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Project to allow the programmer (who uses Löve2D or Drystal) to programm a game as easily as possible .

Current features :

  • Tileset / Map
  • MapEditor
  • Anim8Editor (Required an Area to use it)
  • Entity / SpriteAnimation / AreaAnimation
  • Matrix / Vector / Point
  • Collide (Area, Polygon, OBB, AABB, Circle, Segment, Point)
  • Area (Contains Shapes)
  • Shapes : Area, Polygon / Box / Circle (fill) / Segment / Point
  • InputText
  • Font
  • Keyboard / Mouse
  • Timer (callback)
  • Flux (Tweening)
  • Music
  • SFX
  • Window
  • Camera
  • DepthManager
  • Surface
  • Screen
  • Postfx
  • Particles

In the side of LÖVE2D :

  • Music (Some stuffs only available in LÖVE2D)
  • Particles timing effects (Colors,Sizes) are approximated by steps of 1/7 of the particle lifetime

In the side of Drystal :

Upcoming stuffs : (Priority order)

  • Entity manager
  • AreaEditor (Required for Anim8Editor)

How to program with EasyLD

  1. EasyLD = require 'EasyLD'
  2. Add 3 functions to your main.lua :
    • EasyLD:load()
    • EasyLD:update(dt)
    • EasyLD:draw()
  3. Free cookies

How to use the Screen feature

  1. Create a class which inherits from EasyLD/IScreen.lua
  2. Modify/Add methods to it
  3. Use it : EasyLD:nextScreen(MyScreen:new(xxx))

The preCalcul method is done after the EasyLD:preCalcul function.
The update/draw method is done before the EasyLD:update/draw function.
This allows you to do something before or after the update and to draw something over the screen.

How to use the DepthManager feature

  1. Create one with the following parameters:
    • An object that the camera will follow (Need to have x and y attributes (Like Every shapes/areas in EasyLD))
    • A draw function where you draw your world (Without any offset due to the camera position, the camera will take care of this)
    • A ratio: 1 = 1/1, 0.5 will create a world behind the worlds with a higher ratio. 2 will create a world before the worlds with a lower ratio.
    • The number of worlds before this one
    • The number of worlds after this one
  2. Add your other worlds using the method addDepth with these parameters
    • id: Position of the worlds (before/after). The first world is at the 0-position.
    • ratio: Same as above
    • A draw function: Same as above
  3. Choose a center of parallax with the centerOn method
  4. Don't forget to use the update method.
  5. Draw! With or without zoom.

Examples :

In the folder examples, you can find some implementations of EasyLD features.

  • DepthManager
  • Screen (with Screen transition)
  • Particles (with Camera effects)

Other examples can be found in my LD32 game (Github).

Version :

There is no available version. All the code are not correctly optimized, well written (Except some parts). Please wait the first release version. (Before April, 17th 2015 (LD32)).

Developper : Gautier Boëda

Drystal : (Run on Web (Javascript HTML5) or Linux)
Löve2D : (Run on Windows-MacOS/X-Linux)

Library :

middleclass.lua - MIT Licence - Copyright (c) 2011 Enrique García Cota
utf8.lua - BSD License - Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Kyle Smith
cron.lua - MIT Licence - Copyright (c) 2011 Enrique García Cota
flux.lua - MIT Licence - Copyright (c) 2014, rxi (Modified version for the needs of EasyLD - 2015, Goutye)


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