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Tests: Version test removed

- Veriying that the diag  command emits the correct commit SHA1 creates
  sporadic failures when CMake has not been run against the current
  commit, and this is not a good test.
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pbeckingham committed Mar 3, 2019
1 parent 2eb4883 commit 863038905ce87c989e81fa189b8088968d6d6a79
Showing with 0 additions and 23 deletions.
  1. +0 −23 test/version.t
@@ -82,29 +82,6 @@ class TestVersion(TestCase):
_, hash, _ = run_cmd_wait(git_cmd)
return hash.rstrip("\n")

def test_under_version(self):
"""_version and diagnostics output expected version and syntax"""
code, out, err = self.t("_version")

# version = "x.x.x (git-hash)" or simply "x.x.x"
# corresponding to "compiled from git" or "compiled from tarball"
version = out.split()

if 2 >= len(version) > 0:
git = version[1]
git_expected = "({0})".format(self.slurp_git())
self.assertEqual(git_expected, git)
raise ValueError("Unexpected output from _version '{0}'".format(

ver = version[0]
ver_expected = self.slurp()
self.assertEqual(ver_expected, ver)

code, out, err = self.t.diag()
self.assertIn(ver_expected, out)

def test_version_option(self):
"""Verify that 'task --version' returns something valid"""
code, out, err = self.t("--version")

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