were not escaped by (thanks
to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #1056, where CmdSummary did not print abstract parents.
- Fixed bug #1059, where CmdEdit was running garbage collection.
- Fixed bug #1060, where an error was not thrown correctly.
- Fixed bug #1063, so that numeric UDA fields are now sortable (thanks to Max
- Fixed bug #1065, where CmdShow issued messages in incorrect situations.
- Partially fixed #1083, which showed 'task 0 ...' when modifying a non-
pending task (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- Fixed bug #1087, which gave incorrect task/line counts under certain
- Fixed bug #1091, allowing filters to use 'urgency.over:4.5'.
- Fixed bug #1110, which did not treat 'status:Completed' the same
as 'status:completed' (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- Fixed bug #1118, which dropped changes after edits were rejected (thanks to
Ben Boeckel).
- Fixed bug #1123, which caused the undo of a 'log' command to corrupt the data
file (thanks to Tim None).
- Fixed bug #1128, which caused 'age' columns to be right-justified instead of
left-justified (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #1136, #1177, which incorrectly line-wrapped tasks with annotations
(thanks to Steve Rader, T. Charles Yun).
- Fixed bug #1135, #1137, which caused file locks to be non-blocking (thanks
to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #1150, which referenced deprecated features in the tutorial man
page (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- Fixed bug #1154, which now allows priorities to be specified in any case.
- Fixed bug #1178, which included binary libraries in the released source
package (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1181, where single-character columns were often rendered using
widths larger than 1 (thanks to Max Muller).
- Fixed bug #1183, correcting error message typos (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1184, correcting man page formatting (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1185, correcting man page install location for out-of-tree
builds (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1189, which caused wide Asian UTF8 characters to be measured as
narrow characters (thanks to Roy Zuo).
- Fixed bug #1191, which kept file locks active for longer than necessary,
and caused the 'execute' command to be considered a 'write' command.
- Fixed bug #1192, which failed to expand braces internally, as POSIX /bin/sh
does not do {} expansion, thereby causing push/pull errors (thanks to Russell
- Fixed bug #1194, so that $HOME has precedence over the passwd db when looking
for the user's home directory (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1199, where 'stat' was used instead of 'lstat' (thanks to Jakub
- Fixed bug #1200, where directory removal didn't handle d_type==DT_UNKNOWN
(thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1209, spelling mistake in reference page (thanks to Friedrich
- Fixed bug #1210 so that widths are taken from localized strings instead of
- Fixed bug #1218 so that description columns minimum width is calculated
- Improved hyphenation by splitting on commas (even if no whitespace after).
Leads to better output of, for example, 'task show', where comma-separated
lists are common.
- No more bash completion of, for example, 'projABC:', or of 'proj:' if
abbreviation.minimum is greater than 4.
- Fixed bug where shadow files are not properly created when there is a missing
.taskrc file (thanks to Pietro Cerutti).
- Fixed bug with 'socm' date calculation that failed on some days, by
simplifying the implementation.
- Fix a bug where 'print.empty.columns=no' resulted in never printing the
project column.
- Integrated latest UTF8 character width calculations from Markus Kuhn.
- Fixed bug where localized UTF8 strings were not properly substr'd (thanks to
Fidel Mato).
- Fixed a bug where the bash completion script was causing gc() to be run.
- Fixed manpages that were not installed when running an out-of-source build
(thanks to Vincent Petithory).
- Added missing localized confirmation strings (thanks to Rainer Müller).
- Fixed bug that added an extra newline after setting the terminal title
(thanks to Rainer Müller).
- Fixed a bug where the terminal title was tried to be set without a tty
(thanks to Rainer Müller).
- Fixed hook tests to work on released code (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug where arguments passed to 'task execute' needed double escaping.
- Fixed a bug so that the report filter order is preserved, to enable an
optimization that was being skipped.
2.1.2 (2012-09-18) 1e3176ed70d2b50faf03838d0df279b2a4ae93b2
- Bug fix release regarding #1104, which causes duplicate UUIDs during
the merge command.
- Fixed bug where shadow files are not properly created when there is a missing
.taskrc file (thanks to Pietro Cerutti).
2.1.1 (2012-07-24) 46c5f8b826838ce96d9df7fcd3039de3c43483dd
- Fixed bug that caused misplaced commas in JSON export (thanks to greenskeleton).
- Fixed bug #1036, which prevents 'until' attributes to be modified for
non-recurring tasks (thanks to Stéphane Pezennec).
2.1.0 (2012-07-23) a413331c9450b48065f94639e7ab0455eaa74293
- Feature #164, #325, #339, #435, #553, #554, #975, User Defined Attributes.
- Feature #457, #922, tasks may now be given an 'until' date, after which they
expire and are deleted.
- Feature #516, which allows the duplication of completed tasks (thanks to
Peter De Poorter, Ethan Schoonover).
- Feature #921, which implements a 'udas' command that describes defined UDAs,
and a '_udas' for completion purposes. Also detects UDA orphans.
- Applied patch for feature #1005, which prevents the script
from creating duplicate holidays (thanks to Jörg Plate).
- Added the new 'indented' format for the 'project' attribute.
- The 'projects' report now uses 'project.indented' format.
- The 'summary' report now uses 'project.indented' format.
- Applied patch to allow ID ranges and UUIDs when editing dependencies (thanks
to Louis-Claude Canon).
- Supports 'scheduled' date for tasks, which represent the earliest opportunity
to work on a task.
- Performance improvements:
+ Added parse-free convenience functions
+ Filter optimization: with no 'OR' or 'XOR' operators, no UUIDS but with IDs
the file is not referenced.
+ Reduced excessive number of sort columns on certain reports
+ Speed boost for 'next' report.
- Similar helper subcommands for 'uuids' as for there is for 'ids' (_uuids and
- Possible to specify the date format when editing with 'dateformat.edit'.
- Possible to specify the date format when showing information about a task
with ''.
- Bash script improvement (column names are now completed).
- Feature #1013, output error, header, footnote and debug messages on standard error.
- Feature #1026, command line overrides are now applied before and after the
creation of the default rc file and data directory, which allows for
programmatic initialization without keystroke synthesis (thanks to Nicholas
- Feature #1033 allows UDAs to contribute to urgency (thanks to Max Muller).
- Color error messages with a specific configuration variable 'color.error'.
- Fixed bug #734, which allows a sequence of IDs to work when modifying the
attribute "depends" (thanks to Andreas Kalex).
- Applied patch for bug #919, so the holidays listed on the 'calendar' report
are sorted (thanks to Jörg Plate).
- Fixed bug #954, which caused bulk deletions when using a UUID filter term and
the delete command (thanks to Bryce Harrington).
- Fixed bug #959, which forces use of dateformat for annotations when using the
'edit' command (thanks to Louis-Claude Canon).
- Fixed bug #964, where the 'projects' command showed the wrong priority labels
(thanks to Ali Mousavi).
- Fixed bug #967, which did not properly determine character widths for UTF8
characters (thanks to Victor Roetman, Jörg Plate, Markus Kuhn).
- Fixed bug #968, improving online documentation or dependencies (thanks to
Marek Vitek).
- Fixed bug #972, #1018, which caused a recurrence of "7" to be interpreted as
"7secs", instead of generating an error (thanks to Vlad Zhivotnev, Stanley G).
- Fixed bug #973, including 'urgency' in the 'export' output (thanks to Andy
- Fixed bug #986, so that the 'info' report uses the correct date format, also
applied patch to correct documentation and add unit tests (thanks to
Louis-Claude Canon).
- Applied patch for bug #987, so that total active time does not continue to
accumulate after an active task is completed (thanks to Louis-Claude Canon).
- Fixed bug #988, updating the documentation so that '' usage is more
clearly stated (thanks to Louis-Claude Canon).
- Applied patch for bug #991, which removes an obsolete consistency check
(thanks to Louis-Claude Canon).
- Fixed bug #995, which mis-parsed UUIDs in filters as other elements (thanks
to Bryce Harrington).
- Fixed bug #996, so that verbosity code and documentation are in agreement,
and that the 'verbose=off' works as intended (thanks to Peter De Poorter,
Louis-Claude Canon).
- Fixed bug #997, so that output is correctly controlled by the 'affected'
verbosity token.
- Fixed grammar in feedback string (thanks to Uli Martens).
- Addressed valgrind complaints (thanks to Bryce Harrington).
- Removed default configuration value for the obsolete 'annotations' setting.
- Corrected rounding errors on burndown chart bar size calculations (thanks to
Uli Martens).
- Fixed bug where '6 months' was interpreted as 180 days, but when rendered
was shown as '5 months' (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- Fixed bug where ISO dates were parsed and the TZ was modified, which should
have no bearing on a Zulu time.
- Fixed man page typos.
- Fixed incorrect Lua API return value (thanks to Oleksii Tsai).
- Fixed bug #956, which prevents 'ids', 'uuids' and helper commands to be used
directly by external script when a variable is override.
- Fixed bug #960, which caused tab-completion to fail after any non-ASCII alpha
characters were used in a description (thanks to Hyde Stevenson).
- Fixed bug #962 that rename the bash completion script in prevision of future
2.0 bash release.
- Fixed bug #990, which prevents color precedence to be applied correctly for
tagged tasks.
- Fixed bug #1001, which caused a segv (thanks to Bryce Harrington).
- Fixed bug #872, #945, #1006, #1024, which caused words like the German 'im'
and 'des' in a description to be expanded into 'imask' and 'description'
(thanks to Michelle Crane, Louis-Claude Canon, Stephen Hay and Martin U).
- Fixed bug #1008, which failed to remove tasks with the special tag '+nocal'
from the calendar report output with 'calendar.details=full' set (thanks to
Bryan Kam).
- Fixed bug #1012, which failed to install add-on scripts with execute
- Fixed bug #1016, which caused segfaults when importing JSON with annotations
that lack description or entry date (thanks to Nicholas Rabenau).
- Fixed bug #1017, which exported invalid JSON when there were no tasks (thanks
to Nicholas Rabenau).
- Fixed bug #1022, where dependencies were note released when a blocking task
was completed (thanks to Arkady Grudzinsky).
- Fixed bug #1023, which applied default.project and default.priority during
modification (thanks to Christoph Lange).
- Fixed bug #1028, so that UDA durations are stored in seconds, not in raw form
(thank to Uli Martens).
- Fixed bug #1030, which defines a portable implementation of timegm and removes
the use of tm_gmtoff for non GNU/BSD platforms.
- Fixed bug #1032, which prevented negative urgency coefficients from working
for projects and tags.
2.0.0 (2012-03-17) 03799eba9f230e48c4fa6d6ebddabe91bef7998f
# Untracked Features, biggest first.
- autoconf eliminated.
- New 'ids' command that returns a filtered set of task ID numbers, instead
of the actual tasks. Similarly there is a 'uuids' commands.
- Corrected sorting to use std::stable_sort instead of std::sort, which is not
guaranteed stable (thanks to Stefan Hacker).
- Enhanced diagnostics command.
- Performance enhancements.
- The old 'curses' configuration variable is now replaced by 'detection', and
has the same meaning - whether or not to auto-detect terminal size.
- Added Czech Republic holiday files (thanks to Tomas Cech).
- Added Japanese holiday files (thanks to Takanobu Watanabe).
- All holiday files have been renamed to include a locale, rather than just a
country code. For example: holidays.en-US.rc.
- Now ships with an add-on script,, which contacts, and brings the installed holiday files up to date.
- Extension system now controlled by the 'extensions' configuration variable.
- HTML export in the form of an external scripts
- Two additional solarized theme files, solarized-dark-256.theme and
solarized-light-256.theme (thanks to Stefan Keel).
- New 'dependency.indicator' configuration variable for the depends.indicator
report field.
- New 'indent.annotation' for the 'description.default' field format.
- New 'color.label' for colorizing the report column labels.
- The 'blanklines' configuration variable now replaced by the 'verbose' token
- The 'verbose' configuration variable now accepts a specific list of items to
be verbose about. See taskrc(5).
- New 'execute' command that runs external programs.
- The default export format is now JSON.
- The configuration variable 'json.array' determines whether 'query' command
output is enclosed by '[...]'.
- The duration 'm' is now interpreted as 'months', not 'minutes'.
- Urgency now has an 'age' component.
- Improved text wrapping of UTF8 text.
- When duplicating a parent recurring task, a new recurring parent task is
created. When a child recurring task is duplicated, a plain task is created.
- The 'diagnostics' command now checks for duplicate UUID values in the data.
# Tracked Features, sorted by ID.
- Added feature #52, which provides improved text-wrapping support for UTF-8
- Added feature #278, which provides a more consistent command line grammar.
- Added feature #318, which shows a full edit history in the 'info' report,
when enabled by ''
- Added feature #330, which supports the 'inverse' color attribute.
- Added feature #340, which implements new color rules 'color.completed' and
- Added feature #422, #566 and #639, which allow task modifications during
'done', 'delete', 'start', 'stop' and 'duplicate' commands (thanks to Max
- Added feature #474, which means the 'info' command accepts filters.
- Added feature #479, which enables filtering for the 'calendar' command.
- Added feature #496, which allows rc.default.command to be supplemented with
a filter, so that 'task project:Home' applies the project filter to the
default command.
- Added feature #507, which provides an alternative mechanism for inverting
attribute modifiers, in the form of new algebraic filters (thanks to Michelle
- Added feature #514, which allows duplication of tasks based on a generalized
filter, rather than just IDs (thanks to Peter De Poorter).
- Added feature #523 & #659, adding 'status' as a reportable field (thanks to
Peter De Poorter and Bryce Harrington).
- Added feature #545, #610, #611, #646, which support complex aliases.
- Added feature #559, that causes Taskwarrior to exit if the ~/.task (or override) does not exist, controlled by the
rc.exit.on.missing.db configuration variable (thanks to Sander Marechal).
- Added feature #571, which provides descriptive feedback when a special tag
is applied.
- Added feature #607, which allows modification of a task during annotation
(thanks to Peter De Poorter).
- Added feature #609, which allows suppression of output labels and verbose
- Added feature #612, so that the 'info' command displays the sum of all
active (start/stop) times for a task, if the '' configuration
variable is set (thanks to Andy Kriger).
- Added feature #632, which allows environment variables TASKRC and TASKDATA
to override .taskrc and .task directory locations (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Added feature #657 & #658, using the 'ids' command, tasks matching a filter
can now be modified as a group (thanks to Bryce Harrington, Eric Fluger).
- Added feature #679, which makes color rules match project names in a left-
most fashion, like filters (thanks to ch077179).
- Added feature #682, which allows the configuration variable 'defaultheight'
to override the assumed height of 24 lines when 'detection' is not enabled
(thanks to Steve Rader).
- Added feature #700, which adds tab-completion of built-in tags.
- Added feature #710, which adds an attribute modifier prefix to return the
complement of a filtered set (thanks to Dan White).
- Added feature #714, including Belarus holidays (thanks to Alexei Romanoff).
- Added feature #725, which provides feedback when tasks become unblocked.
- Added feature #733, including Czech holidays (thanks to Tomas Cech).
- Added feature #740, that allows for indented annotations, controlled by the
'indent.annotation' configuration variable (thanks to Steve Rader, Tomas
- Added feature #755, adding a new command 'reports' that lists reports and
their descriptions.
- Added feature #779, which uses more relevant and consistent terms on the
'burndown' charts.
- Added feature #800, adding a new command 'columns' that lists all the columns
available for custom reports, and includes their formatting options (thanks
to T. Charles Yun).
- Added feature #806, which provides the ability to compare dates using the
relational operator '>=' (thanks to Miguel de Val Borro).
- Added feature #811, which makes the 'execute' command optional, and
controlled by '#define HAVE_EXECUTE 1' in cmake.h. This allows a build
that does not have the potential security hole, in the event that taskwarrior
is run at elevated privilege, or run in the context of a web server.
- Added feature #813, new "eoq" and "soq" dates for the end and start of
quarter. (thanks to Dave French and Paulo Almeida for the patch).
- Added feature #827, which allows augmentation of default.command with extra
arguments, when default.command itself contains mulitple arguments (thanks to
Aikido Guy).
- Added feature #891, which allows for leftmost partial matches of UUID values.
# Tracked Bugs, sorted by ID.
- Fixed bug #208, which addresses various problems with recurring tasks, and
change propagation.
- Fixed bug #403, which disambiguates certain commands involving numbers.
- Fixed bug #447, #942, which only allowed dates to be edited if they changed
day (thanks to Michelle Crane and Owen Clarke).
- Fixed bug #458, removing the ambiguous 'm' as a duration, leaving 'mi[nutes]'
and 'mo[nths]' requiring at least two characters for a match.
- Fixed bug #475, which allowed a blank annotation command to be entered
(thanks to Andreas Kalex).
- Fixed bug #511, which caused display problem on Cygwin when colored output
used the full width of the terminal. The 'avoidlastcolumn' configuration
variable forces taskwarrior to never use the last column.
- Fixed bugs #533 and #536, which prevented having correct paths for themes
in .taskrc (thanks to Juergen Daubert)
- Fixed bug #552, where 'rc.verbose=off' suppressed warnings (thanks to Peter
De Poorter).
- Fixed bug #594, which broke the 'all' report with a combination of bad regex
handling and a formatting bug (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #605, which gave misleading project completion percentages under
certain circumstances (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #636, which causes the burndown reports to not honor the
_forcecolor=off setting (thanks to Steve Rader, Uli Martens).
- Fixed bug #645 & #660, which prevented logically combining report filters
(thanks to Bryce Harrington).
- Fixed bug #683, in which the 'config' command sometimes edited comments
instead of the proper line in .taskrc (thanks to Erlan Sergaziev).
- Fixed bug #691, which was a mis-reporting of file lock state even when file
locking was turned off (thanks to Tom Duffy).
- Fixed bug #694, which allows attributes to be modified while annotating a
task (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- Fixed bug #696, where the command line parser was confused by a single '-'
or '+' character.
- Fixed bug #699, truncated ssh://... during autopush after merge.
- Fixed bug #703, where global substitutions didn't make all expected
annotation changes.
- Fixed bug #704, which improved wording of journal messages.
- Fixed bug #706, where deletions were recorded in the journal twice.
- Fixed bug #707, which had inverted logic with the urgency calculation for
blocked tasks.
- Fixed bug #708, which corrected bad math in project % complete calculations
(thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #713, which fixes typos in the holidays-UK.rc file (thanks to
Alexei Romanoff).
- Fixed bug #720, so that when the 'info' report renders total active time,
it uses a lossless format (thanks to Bernhard B).
- Fixed bug #722, #801, so that all recurring task change propagations are
confirmed (thanks to Arkady Grudzinsky).
- Fixed bug #723, which displayed a misleading message when the output was
truncated to a page.
- Fixed bug #732, which fixes misleading messages and documentation for
merge/push/pull URIs (thanks to Tomas Cech).
- Fixed bug #737, which allows wait dates after due dates, but provides a
warning (thanks to Arkady Grudzinsky).
- Fixed bug #741, which miscounted columns widths when a table header used
unicode characters (thanks to Tomas Cech).
- Fixed bug #744, which omitted new ID feedback for all but the first
duplicated task (thanks to Uli Martens).
- Fixed bug #745, which allows projects names with spaces, provided the values
are quoted (thanks to Duane Waddle).
- Applied patch for Bug #746, which added missing documentation for the 'entry'
report column (thanks to Duane Waddle).
- Fixed bug #761, in which the 'prepend' and 'append' commands failed to
generate an error when no text was provided (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- Fixed bug #762, #763, so that modifications to tasks are considered 'write'
commands, and therefore update shadow files (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- Applied patch for Bug #770, which fixed a broken build (thanks to Christopher
J. Pilkington).
- Applied patch for Bug #771, which looks for libuuid if uuid_unparse_lower is
not located (thanks to Christopher J. Pilkington).
- Fixed bug #777, which prevented _query command output from passing JSON
validation due to missing [] around the task list.
- Fixed bug #781, which prevented tasks with dependencies from showing on the
'next' report (thanks to Wim Schuermann).
- Fixed bug #783, which fixes completed and deleted tasks still showing as
active (thanks to Adam Wolk).
- Fixed bug #785, which fixes a broken build on Solaris (thanks to Owen
- Fixed bug #788, which reported regex and readline versions, even though they
are not used.
- Applied patches for bugs #792, #793, #794 and #795, so that cmake now
recognizes and builds on Solaris (thanks to Owen Clarke).
- Applied patch for bug #797 which corrects a build problem with 'srandom'
(thanks to Owen Clarke).
- Applied patches for bug #798 which allows out-of-source builds (thanks to
Ben Boeckel).
- Applied documentation patch for #799, fixing a broken link in the man page
(thanks to Bryce Harrington).
- Applied patch for #803, allowing rc.confirmation to bypass confirmation of
the deletion of a recurring task (thanks to Matt Kraai).
- Addressed bug #804 by allowing rc.hyphenate to control whether hyphens are
inserted when long lines are broken. This may help prevent xterm from
mis-parsing URLs in task annotations, when wrapped (thanks to Yann Davin).
- Fixed bug #807, which caused a lack of Lua to prevent tests from building
(thanks to Owen Clarke).
- Fixed bug #808, which generated compiler warnings on Solarix (thanks to
Owen Clarke).
- Fixed bug #817, which caused a build problem with a Core2 Duo processor on a
Mac OSX 10.6 machine. Notes updated in INSTALL file (thanks to John
- Fixed bug #818, which caused partial tag matching (thanks to Joe Holloway).
- Fixed bug #822, #845, which generated incorrect IDs (thanks to Matt Kraai and
Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #823, so that recurring task change propagations are now always
confirmed (thanks to Miguel de Val Borro).
- Fixed bug #824, which caused problems when completing recurring tasks (thanks
to Matt Kraai).
- Fixed bug #831, which prevented some date fields from being properly parsed.
- Fixed bug #835, which prevented hierarchical projects from being recognized.
- Fixed bug #836, which preserves numeric arguments as-is (thanks to Matt Kraai
for the patch).
- Fixed bug #837, which caused incorrect urgency calculations for tasks that
have completed dependencies, and problems when editing those tasks (thanks
to Matt Kraai).
- Fixed bug #839, which caused problems when recurrence frequencies of '1m'
were used. This is an obsolete form, and should now be '1mo' (thanks to
Gour D).
- Fixed bug #846, which prevented the default.command configuration from
handling multiple arguments (thanks to Uli Martens).
- Fixed bug #850, which failed when newline characters were in a modified task
description. They are now stripped (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- Fixed bug #851, which failed to recognize durations like '1day' when
filtering date attributes (thanks to Philipp Woelfel).
- Fixed bug #856, which prevented filters on missing project from working
(thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #859, which used only one color for the 'ghistory.*' report
legends (thanks to Uli Martens).
- Fixed bug #860, which prevented lower-case priority values from being
accepted (thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #862, which suppressed feedback from the 'denotate' command.
- Fixed bug #863, which suppressed report labels with rc.verbose=off (thanks to
Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bugs #865 and #886, which caused silent failure of unrecognized dates
(thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #879, which mis-parsed escaped characters in the data file (thanks
to Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #880, which listed the wrong file paths for themes (thanks to Peter
- Fixed bug #892, which caused a segfault due to misuse of
std::map::operator[] (thanks to Dmitriy Samborskiy).
- Fixed bug #897, which adds the UUID field to the 'completed' report
(thanks to Eli Lev).
- Fixed bug #899, which displayed incorrect project completion numbers (thanks
to Paul-Gheorghe Barbu).
- Fixed bug #901, which was preventing multiple IDs and UUIDs from being used
as a filter (thanks to Bryce Harrington).
- Fixed bug #906, which caused problems with inverted project matching (thanks
to Uli Martens).
- Fixed bug #910, which caused unexpected behavior when duplicating a recurring
task (thanks to Jennifer Cormier).
- Fixed bug #917, which mis-encoded quotes (thanks to Uli Martens).
- Fixed bug #929, which corrected argument handling for aliases (thanks to Uli
- Fixed bug #932, which fixed change propagation for recurring tasks (thanks to
Jennifer Cormier).
- Fixed bug #936, which caused tests to fail on Solaris (thanks to Owen Clarke).
- Fixed bug #937, which failed 'stat' calls on Solaris (thanks to Owen Clarke).
- Fixed bug #938, which corrected compiler warnings on Solaris (thanks to Owen
- Fixed bug #944, which caused a test to fail when it was run on an NFS share.
- Fixed bug #946, which caused 'edit' command problems when
'dateformat.annotation' did not contain any date elements (thanks to Tuomas
- Fixed bug #950, which warned about dependency chain problems during
annotation, which makes no sense (thanks to Uli Martens).
- Fixed bug #951, which caused tag filtering to fail (thanks to Max Muller).
- Fixed bug #952, which generated cmake warnings on Cygwin.
# Untracked Bugs, biggest first.
- Fixed bug that required the '%YAML' prologue in a YAML import.
- Fixed bug that showed the 'due' date, under the heading 'until' date, in the
info report (thanks to Michael McCann).
- Fixed burndown chart y-axis height calculation (thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- Fixed missing recurrence values in zsh completion script (thanks to Ben
- Fixed problem with DOM-checking the 'limit' pseudo-attribute (thanks to
Barton Meeks).
- Fixed problem with duplicate 'project changed' messages (thanks to Owen
- Fixed problem with non-UTC defaults for "TZ" (thanks to Owen Clarke).
- Removed use of Lua API call that is deprecated in 5.1 and removed from 5.2
(thanks to Michal Vyskocil).
- Fixed problem where did not properly handle UTF8 JSON
- Fixed problem where did not use the YYYYMMDD date format.
- Fixed problem where urgency was not properly calculated for waiting tasks.
- Fixed problem where 'project' was not supported as a verbosity token (thanks
to Adam Gibbins).
1.9.4 (03/03/2011) b9bae255f4fa03970eced3ac0876935271d1d7a1
- Added burndown charts - 'burndown.daily', 'burndown.weekly',
'burndown.monthly', that use 'color.burndown.pending', 'color.burndown.started'
and 'color.burndown.done' colors.
- Added highlighting for the 'show' command that indicates which values differ
from the defaults.
- Added change log display to the 'info' command, controlled by the
'' configuration setting.
- Added 'description+' to all reports with duplicate sort keys, to stabilize
the sequence.
- Added ability to temporarily suspend GC (rc.gc:0) for a given command, which
helps scriptwriters implement shadow files externally (thanks to Sander
- Added alias 'export.json' that maps to the new _query helper command.
- Added new dark-gray-256 color theme.
- Added feature #30, which eliminates the dependency on ncurses (thanks to
Johan Friis).
- Added feature #41, XML export in the form of add-on script, and export-xml.rb.
- Added feature #157, which implements the _query command, a helper command for
script writers, which accepts a filter like any other report, but returns
only full JSON.
- Added feature #158, regular expression support for filters and substitutions.
- Added feature #247, providing infinite width reports when redirecting output
to a file, by setting defaultwidth to 0.
- Added feature #309, which sets the xterm title when reports are run,
according to the configuration variable 'xterm.title', which defaults to off.
- Added feature #546, which is a 'count' command that counts tasks, and is
intended to help scripts that manipulate task output.
- Added feature #567, which makes it possible to apply an offset to the first
month to be displayed in the calendar report (thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Added feature #574, default due dates (thanks to Erlan Sergaziev).
- Added feature #575, including Danish holidays (thanks to Irfan Siddiqui).
- Added feature #608, and now completing a task, with journal.time turned on
will stop the task first (thanks to Andy Kriger).
- Added feature #629, a new holiday configuration file for New Zealand
(thanks to Stephen Haywood).
- Added feature #638, a wait:later possibility (thanks to Clément Bœsch).
- Added feature #46, proper sortable age column.
- Added new holiday configuration file for Italy (thanks to Nicola Busanello).
- Added new holiday configuration file for Austria (thanks to Andreas Poisel).
- Eliminated dependency on ncurses.
- The dependency columns are now right-justified (thanks to Eric Fluger).
- When a date fails to parse, the expected format is displayed, as a reminder
(thanks to Eric Fluger).
- Fixed bug that caused the 'done' command to always exit with a non-zero
status (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug that caused entry, end, start and wait dates to not use report-
specific date format overrides (thanks to Eric Fluger).
- Fixed bug #485, which caused filters of 'recur' to fail for partial matches
(thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Fixed bug #515, which displayed an incorrect message after duplicating a
non-existent task (thanks to Peter De Poorter).
- Fixed bug #529, where the 'depends' attribute was not mentioned in the
task man page (thanks to Dirk Deimeke).
- Fixed bug #530, where unrecognized periods on recurring tasks were not
being properly handled (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Fixed bug #535 which omitted the holidays-NO.rc file from the packages
(thanks to Jostein Berntsen).
- Fixed bug #537, where the man page task-sync(5) mis-specified some URIs.
- Fixed bug #538, where some color legend items were not readable.
- Fixed bug #539, where the man page task-color(5) contained a line that
began with a ' and was not displayed.
- Fixed bug #540, where user names containing @s could not be parsed.
- Fixed bug #541, which prevented sorting by 'age' column in some situations.
- Fixed bug #542, which sorted the countdown columns incorrectly (thanks to
Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #555, which caused a segfault when logging a task with a project
(thanks to Itay Perl).
- Fixed bug #564, which allowed the deletion of parent recurring tasks (thanks
to Peter De Poorter).
- Fixed bug #570, which used unsupported brace expansion with dash (default
/bin/sh in Ubuntu).
- Fixed bug #579, which displayed incorrect counts when using the 'limit:N'
filter (thanks to Thomas Sattler).
- Fixed bug #580, where reusing the merge uri for autopush failed when the
uri was taken from taskrc.
- Applied patch to fix bug #581, in which backslashes in annotations and
descriptions caused problems (thanks to Itay Perl).
- Fixed bug #587, where the man page needed clarification on quoting some
arguments to prevent them from being broken up by the shell (thanks to
Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #589, where the man page did not adequately describe searching
or usage of attribute modifiers (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Applied patch to fix bug #590, which makes the yes/no/all/quit confirmation
prompts consistent (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #595, where taskwarrior ignored changes to the wait date during
the edit command, consequently not changing task status (thanks to Eric
- Fixed bug #597, which caused a missing project to be counted as a project
in the projects command (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #603, which caused no feedback when task IDs were not specified
(thanks to Steve Rader).
- Applied patch to fix bug #613, so that the summary report and the projects
command now consistently show a missing project as "(none)" (thanks to
Steve Rader).
- Applied patch to fix bug #618, so that the configuration setting
'edit.verbose' can be set to 'no' and eliminate the help text when using
the 'task edit' command (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Enhanced unit tests in response to bug #624 (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #628, where dateformats containing spaces were not properly
parsed (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #634, so that 'undo' obeys the 'confirmation' setting (thanks to
Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #641, where certain reports broke when 'dateformat' differed from
- Fixed bug #651, which broke the edit command when a task description
contained certain tokens (like 'Due:').
- Fixed bug #653, which caused undo information to be recorded when no changes
were made by the 'edit' command.
- Fixed bug #654, which broke the info command when a task had no journal
- Fixed bug #656, which caused multiple recurring child tasks to be created
(thanks to Bryce Harrington).
- Fixed bug #671, removing the claim in the 'edit' command claims that
description text can wrap over multiple lines, because it cannot.
1.9.3 (11/08/2010) bf36b47593a33e6347425d47a36477b627310e65
- Added feature #43, now task supports relative dates like '3wks',
'1 month', '4d' for 'due', 'wait' and 'until' dates. Essentially
durations are now allowed where dates are expected, and are treated
as relative to the current date/time.
- Added feature #189, that records the start and stop times as an
annotation for a task.
- Added features #244, #272, #273, #274, #275 and #279, which support
import and export of YAML 1.1. YAML is now the default export format
for task.
- Added feature #391, now the 'task color legend' command will show
samples of all the defined colors and color rules from your .taskrc
and theme.
- Added feature #410, and now task supports dependencies between tasks
with the syntax 'task 1 depends:2' to add a dependency, or 'task 1
depends:-2' to remove a dependency.
- Added feature #421, and now task can sync data files from two sources
via the 'merge' command.
- Added feature #423, now custom report filters allow rc overrides.
- Added feature #428, preparing the new structure for the NEWS file.
- Added feature #429, which improves the 'all' report to exclude deleted.
tasks, provide a new sort order and include the 'end' column.
- Added feature #431, which improves feedback after running the 'log'
- Added feature #446, task supports now 'sow', 'som' and 'soy' as dates
for 'due', 'wait' and 'until' (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
Added as well synonyms soww/eoww plus new socw/eocw for calendar weeks.
- Fixed bug #467, where recurring tasks were not honoring wait values.
- Added feature #471, which makes greater use of projects by reporting
changes to the completion percentage when it changes.
- Added feature #478, which uses the colorization rules in the 'info'
- Added feature #481, allowing for user control of the color rule order
of precedence via the 'rule.precedence.color' configuration variable.
- Added feature #499, giving an extra line in the message output when
doing bulk done changes (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- New 'depends' column for custom reports.
- New 'blocked' report for showing blocked tasks.
- New 'unblocked' report for showing tasks that are not blocked.
- Improved man pages (thanks to Andy Lester).
- Default .taskrc files are now largely empty, and rely almost completed
on default values.
- Special tags 'nocal', 'nocolor' and 'nonag' are implemented.
- The 'tags' command highlights special tags.
- The 'stats' and 'info' reports not obey color.alternate.
- New fish shell tab completion script (thanks to Mick Koch).
- Color rules now obey the configuration option.
- The color.keyword.XXX color rule now applies to annotations too.
- Importing the same YAML twice now generates an error.
- Two new color themes (thanks to Kathryn Andersen).
- More localized holiday files for US, CA, SE, DE, FR, UK, ES, NL and NO
(thanks to T. Charles Yun, Jostein Berntsen).
- Added new 'diagnostics' command to help with bug submission, testing.
- Fixed bug #427, preventing the task edit command to parse annotation
dates with spaces.
- Fixed bug #433, making task command output more consistent.
- Fixed bug #434, allowing users to complete tasks with status 'waiting'
- Fixed bug #438, correcting the sorting of the entry_time, start_time
and end_time columns (thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #439, which ignored dateformat.annotation for sparse annotations.
- Fixed bug #440, which prevented simultaneous append/prepend and substitution.
- Fixed bug #441, which misparsed '/a/a:/' as an attribute, rather than a
substitution (thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #444, which made task shell unusable after canceling out of an
undo command.
- Fixed bug #445, which caused task to not notice that the command 'h' is
- Fixed bug #449, so the wait: attribute can be applied to a task at any
time, not just on add.
- Fixed bug #452, which defines a higher resolution division between due
and overdue.
- Fixed bug #459, which showed a confusing message when 'limit:page' was
used, with few tasks.
- Fixed bug #461, in which the filter 'due:today' failed, but ''
- Fixed bug #466, which gave the wrong error message when a custom report
was missing a direction indicator for the sort order.
- Fixed bug #470, which caused task to not support the color 'none'.
- Fixed bug #476, so that task now issues a warning when a wait date falls
after a due date (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Fixed bug #480, which didn't properly support @ characters in tags. This
also now supports $ and #.
- Fixed bug #489, which caused the filter 'tags.none:' to fail.
- Fixed bug #493, which made waiting, recurring tasks invisible (thanks to
Alexander Schremmer).
- Fixed bug #494, causing imported text files to ultimately lack uuids
(thanks to Elizabeth Maxson).
- Fixed problem with command line configuration overrides that had no
- Fixed problem with the 'undo' command not observing the rc.color or the
rc._forcecolor settings.
- Fixed problem with extra blank line in the ghistory reports.
- Fixed a precision problem with average age on the summary report.
- Clarified the documentation regarding the project name (taskwarrior) and
the program name (task).
1.9.2 (7/10/2010) a13989f18eb34b3363f433c965084b6491425b9f
- Added feature #320, so the command "task 123" is interpreted as an implicit
"task info 123" command (thanks to John Florian).
- Added feature #326, allowing tasks to be added in the completed state, by
using the 'log' command in place of 'add' (thanks to Cory Donnelly).
- Added features #36 and #37, providing annual versions of the 'history' and
'ghistory' command as 'history.annual' and 'ghistory.annual'.
- Added feature #363 supporting iCalendar/vcalendar (RFC-2445, RFC-5545,
RFC-5546) export via the 'export.ical' command.
- Added feature #390, an extra dateformat for annotations (thanks to Cory
- Added feature #407, a new 'task show' command to display the current
configuration settings or just the ones matching a search string.
'task config' is now only used to set new configuration values.
- Added feature #298, supporting a configurable number of future recurring
tasks that are generated.
- Added feature #412, which allows the 'projects' and 'tags' commands to be
list all used projects/tags, not just the ones used in current pending tasks.
Controlled by the 'list.all.projects' and 'list.all.tags' configuration
variables (thanks to Dirk Deimeke).
- Added feature #415, which supports displaying just a single page of tasks,
by specifying either 'limit:page' to a command, or ''
in a report specification (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Improvements to the man pages (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Modified the 'next' report to only display one page, by default.
- Added feature #408, making it possible to delete annotations with the new
denotate command and the provided description (thanks to Dirk Deimeke).
- Added support for more varied durations when specifying recurring tasks,
such as '3 mths' or '24 hrs'.
- The ghistory graph bars can now be colored with 'color.history.add',
'color.history.done' and 'color.history.delete' configuration variables.
- Added feature #156, so that task supports both a 'side' and 'diff' style
of undo.
- Distribution now includes 7 theme files, for 16- and 256-color terminals.
- Task now defaults to using the equivalent to the dark-16.theme.
- Fixed bug #406 so that task now includes command aliases in the _commands
helper command used by shell completion scripts.
- Fixed bug #211 - it was unclear which commands modify a task description.
- Fixed bug #411, clarifying that the 'projects' command only lists projects
for which there are pending tasks (thanks to Dirk Deimeke).
- Fixed bug #414, that caused filtering on the presence or absence of tags
containing Unicode characters to fail (thanks to Michal Josífko).
- Fixed bug #416, which caused sorting on a date to fail if the year was not
included in the dateformat (thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #417, which caused sorting on countdown and age fields to be
wrong (thanks to Michell Crane).
- Fixed bug #418, which caused the attribute modifier 'due.before' to fail
if the year was not included in the dateformat (thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Fixed bug #132, which failed to set a sort order so that active tasks sort
higher than inactive tasks, all things being equal.
- Fixed bug #405, which incorrectly compared dates on tasks created by
versions earlier than 1.9.1 to those created by 1.9.1 or later (thanks to
Ivo Jimenez).
- Fixed bug #420, missing 'ID' from help text (thanks to Ed Neville).
- Fixed bug that prevented 'task list priority.above:L' from working.
- Fixed bug that miscalculated terminal width for the ghistory.annual
- Fixed wording (support issue #383) when modifying a recurring task (thanks
to T. Charles Yun).
1.9.1 (5/22/2010) 60a99725b858be134ad538cb7c1a32c98de70e67
- Summary report bar colors can now be specified with
and color.summary.background configuration variables.
- The 'edit' command now conveniently fills in the current date for new
- Deleting a task no longer clobbers any recorded end date (thanks to
Seneca Cunningham).
- The following holidays are now computed automatically and can be used
in the definitions for the calendar holidays:
Good Friday (goodfriday), Easter (easter), Easter monday
(eastermonday), Ascension (ascension), Pentecost (pentecost)
The date is configured with the given keyword.
- The configure script is more portable (thanks to Emil Sköldberg).
- Updated task-faq.5 man page.
- Fixed bug #382 in which the annotate command didn't return an error
message when called without an ID.
- Fixed bug #402 which failed compilation on Arch Linux (thanks to
Johannes Schlatow).
- Fixed bug #401 that ignored the configuration
setting when filtering on project names (thanks to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #395 that prevented the upgrade of a pending task to a
recurring task (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
1.9.0 (2/22/2010) dd758f8b33de110a633e2ff3ebdac73232b8ff44
- Added feature #283 that makes it possible to control the verbosity
of the output of annotations.
- Added feature #254 (#295) which gives task a second date format to be
used in the reports with more conversion sequences like weekday name
or weeknumber. The date format is set with variable "".
- Added feature #292 that permits alternate line coloration in reports
(thanks to Richard Querin).
- Added feature #307 that provides vim with syntax highlighting for .taskrc.
- Added feature #336 which gives task a 'prepend' command for symmetry
with the 'append' command.
- Added feature #341 that makes explicit references to the task and taskrc
man pages, both in the auto-generated .taskrc file and the version command
output (thanks to Cory Donnelly).
- The 'delete' command is now aliased to 'rm' (thanks to Ivo Jimenez).
- Added new attribute modifiers 'word' and 'noword' which find the existence
of whole words, or prove the non-existence of whole words. If a task has
the description "Pay the bill", then "description.word:the" will match, but
"description.word:th" will not. For partial word matches, there is still
- Added new 'config' command to display the configuration settings of task.
As a consequence 'version' now only shows the version number and legal
- The 'config' command now complains about use of deprecated color names in
your .taskrc file.
- Added feature #296, that allows the 'config' command to modify your .taskrc
settings directly, with the command 'task config <name> <value>', or
'task config <name>' to remove the setting.
- Task now supports nested .taskrc files using the "include /path" directive.
- The 'entry', 'start' and 'end' columns now have equivalents that include the
time, and are called 'entry_time', 'start_time', and 'end_time', for use in
custom reports.
- 2 new columns have been added to the reports: countdown and
countdown_compact. They show the days left until a task is due or how many
days a task has been overdue.
- The new 'priority_long' field can be shown in custom reports, and will
display 'High' rather than the abbreviated 'H'.
- Task now supports .taskrc command line overrides using and
the new to accommodate a frequent mistake.
- The color rules for projects ( now matches on partial
project names, the same way as filters.
- The color command now takes a color as an argument, and displays that color
with sample text.
- Added 2 new configuration variables to display the details of tasks with due
dates when doing a 'task cal' for the corresponding months:
'calendar.details' and ''
- Added 5 new color configuration variables to colorize today, days with due
tasks, days with overdue tasks, weekend days and week numbers in the
'', 'color.calendar.due', 'calendar.calendar.overdue',
'color.calendar.weekend'and 'color.calendar.weeknumber'.
- Added support for holidays in the calendar by using calendar.holidays
and the corresponding and variables.
The default dateformat being YMD (20101224) set by
- The coloring of due tasks in reports can now be enabled for all tasks, and
not only the imminent ones, by setting the configuration variable due=0.
- Tasks due on the current day ("today") can now have their own color setting and
- Added a new 'task-faq' man page for common questions and answers.
- Added a new 'task-color' man page detailing how to set up and use color in
- Added feature #176, which allows for configurable case-sensitivity for
keyword searches and substitutions (thanks to John Florian).
- Task can now use an alternate tag indicator by setting the tag.indicator
configuration variable to something other than the default of +.
- Task can now use an alternate active indicator by setting the
active.indicator configuration variable to something other than the default
of *.
- Task can now use an alternate recurrence indicator by setting the
recurrence.indicator configuration variable to something other than the
default of R.
- Added a new file,, which provides assistance troubleshooting
build-related problems on different operating systems and environments.
- Fixed bug #316 which caused the timesheet report to display an oddly sorted
- Fixed bug #317 which colored tasks in the 'completed' report according to
due dates, which are no longer relevant to a completed task (thanks to
Cory Donnelly).
- Fixed bug #347 which used only a lowercase "all" to confirm multiple changes
instead of an uppercase "All" like the "Yes" answer.
- Fixed bug that was causing the 'completed' report to sort incorrectly.
- Fixed bug that showed a calendar for the year 2037 when 'task calendar due'
was run, and there are no tasks with due dates.
- Fixed bug #360 which prevented certain modifications to recurring tasks
(thanks to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #299 which prevented excluding multiple projects from a report,
by using "task list project.isnt:foo project.isnt:bar" (thanks to John
- Fixed bug #368 which caused recurring tasks 'until' dates to be rendered as
epoch numbers instead of dates (thanks to Cory Donnelly).
- Fixed bug #369 which prevented the config command from setting quoted or
unquoted multi-word values (thanks to Richard Querin).
- Fixed bug #370 which prevented the removal of a due date from a task,
mis-identifying the task as recurring just because it had a due date
(thanks to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #371 which caused task to mis-apply certain color rules, like
color.alternate, which was (a) not applied first, and (b) not blended
with the other color rules (thanks to Richard Querin).
- Fixed bug #372 which incorrectly mapped 16-color backgrounds into the
256-color space.
1.8.5 (12/05/2009) a6c7236ff34e5eee3ef1693b97cb1367e6e3c607
- Added feature to allow the user to quit when asked to confirm multiple
changes. Now task asks "Proceed with change? (Yes/no/all/quit)".
- Added feature #341 that makes explicit references to the task and taskrc
man pages, both in the auto-generated .taskrc file and the version command
output (thanks to Cory Donnelly).
- Added feature - #310 that simplified and make clearer an error message
that complained about things that were beyond user control (thanks to
John Florian).
- Fixed bug that was causing the 'completed' report to sort incorrectly.
- Fixed bug #321 where all shell input was converted to lower case (thanks
to Juergen Daubert).
- Fixed bug #327 that allowed the removal of a due date from a recurring
- Fixed bug #317 which colored tasks in the 'completed' report according
to due dates, which are no longer relevant to a completed task (thanks
to Cory Donnelly).
- Fixed bug that was causing the 'completed' report to sort incorrectly.
- Fixed bug #322 which failed to propagate rc overrides to shell commands.
- Fixed redundant messages when exiting shell mode.
- Fixed bug #333 which failed to display the ID of a duplicated task (thanks
to Cory Donnelly).
- Fixed bug #332 where task complained that the 'recur_ind' custom report
column was invalid. It was misnamed in the documentation, which should
have read 'recurrence_indicator'. Also, the 'tag_indicator' column was
not mentioned anywhere (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Fixed bug #319 that caused task to not properly detect the removal of a
tag when obtaining confirmation from the user fora bulk modification
(thanks to Cory Donnelly).
1.8.4 (11/17/2009) 12c4983936d27317df100f05da8244139dd06a3f
- Fixed bug that caused wait: dates to not be properly rendered in a
readable and preferred format with the "edit" command.
- Fixed bug that caused a hang on cygwin, when a task with multiple
annotations was edited (thanks to Joe Pulliam).
- Fixed bug #314 where the edit command fails when data.location includes
directories containing spaces (thanks to Cory Donnelly).
- Added a warning (issue #312) when modifying recurring tasks, that all
instances of that task may be modified. When task confirms a bulk edit
the recurrence is again indicated (thanks to Cory Donnelly).
1.8.3 (10/21/2009) bcdcbeeea0d92f21c3565aebfaf6332b959f4025
- Added support for Haiku R1/alpha1
1.8.2 (9/7/2009) f243f0ed443ecd7dde779de8a6525222591024db
- Added feature #282 that returns useful exit codes to the shell. Now a
script can detect whether no tasks were returned by a report (thanks to
Pietro Cerutti).
- Fixed bug #287 that causes color control codes to be written to shadow
files (thanks to Richard Querin).
- Fixed bug #289 which imported task from without valid uuids
(thanks to Ben Jackson).
- Fixed bug #291 which generated a false warning about an unrecognized
variable when enabling default.projects in .taskrc (thanks to Thomas@BIC).
- Fixed bug #288 which failed to propagate rc file overrides on the command
line to the default command (thanks to Zach Frazier).
1.8.1 (8/20/2009) 35792e7874d2bb664abb1a0a67960b7fe7e0fccf
- Fixed bug #231 that broke the build on OpenBSD 32-bit due to a time_t
and int collision (thanks to Pietro Cerutti).
- Fixed bug #241 that prevented bash's tab-completion of projects in Fedora
11 and likely anything using bash-4 (thanks to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #242 that sometimes causes the ID echoed after a task is added
to be incorrect (thanks to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #245 that quoted date fields on export, that were subsequently
improperly parsed on import (thanks to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #248 where single and double quotes are both stored as
ampersand-quot-semi (thanks to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #249 that caused annotations with the same date to be lost after
a "task edit" command (thanks to Federico Hernandez).
- Fixed bug #250 whereby rc.dateformat was not observed when parsing the
creation date of an annotation (thanks to Federico Hernandez).
- Fixed bug #251 whereby the presence of annotations cause the .hasnt attribute
modifier to not work (thanks to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #252 that prevented use of attribute modifiers on dates to effect
a range, such as "task ls due.after:eom due.before:eoy" (thanks to John
- Fixed bug #256 that allowed a recurring task with no due date.
- Fixed bug #257 where an extant ~/.taskrc file prevented the override and
automatic creation of an alternate rc file (thanks to Zach Frazier).
- Fixed bug #259 that cause a build failure on Snow Leopard 10a432.
- Fixed bug #260 whereby the start, stop and delete commands did not complain
when filter arguments were specified, even though they were ignored
(thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Fixed bug that allowed a recurring task to be added without a due date.
- Fixed bug that displays the wrong .taskrc file name on override (thanks to
Federico Hernandez).
- Fixed bug that failed to suppress color control code in the header and
footnote when redirecting output to a file (thanks to John Florian).
1.8.0 (7/21/2009) 14977ef317bd004dae2f2c313e806af9f2a2140c
- Added zsh tab completion script (thanks to P.C. Shyamshankar).
- Fixed bug that cause the _forcecolor configuration variable to be
considered obsolete (thank to Bruce Dillahunty).
- Fixed documentation errors (thanks to Thomas@BIC).
- The 'weekstart' configuration variable now controls the 'calendar'
report (thanks to Federico Hernandez).
- The 'displayweeknumber' configuration variable now controls the display
of week number in the 'calendar' report (thanks to Federico Hernandez).
- Supports '--' argument to indicate that all subsequence arguments are
part of the description, despite what they otherwise might mean.
- Removed support for the obsolete task file format 1 (never released).
- Fixed bug that allowed blank annotations to be added (thanks to Bruce
- Supports negative tag filters, so that (task list +foo -bar) now filters
tasks that have the "foo" tag, but do not have the "bar" tag (thanks to
Chris Pride).
- Custom reports now support a more compact form of the "age" column,
called "age_compact" (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Supports '' for a command line override to .taskrc data
(thanks to Federico Hernandez).
- Removed obsolete DEVELOPERS file. The online support forums at will provide better information.
- Fixed bug that kept some deleted tasks showing up on the calendar report
(thanks to Federico Hernandez).
- Now asks the user to confirm large changes if configuration variable
'confirmation' is set to 'yes'. A large change is one that completely
replaces a task description, or operates on a large number of tasks,
which defaults to 4 but is configurable via the 'bulk' configuration
variable (thanks to John Florian).
- Now echoes back the new task ID on 'add' (thanks to Bruce Dillahunty).
- The new "shell" command provides an interactive shell for task. All
commands are supported (thanks to Bruce Dillahunty, Federico Hernandez,
and John Florian).
- New "recurring" report to list all recurring tasks.
- New, more flexible, more consistent, grep-able file format.
- If task is renamed to "cal", or there is a symlink to task called "cal",
then task can act as a replacement for the Unix "cal" command.
- Supports arguments to the cal command like "month year", "year", etc.
- The "tags" report now shows the tag usage count.
- The "projects" report now shows totals by project and priority.
- Now supports attribute modifiers that allow much finer control over report
filtering, for example "task list due.before:friday", or "task list
pri.not:H" and many more.
- Now supports new "age_compact" and "wait" custom report columns.
- Now supports colorization of the header and footnote messages that are
printed before and after report output, with the 'color.header' and
'color.footnote' configuration variables.
- Now supports the 'limit' attribute, to control the number of tasks that
are shown, for example: "task list limit:10".
- Now supports a debug mode that can be used to generate helpful information
when reporting a problem. Just run the command with "task rc.debug:on ..."
and diagnostics will be generated that will help pinpoint a problem.
- The new "undo" command replaces the old "undo" and "undelete" command
with a complete undo stack that can rollback all changes.
- While waiting for a file lock, task states the reason for the delay.
- Now supports a 'waiting' state that causes tasks to not appear until
a certain date, for example "task <ID> wait:<date>". The task
will then not show up on any report (except 'all') until that date.
- The "active", "completed", "overdue" and "next" reports are now custom
reports, and therefore modifiable.
- Now supports a 'waiting' custom report to list all waiting tasks.
- Now supports a 'recurring' custom report to list all recurring tasks.
- Now supports an 'all' report to list all tasks, including deleted
- Supports command aliases - create an alias for any command by creating
a .taskrc entry like "alias.new_name=old_name".
and completed tasks.
- Now over 1,600 unit tests, helping to maintain code quality.
1.7.1 (6/8/2009) 1422a15cbc470cff590bf06daad20d01fe1b05ef
- Fixed build failure on OpenBSD (thanks to Mike Adonay).
- Took the opportunity of a patch release to update the various email
addresses and URLs in the various documents.
1.7.0 (5/14/2009) f6b8b39d8b4a85c30a457e9e78b582b74531bfe4
- Improved the errors when parsing a corrupt or unrecognized
or file (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Added details to the "info" report about recurring tasks (thanks to T.
Charles Yun).
- Now writes a sample "defaultwidth" configuration variable to the default
.taskrc file (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Task allows commands that require an ID to now be given a sequence, which
is a set of IDs. This allows commands like "task delete 1 2 5-10,12".
- Fixed bug in the ghistory report, which caused it to only show a new
month if a task was added during that month.
- New command "duplicate" which allow existing task(s) to be duplicated,
and also have modifications applied (thanks to David J Patrick).
- The "append", and "done" commands now allow modifications to be applied
to the task(s) (thanks to David J Patrick).
- Improved word wrapping in various output.
- Fixed bug that added an extra line between header and graph in the
ghistory report.
- Added simple 'taskprogram' mailing list subscribe form to the web site.
- For custom reports that define a "limit" to the number of rows of output
such as "oldest" and "newest", task allows an override value. For
example "task oldest 5" will display the 5 oldest tasks.
- Modified the "stats" report so that it has the same aesthetics as the
other reports.
- New "timesheet" command displays tasks completed and started, per week,
and can display multiple weeks.
- New tab completion script,, for bash users, is installed
to /usr/local/share/task (thanks to Federico Hernandez).
- Applied patch to allow task to build on Arch Linux (thanks to Johan Friis).
- Applied patch to fix a UUID bug on Solaris 8 (thanks to Steven de Brouwer).
- The task and taskrc man pages are here. Try "man task", "man taskrc"
(thanks to Federico Hernandez and P.C. Shyamshankar).
- Fixed bug that causes task to create a default .task directory, even if
data.location specified otherwise (thanks to Federico Hernandez).
- New "edit" command that fires up a text editor (uses 'editor' configuration
variable, $VISUAL or $EDITOR environment variable) and allows direct
editing of all editable task details.
1.6.1 (4/24/2009) 1b6faf57c998617024d0348a87b941a5d2ab2249
- Fixed bug that caused new, first-time .taskrc files to be written without
including the custom report labels (thanks to P.C. Shyamshankar).
1.6.0 (4/12/2009) 06062a96eb57d10dcd7fbe1edf968bb638a0b3a9
- Added support for new "append" command that adds more description text to
an existing task.
- Added support for the "weekdays" recurrence, which means a task can recur
five times a week, and not on weekends (thanks to Chris Pride).
- UTF8 text is now supported in task project names, tags and descriptions.
- Fixed bug that caused the y/n confirmation on task deletion to ignore the
Enter key and fail to re-prompt (thanks to Bruce Dillahunty).
- When the "echo.command" configuration variable is set to "yes", it causes
commands that modify tasks to display which task was affected (thanks to
Bruce Dillahunty).
- A task can now be annotated with the command "task <id> annotate ...", and
a timestamped annotation will appear in reports.
- A 'description_only' column is now available for use in custom reports,
and it excludes annotations.
- A task can now be upgraded to a recurring task by adding a recurrence
frequency, a due date, and an optional until date.
- When a recurring task is modified, all other instances of the recurring
task are also modified.
- Custom reports now support user-specified column labels (thanks to T.
Charles Yun).
- Task can now import tasks from a variety of data formats, including task
export files from versions 1.4.3 and earlier, versions 1.5.0 and later, 2.x, CSV, plain text and task command line. See online docs for
full details.
- Export was including 'id' in the column header even though it was not
included in the data.
- The task file format has changed slightly. Please back up your task
data files before upgrading to 1.6.0.
- Added new column 'recurrence_indicator' that displays an 'R' if the task
is a recurring task. This column can be added to any custom report.
- Added new column 'tag_indicator' that displays a '+' if the task
has any tags. This column can be added to any custom report.
- Fixed bug where sometimes a task description was concatenated oddly if
there was a colon somewhere in the description.
- Fixed bug that caused recurring annual tasks to exhibit a creeping due
date, because of an assumption of 365 days per year, which failed to
consider leap years (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Annotations can now be modified with the substitution commands /from/to/.
- Substitutions can now be made global with /from/to/g and all occurrences
of "from" will be replaced with "to".
1.5.0 (3/15/2009) 87be68e2e83d7bb628be1e5679b16a49a26d3549
- Removed deprecated TUTORIAL file.
- Removed "showage" configuration variable.
- "task stop" can now remove the start time from a started task.
- "task ghistory" now displays a differently aligned graph, allowing
easier comparison by month of tasks added versus completed and deleted.
- "task version" command now reports unrecognized configuration variables,
which may be spelling mistakes or deprecated variables.
- "configure --enable-debug" now supported to suppress compiler optimization
to allow debugging.
- Allow lower case priorities, and automatically upper case them.
- Added support for "due" configuration variable which defines the number
of days in the future when a task is considered due.
- Added support for custom reports, comprised of a set of column names and
sort order, with optional filtering in the configuration file. This
means user-defined reports can be written, and the reports currently
in the configuration file can be renamed. Several of task's built in
reports have been converted to user-defined reports.
- New online documentation for custom reports.
- New algorithm for determining when the "nag" message is displayed.
- Fixed bug where task hangs with a certain combination of recurring tasks
and shadow files.
- Fixed bug with the task sort algorithm, which led to an unstable sequence
when there were only a handful of tasks.
- Performance enhanced by eliminating unnecessary sorting.
- Task now has a large (and growing) test suite and bug regression tests
to help ensure higher quality releases.
- Fixed bug that caused performance hit during table rendering.
- Fixed bug that concatenated a modified description without spaces.
- Added new column 'recur' that displays the recurrence period of any
recurring tasks. This column can be added to any custom report.
- Added support for "color.recurring" configuration variable which
specifies the color of recurring tasks.
- Added support for "locking" configuration variable that controls whether
file locking is used.
- Task export feature now includes recurrence information, removes nested
quotes, and limits output to pending tasks.
- Task no longer includes deleted tasks in the summary report (thanks to
Benjamin Tegarden).
- Fixed bug that prevented the summary report from properly reporting
recently completed tasks.
1.4.3 (11/1/2008) 8639e9260646c8c9224e0fc47e5d2443b46eecfc
- Fixed misleading task count at bottom on "info" report.
- Added support for a shadow file that contains a plain text task report,
with the "shadow.file" and "shadow.command" configuration variables.
The shadow file is automatically updated whenever the task database
changes. Useful for integrating with "Samurize".
- Task now displays a message whenever a shadow file is updated, if the
"shadow.notify" configuration variable is set "on".
- Bug: adding a task with a \n, \r or \f in it now fails properly.
- Removed "usage" command, and support for "command.logging" configuration
- Added documentation for Shadow files.
- Added documentation for task filters.
1.4.2 (9/18/2008) e7304e86ce9bb80978c7055fd2a9e999619a6fb8
- "task undo" can now retract a "task done" command, provided no reports
have been run (and therefore TDB::gc run).
- Task now correctly sorts on entire strings, instead of just the first
character (thanks to Andy Lester).
- Task now uses dashes (-----) to column underlines when color is disabled
(thanks to Vincent Fleuranceau).
- Task now allows mixed case attribute names (pri:, PRI:, Pri: ...) and
commands (add, ADD, Add ...) (thanks to Vincent Fleuranceau).
- Task now supports a default project and priority for new tasks, via
the new "default.project" and "default.priority" configuration variables
(thanks to Vincent Fleuranceau).
- Task supports improved word-wrapping to the terminal width.
- Task now supports "default.command" configuration variable (for example
it could contain "list due:tomorrow") that is the command that is run
whenever task is invoked with no arguments.
- Task supports modifying the existing description of a task, with the
following syntax: task <id> "new description ...".
- Bug: Now properly supports relative dates in filters (task list due:eom,
task list due:tomorrow, task list due:23rd ...).
- Bug: Source now properly includes <string.h> in order to build clean
using gcc 4.3 (thanks to H. İbrahim Güngör).
1.4.1 (7/18/2008) e080c3168c6064628ab85b21bd859d9875a3a9a7
- Bug: Descriptions can not be altered with "task 123 New description".
- Tweak: For "task calendar" month names are now centered over the month.
- Removed TUTORIAL file contents in favor of online version.
- Provided Mac .pkg binary.
1.4.0 (7/10/2008) 60b7d15a1d22e064acf0974c5d7eabbb57dd8071
- New recurring tasks feature.
- "task undelete" can now undelete erroneously deleted tasks, provided no
reports have been run (and therefore TDB::gc run).
- Added averages to the "task history" report.
- Added ability to override ~/.taskrc with rc:<file>.
- Added bar chart history report "task ghistory".
- Added task filtering on all reports.
- Automatically shuts off color, curses when output is not a tty.
- Supports relative due: dates (tomorrow, wednesday, 23rd, eom ...).
- Supports the ~ character in .taskrc data.location.
- Allows colons on the description, provided what is to the left of the colon
is not a standard attribute name.
- Bug: Fixed where Esc[0m sequences were being emitted for no good reason.
- Bug: Fixed underlined table headers when color is turned off.
- Bug: Adding a blank priority resulted in an assigned garbage value.
- Bug: Fixed parsing of date "07/08/2008" when using dateformat "m/d/Y".
1.3.1 (6/21/2008) 3a6de7d9402f2609a773a73b16eff97b14a32869
- New configuration variable, "defaultwidth" that determines the width
of tables when ncurses support is not available.
- Bug: "showage" configuration variable should apply to all reports, not
just the ones based on "list".
- Bug: Fixed segmentation faults on Ubuntu when the "dateformat"
configuration variables was missing. This was a code bug, and should
have affected more platforms.
- Bug: Task now will recreate a missing ~/.taskrc file, OR a missing
~/.task directory.
1.3.0 (6/18/2008) 6673e408a223af98c38779c20b08524042c0edfa
- "task calendar" now displays multiple months per line, adjustable by the
"monthsperline" configuration variable. Feature added by Damian Glenny.
- "task export" can now filter tasks like the reports.
- Factored out code to filter tasks.
- Displays shorter message when a command is entered incorrectly, and the
full usage for "task help".
- "task oldest" shows the oldest tasks.
- "task newest" shows the newest tasks.
- Bug: Segmentation fault when no "dateformat" configuration variable
- Bug: Fixed bug whereby if you have more than one task with a due date, 7
days gets added to the entry date of task 2..n.
- Bug: Fixed bug whereby "1 wks" was being improperly pluralized.
1.2.0 (6/13/2008) c393d47cdfe7e197a31e94f4bb764474fa05ad8d
- Bug: "dateformat" configuration variable used to display dates, but
not parse them.
- "task list x" now performs a caseless comparison between "x" and the
- Task sub projects supported.
- "showage" confguration determines whether "Age" column appears on the
"list" and "next" reports.
- Improved TUTORIAL.
1.1.0 (6/7/2008) 73286e86628725b346db2a25fbcd4bd68efb9b3a
- "blanklines" configuration to stop displaying unnecessary white
space and thus work better on small-screen devices.
- "dateformat" configuration now determines how dates are formatted.
- Better formatting of "task tags" output.
- home page set up.
- Added tags to the "task long" report.
1.0.1 (6/4/2008) d216d401217027d93581808fc8944ab7d6b85fb0
- Bug: UUID generator not properly terminating string.
- Bug: srandom/srand not called prior to UUID generation.
1.0.0 (6/3/2008) f3de5c07118c597091a05c7d7fe8bdeae95474c1
- New movie made, uploaded.
- Bug: assertion fails on mobile for t v.
- Bug: does not properly determine ncurses availability.
- Bug: Cannot seem to use the percent character in a task description.
- Bug: New installation "task stats" reports newest task 12/31/1969.
- Bug: New installation task projects displays header but no data - should
- Bug: incorrect color specification in sample .taskrc file.
- Bug: when run without arguments, task dumps core on Solaris 10.
- "task calendar" now reports all months with due pending tasks.
- Added rules for colorization by tag, project and keyword.
- Added legend to "task calendar".
0.9.9 (5/27/2008) 2ecf50032226c91b406f247417a063dc17c8e324
- Autoconf/automake behaving properly.
- Clean build on OS X 10.5.
- Clean build on Ubuntu 8.0.
- Clean build on Fedora Core 8.
- Clean build on Fedora Core 9.
0.9.8 (5/25/2008) 18fd59a1edb20e5c68d086a97fae5fa9f6bb348a
- Added "task color" command.
- Removed unnecessary files.
- Completed documentation.
0.9.7 (5/24/2008) 25dc4150947a3e612c8118838d04b3bbe68441f7
- Migrated old compiler flags into
- Added ncurses endwin function check to
- Set up structure for AUTHORS file.
- Set up NEWS file, with pleas for feedback.
- Added welcome message to README.
- Completed a chunk of the TUTORIAL.
- Added error handling for "task export" when a file name is not specified.
- Task offers to create a sample ~/.taskrc file if one is not found.
- Task offers to create a ~/.task directory if one is not found.
- Removed unnecessary SAMPLE_taskrc, and assorted references.
- Cleaned up ChangeLog.
- Minor mods to standard docs.
- Bumped version to 0.9.7.
- Changed some autoconf details.
- Corrected comment in T.cpp.
- Made unit tests compile and run again.
- Removed tests from distibution.
0.9.6 (5/13/2008)
- Corrected wrong include file in Table.cpp.
- Replaced color management code.
- Improved color rules code.
0.9.5 (5/12/2008)
- Replaced Table storage with Grid.
- Added Grid.cpp to
- Added Makefile to src/.gitignore.
- Makefile should not be part of the repository.
- Added Grid.cpp.
- Added Grid::Cell::operator==.
- ChangeLog file begun.
- Bumped version to 0.9.5 for next release.
0.9.4 (4/26/2008)
- Integrated new Grid object into build - not yet integrated into Table.
- More .gitignore tweaks.
- Added .gitignore.
- Added more missing files.
- Added all source code.
- Generic OSS files added.
- Initial commit on Github.
0.9.3 (4/6/2008)
- Added "task completed" command.
- Properly recognizes ncurses.
0.9.2 (4/3/2008)
- Recognizes whether ncurses, flock is available.
- "task" duplicated to "task_rel" for preparation of a fork.
0.9.1 (4/1/2008)
- Blank attributes read are no longer written out.
- Completed "task export" command.
- Added configuration values to "task version" command.
- Consolidated header files, removed unnecessary ones.
0.9.0 (3/23/2008)
- flat source directory.
- autoconf complete.
- "task next".
- "task stats".
- "task export".
- Rules-based colorization.
0.8.1 (1/28/2008) - 0.8.16 (3/13/2008)
- autoconf conversion
0.8.0 Polish (1/25/2008)
- Code cleanup, reorganization.
- "task overdue".
- Add "age" column to list and long.
- Use 'conf' for build, version tracking.
- Add "/from/to/" description editing.
0.7.0 Multi-user, File handling, atomicity (1/8/2008)
- Clean, publishable API reimplementation.
- File locking.
- retain deleted tasks.
- "task info ID" report showing all metadata.
- File format v2, including UUID.
[Development hiatus while planning for T, TDB API, new features and the future
of the project. Seeded to two testers for feedback, suggestions. Development
deliberately stopped to allow extended use of task, allowing command logging and
regular usage to determine which features were needed or unnecessary.]
0.6.0 Reports (12/27/2006)
- "task history".
- "task summary".
- "task calendar".
- due support.
- Table sorting.
0.5.0 Multi-user support (12/10/2006)
- Command logging.
- "task usage" report.
0.4.0 Destructive / modification commands (12/3/2006)
- "task delete" complete.
- "task id ..." complete.
- "task list ..." synonym for "task find ...".
0.3.0 Work in progress support (12/3/2006)
- "task start" complete.
- "task done" complete.
- support.
0.2.0 Neutral commands (12/2/2006)
- "task find" complete.
- "task projects" complete.
- "task tags" complete.
0.1.0 Constructive commands (12/1/2006)
- "task add" complete.
- support.
- ~/.taskrc support.
0.0.1 Basic infrastructure (11/29/2006)
- Command line parsing.
- API layer.
- Usage.
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