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pragma solidity ^0.5.0;
import "./levels/base/Level.sol";
import "./utils/Ownable.sol";
import "./ScoreTracker.sol";
contract Ethernaut is Ownable {
struct EmittedInstanceData {
address player;
Level level;
bool completed;
mapping(address => bool) public registeredLevels;
mapping(address => EmittedInstanceData) public emittedInstances;
ScoreTracker public scoreTracker;
event LevelInstanceCreatedLog(address indexed player, address instance);
event LevelCompletedLog(address indexed player, Level level);
constructor(string memory _tokenName, string memory _tokenSymbol) public {
scoreTracker = new ScoreTracker(_tokenName, _tokenSymbol);
function registerLevel(Level _level, uint256 _reward) public onlyOwner {
registeredLevels[address(_level)] = true;
scoreTracker.registerLevel(address(_level), _reward);
function createLevelInstance(Level _level) public payable {
// Ensure level is registered.
require(registeredLevels[address(_level)], "Level is not registered");
// Get level factory to create an instance.
address instance = _level.createInstance.value(msg.value)(msg.sender);
// Store emitted instance relationship with player and level.
emittedInstances[instance] = EmittedInstanceData(msg.sender, _level, false);
// Retrieve created instance via logs.
emit LevelInstanceCreatedLog(msg.sender, instance);
function submitLevelInstance(address _instance) public {
// Get player and level.
EmittedInstanceData storage data = emittedInstances[_instance];
require(data.player == msg.sender, "Instance is not submitted by player"); // instance was emitted for this player
require(data.completed == false, "Instance is not completed"); // not already submitted
// Have the level check the instance.
if(data.level.validateInstance(_instance, msg.sender)) {
// Register instance as completed.
data.completed = true;
// Notify success via logs.
emit LevelCompletedLog(msg.sender, data.level);
// Notify score tracker of completed level
scoreTracker.levelCompleted(msg.sender, address(data.level));
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