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GovReady CentOS 6.5 64bit Server Baseline

Vagrant file to download and launch a virtual machine of CentOS 6.5 64bit headless vagrant box pre-configured to SCAP-Security-Guide RHEL 'server' profile.


Date Status Time to Build
Jan 04, 2015 Created Build OK. openSCAP OK. About 3 minutes or less


This repo uses Vagrant and VirtualBox.



After you install VirtualBox and Vagrant, clone this repository and run vagrant up.

Your first vagrant up will take longer as the vagrant box is downloaded.

Remember to first cd into the directory where you want to save this repo!

git clone
cd govready-centos-6.5-x86_64-noX_server_vagrant
vagrant up

You can now log into your running CentOS with GovReady, openSCAP and SCAP-Security-Guide installed.

vagrant ssh

GovReady - Check Configuration

Run these commands from your GovReady virtual machine.

You will need to be root to run all tests. On a standard vagrant vm, the root password is vagrant.

# After you logged into your vm
# You will need to be root to run all tests
su -

cd /home/myfisma
govready scan

You should see the results:

OpenSCAP NIST Certified SCAP Scanner Results for Profile "server"

The "server" profile identifies 13 high severity controls. OpenSCAP says 12 passing and 1 failing.
The "server" profile identifies 89 medium severity controls. OpenSCAP says 88 passing and 1 failing.
The "server" profile identifies 72 low severity controls. OpenSCAP says 68 passing and 4 failing.

Why are some tests failing?

The few tests that are failing would effect the smooth running of vagrant, for example, setting a boot password.

Building from Source

Want to understand how this virtual machine was assembled? All necessary files are included in the source subdirectory.

File Description
source/Vagrantfile Vagrantfile to launch CentOS 6.5 testmachine that is not fully locked down
source/ List steps to semi-manually configure the CentOS vm to the server baseline profile
source/vbkick-template VBKick files to build the CentOS 6.5 machine image from source CentOS files


GovReady CentOS 6.5 64bit headless vagrant box pre-configured to SCAP-Security-Guide RHEL 'server' profile






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