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MoreDeadlyMobs 1.0

Author: Clinton Alexander / GotoLink
Description: For the adventurer Minecraft can be too easy! Once you build your first mudhut, the hoardes of undead yearning to feast on the gooey innards of your skull are never a problem again.

This mod aims to aid your desire for the fray of combat.

Rather than letting your precious shelters remain immortal against all but the dreaded creature, this mod aims to allow zombies the power to crack through certain blocks (and mobs from other mods if the creator chooses to use this mod as a part of theirs)

- Zombies will be able to follow you through soft blocks and natural materials.
- Creepers will blow themselves up to get to you!
- Spiders can burrow through very soft materials
- Creepers can mount spiders
- Mobs can now sprint and will travel at much faster speeds to get to you for a short time
- Mobs follow you more accurately
- Mobs from other mods will be able to dig too, if selected in config file!

Do not install this mod if you are a creative builder!


Please download and install MinecraftForge from


1) Place the jar into /mods folder of the player profile

2) Run Minecraft once to make the config file appear into /config folder


Problems: None Known


The forum post has information about developer tools