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TW-1906/#1919: sync sub-command is missing from task(1) manual page

- Thanks to rjc.
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@@ -321,3 +321,4 @@ suggestions:
Martin Strunz
Marc Richter
@@ -63,6 +63,8 @@
(thanks to Dan Callahan).
- TW-1903 grammar error -- There are 1 local changes.
(thanks to Eric Hymowitz).
- TW-1906/#1919 sync sub-command is missing from task(1) manual page
(thanks to rjc).
- TW-1910 unreachable statement
(thanks to Martin Strunz).
- TW-1930 Typo in help
@@ -529,6 +529,25 @@ Shows statistics of the tasks defined by the filter.
.B task <filter> summary
Shows a report of aggregated task status by project.

.B task sync [init]
The sync command synchronizes data with the Taskserver, if configured.

The init subcommand should only ever be run once, and only on one client, because
it sends all data to the Taskserver. This allows all the subsequent sync commands
to only send small deltas.

Note: If you use multiple sync clients, make sure this setting (which is the default)
is on your primary client:


and on all other clients (this is not the default):


This is a workaround to avoid a recurrence bug that duplicates recurring tasks.

.B task <filter> tags
Show a list of all tags used. Any special tags used are highlighted. Note that

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