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Street QUality IDentification ("SQUID") leveraging Open Street Cam ("OSC") #2

patwater opened this Issue Apr 23, 2018 · 7 comments


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patwater commented Apr 23, 2018

Street QUality IDentification ("SQUID") is an open source data pipeline and analytics framework for assessing street quality.

This approach utilizes the open source Open Street Cam to collect GPS, accelerometer and imagery data to be able to literally see the Ground Truth.

This Public CEO article describes the improvements over current approaches to measure the Pavement Condition Index ("PCI") through a case study in Los Angeles.

Here are a set of example dashboards for select cities:

Here is a blog post describing how this sort of prototype analytics can be easily be spun up utilizing existing OSC data.

Here is a blog post providing documentation on how to collect new OSC data (bike specific though ultimately SQUID is mode agnostic).

Note this integrates as part of a larger vision for inter-city collaboration to share data and work together to navigate the seismic shifts underway in urban mobility. See for details.

That tooling is available here on GitHub:

Thank you for taking the time to review and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

CC @vr00n @schnuerle @thenameisdave

@schnuerle schnuerle added this to Proposed in Project Status Apr 24, 2018


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patwater commented May 9, 2018

@schnuerle any questions or issues we can address? Happy to hop on a call when convenient to discuss. To support this inter-governmental urban mobility / streets data collaboration we're scoping a Brigade Action Team focused on bikes with folks in Open Oakland, Hack for LA, MapTime etc. See here:


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schnuerle commented May 18, 2018

I think it sounds like a great project. Can you flesh it out a bit, like with these kinds of details from the Waze project?

  • Potential Sponsors: Amazon AWS, Slingshot
  • Potential Promoters: Waze
  • Potential Future Collaborators: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Code for America
  • Possible Constraints: Must be a Waze CCP partner (signed legal agreement with Waze)

Does it have its own Git repo yet, with most of the info you provided in the issue description above, plus things like a roadmap, defined issues, wiki, project plan, etc in Git to help organize the collaboration?

If you do some of that I can add it to the OGC home page as a project, which can get some more support for it.


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patwater commented May 21, 2018

Yes there are several SQUID repos for pieces of the data integration and a MVP data analytics tool available here:

The technical context as part of an integrated vision for supporting cities in tackling common urban mobility challenges is articulated here:

They key need in terms of collaboration are:

  1. OSC data collection either on city vehicles or bike volunteers (this is they key constraint as the data needs to be collected)
  2. Public works technical leaders inside and outside of cities to collaboratively work on modernizing the Pavement Condition Index = PCI (existing data standard for street quality)

We have some potential sponsors though still in discussions so happy to provide those in a non-public forum at this stage.

Potential future collaborators include the CfA Bike BAT for data collection, academic institutions for collaboration on PCI modernization (civil engineering) and computer vision classifications (CS), Open AI for collaboration on computer vision, as well as new and legacy car companies.


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patwater commented May 29, 2018

@schnuerle are you going to be at CfA brigade summit? Would be great to catch up tomorrow if so!


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schnuerle commented Jun 4, 2018

I couldn't make the summit this year, but heard @GovInTheOpen was talked about a bit.

I added SQUID to the home page under proposed projects and filled out what I could. Feel free to leave edits here or do a PR to make changes and keep it up to date.

Looks like that puts us at steps 5 and 6 of the ingestion process.

Besides looking for organizations to fund, can you flesh out the how it can be easily deployed by a gov, make sure it is well documented including some use cases, and ideas on how it can be deployed to cloud accounts easily (eg, Terraform, CloudFormation, Docker, etc).

@schnuerle schnuerle added 2 Under Review and removed 1 Proposed labels Jun 4, 2018

@schnuerle schnuerle moved this from Proposed to Under Review in Project Status Jun 4, 2018


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mvexel commented Nov 14, 2018

👋 Just stumbled upon this. I'm on the team that builds and runs OpenStreetCam. Let me know if you need any background / info from our side. We're not affiliated with SQUID but are aware of this project.


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patwater commented Nov 14, 2018

We saw the new OSC API -- very exciting!

Would love to see more detailed documentation of that API as would be hugely helpful for the SQUID project. Thanks much!

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