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Docs: try to clarify reports.<type>.axis description

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rudis authored and lauft committed Apr 8, 2018
1 parent fa30f46 commit ba518dd8ded3196863208495911b3da49873182f
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@@ -781,10 +781,12 @@ exclusions. A value of '0' yields a more compact report. Default value is '1'.
Type is one of 'month', 'week', 'day'.

.B reports.<type>.axis = internal
.B reports.<type>.axis = external
The value 'internal' puts the hour markers inside the exclusion blocks.
Default is <no value>.
The value 'internal' puts the hour markers (time line at the top) inside the
exclusion blocks, 'external' puts the hour markers in a separate line;
additional values might be defined in the future. Default is 'internal' for
the day report and 'external' for other reports.

.B reports.<type>.summary = on

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