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TW-54/#115: Reduce output for timesheet

- Thanks to Aikido guy.
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pbeckingham committed Feb 17, 2018
1 parent ea81976 commit 59342bc10fd96b4306f58ae09205172564447f92
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@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@
(thanks to Markus Beppler, Konstantin Vorobyev).
- TI-91 Timewarrior does not compile on DragonFly
(thanks to Michael Neumann).
- TW-54/#115 Reduce output for timesheet
(thanks to Aikido guy).
- TW-61 Extract only tasks with annotations
(thanks to Aikido Guy).
- TW-213 Align countdown column on boundary between number and text.
@@ -72,15 +74,15 @@
- TW-1930 Typo in help
(thanks to Kai HTML).
- TW-1935 Separate verbosity category for rc overrides
(thanks to Paul J. Fenwick)
(thanks to Paul J. Fenwick).
- TW-1936 Tweak tests to have fuller TAP compliance
(thanks to Paul J. Fenwick)
(thanks to Paul J. Fenwick).
- TW-1938 Adjust behaviour of new-uuid and new-id verbosity levels
(thanks to Paul J. Fenwick)
(thanks to Paul J. Fenwick).
- TW-1947 "urgency.over" filter seems to not work correct
(thanks to Marc Richter)
(thanks to Marc Richter).
- #1964 task burndown shows extra brackets #1964
(thanks to php-coder)
(thanks to php-coder).
- Added 'juhannus' as a synonym for 'midsommarafton'
(thanks to Lynoure Braakman).
- Deprecated the 'DUETODAY' virtual tag, which is a synonym for the 'TODAY'

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