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2.5.2 () -

- TD-64 sync conflict deleted all annotations of the task
(thanks to Markus Beppler, Konstantin Vorobyev).
Thanks to Markus Beppler, Konstantin Vorobyev
- TI-91 Timewarrior does not compile on DragonFly
(thanks to Michael Neumann).
Thanks to Michael Neumann
- TW-54/#115 Reduce output for timesheet
(thanks to Aikido guy).
Thanks to Aikido guy
- TW-61 Extract only tasks with annotations
(thanks to Aikido Guy).
Thanks to Aikido Guy
- TW-213 Align countdown column on boundary between number and text.
(thanks to Eric Fluger).
Thanks to Eric Fluger
- TW-1572 Alternative approach to urgency inheritance
(thanks to Jens Erat, Wim Schuermann).
Thanks to Jens Erat, Wim Schuermann
- TW-1667 hooks: upon failure indicate which hook failed
(thanks to Daniel Shahaf).
Thanks to Daniel Shahaf
- TW-1785 Purge command to remove deleted tasks
(thanks to Paul Beckingham).
- TW-1772 Implementation of circular dependency detection is
inefficient (thanks to Michael Meier).
Thanks to Paul Beckingham
- TW-1772 Implementation of circular dependency detection is inefficient
Thanks to Michael Meier
- TW-1778 Unicode strings are truncated in task description
(thanks to Andrew, bjonnh, OKOMPer, Vladimir).
Thanks to Andrew, bjonnh, OKOMPer, Vladimir
- TW-1788 Closing a reopened task does not update the end time
(thanks to Ralph Bean).
Thanks to Ralph Bean
- TW-1791 taskrc(5) manpage: spurious "pri." in rule.precedence.color
(thanks to Sebastien Badia).
Thanks to Sebastien Badia
- TW-1792 The info command uses '0' to reference dependencies on non-
pending tasks.
- TW-1795 Calendar underline on Day padding
(thanks to Renato Alves).
Thanks to Renato Alves
- TW-1805 project:ide is not allowed
(thanks to Slaven ʙanovic).
Thanks to Slaven ʙanovic
- TW-1807 dateformat lacks a flag to display day of week
(thanks to Ellington Santos).
Thanks to Ellington Santos
- TW-1813 Range filter doesn't work
(thanks to george js).
Thanks to george js
- TW-1820 Install with -DLANGUAGE=2 flag not work.
(thanks to E. Manuel Cerr'on Angeles)
Thanks to E. Manuel Cerr'on Angeles
- TW-1823 Incorrect unicode text wrapping / justifying.
(thanks to Sergey Trofimov).
Thanks to Sergey Trofimov
- TW-1827 Extract annotations from a task
(thanks to Ryan).
Thanks to Ryan
- TW-1855 "Well-known" CA certificates not properly auto-loaded
(thanks to Flavio Poletti).
Thanks to Flavio Poletti
- TW-1857 Change Task::get call to the more efficient Task::has
(thanks to Zachary Manning).
Thanks to Zachary Manning
- TW‐1858 Change signature for dependencyGetBlocked
- TW-1859 Change signature of Task::getTags
- TW-1860 Change signature of Task::getAnnotations
- TW-1861 Truncated description when adding annotation
(thanks to eezewaek).
Thanks to eezewaek
- TW-1869 segmentation fault (on unusual installation)
(thanks to Eric Hymowitz).
Thanks to Eric Hymowitz
- TW-1873 Specify different path to extensions/hooks directory
(thanks to Eli).
Thanks to Eli
- TW-1877 task done, task edit, task is now pending
(thanks to Eric Hymowitz).
Thanks to Eric Hymowitz
- TW-1878 uuids subcommand produces a space-delimited list, not comma-delimited
(thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
Thanks to Scott Kostyshak
- TW-1881 Missing last character(s) in Description field
(thanks to Hubert Toullec).
Thanks to Hubert Toullec
- TW-1881 default.scheduled seems not to work
(thanks to Onion).
Thanks to Onion
- TW-1885 Task Sync does not send TLS SNI headers
(thanks to Dan Callahan).
Thanks to Dan Callahan
- TW-1903 grammar error -- There are 1 local changes.
(thanks to Eric Hymowitz).
Thanks to Eric Hymowitz
- TW-1906/#1919 sync sub-command is missing from task(1) manual page
(thanks to rjc).
Thanks to rjc
- TW-1910 unreachable statement
(thanks to Martin Strunz).
Thanks to Martin Strunz
= TW-1917/#1930 "above" does a string comparison, even when the value is numeric
(thanks to Dirk Deimeke).
Thanks to Dirk Deimeke
- TW-1930 Typo in help
(thanks to Kai HTML).
Thanks to Kai HTML
- TW-1935 Separate verbosity category for rc overrides
(thanks to Paul J. Fenwick).
Thanks to Paul J. Fenwick
- TW-1936 Tweak tests to have fuller TAP compliance
(thanks to Paul J. Fenwick).
Thanks to Paul J. Fenwick
- TW-1938 Adjust behaviour of new-uuid and new-id verbosity levels
(thanks to Paul J. Fenwick).
Thanks to Paul J. Fenwick
- TW-1947 "urgency.over" filter seems to not work correct
(thanks to Marc Richter).
Thanks to Marc Richter
- #1964 task burndown shows extra brackets #1964
(thanks to php-coder).
Thanks to php-coder
- #1966 Tests: Don't hardcode errno constants #1966
Thanks to Jakub Wilk
- #2 Update to markdown and rename DEVELOPER to
Thanks to Lynoure Braakman
- #1 URL formating
Thanks to buhtz
- Added 'juhannus' as a synonym for 'midsommarafton'
(thanks to Lynoure Braakman).
Thanks to Lynoure Braakman
- Deprecated the 'DUETODAY' virtual tag, which is a synonym for the 'TODAY'
virtual tag.
- Removed deprecated 'alias._query' setting.
- Fixed ambiguity in the esp-ESP localization
(thanks to Fidel Mato).
Thanks to Fidel Mato
- Deprecated the 'new-uuid' verbosity option, since its functionality can be
removed by merging with 'new-id'.
- Correct a false-positive warning when a due date is removed and a wait is
- Added 'QUARTER' virtual tag.
- Fixed unquoted glob in bash completion script
(thanks to Ran Benita).
Thanks to Ran Benita
- Deprecated use of alternate Boolean configuration settings. Use values "0" for
off, and "1" for on. Avoid used of "on", "off", "true", "t", "false", "f",
"yes", "y", "no", "n".
- Fixed test harness for Python 3.x.
(thanks to jrabbit).
Thanks to jrabbit
- Improved certificate validation diagnostics
(thanks to Jelle van der Waa).
Thanks to Jelle van der Waa
- Improved portability for SunOS-like OSes.
(thanks to Antonio Huete Jimenez).
Thanks to Antonio Huete Jimenez
- Updated the 'timesheet' command with a more compact report that accepts a
filter, and has a default filter showing the last four weeks of completed and
started tasks.
- Added 'history.weekly', 'history.daily', 'ghistory.weekly', 'ghistory.daily'
report variations, with code refactoring.
(thanks to Lukas Barth).
Thanks to Lukas Barth
- New DOM references: annotations.count, tw.syncneeded, tw.program, tw.args,
tw.width, tw.height, tw.version.
- The message telling you to sync now indicates how many local changes will be

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