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TW #1922: Can't find export scripts

- Thanks to tom-doerr
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@@ -327,3 +327,4 @@ suggestions:
Martin F. Krafft
@@ -93,6 +93,8 @@
Thanks to Martin F. Krafft
- TW #1986 [Nit] Update after migration to Github
Thanks to Kirill Bobyrev
- TW #1922 Can't find export scripts
Thanks to tom-doerr
- Added 'juhannus' as a synonym for 'midsommarafton'
Thanks to Lynoure Braakman
- Deprecated the 'DUETODAY' virtual tag, which is a synonym for the 'TODAY'
@@ -177,8 +177,8 @@ Displays only a count of tasks matching the filter.
.B task <filter> export
Exports all tasks in the JSON format. Redirect the output to a file, if you
wish to save it, or pipe it to another command or script to convert it to
another format. The standard task release comes with a few example scripts,
such as:
another format. You'll find these example scripts online at

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