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Sort your LEGO like a pro
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Lego Labels

Sort your LEGO like a pro


Developing this

To get started quickly just:

  • clone repo
  • cd into it
  • run npm install followed by npm start.

Alternativelly I recommend installing enduro globally by npm i enduro -g. This way you can just cd into the project and run enduro. This will also start development server at localhost:3000 with browsersync to live refresh scss, handlebars or javascript updates.

Setting mongodb & rebrickable api

This project uses mongodb. I used mlab.

The mongodb connection url is not included in this repository to prevent abuse. You can sign up, it's free. Follow these steps to create your own mlab instance:

  • sign up for mlab account
  • click 'create new' to create new mongodb deployment
  • mlab shows you the connection string, just add your credentials.

Also, don't forget to add your rebrickable api key to the same file.

Once you get the connection string you have to set it up either in enduro_secret.json or as a envirment variable. Create a file in root folder of this project called enduro_secret.json with this content:

	"secret": {
		"s3": {
			"S3_KEY": "",
			"S3_SECRET": ""
		"DATABASE_URL": "<your mongodb connection url>",
		"REBRICKABLE_API_KEY": "<your rebrickalbe api key>"
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