TextExpander Snippets for generating fake data for common roles: email, name, telephone, postcodes, etc
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TextExpander Faker

A Snippet and supporting Ruby Scripts for generating fake user data. Basically, this is just a TextExpander conduit to the Faker Gem.


You'll need the faker gem installed, obviously...

$ sudo gem install faker

Import Faker.textexpander into TextExpander. Move the rest of the files into ~/Tools/TextExpanderScripts/textexpander-faker/ or update the Snippets to point to wherever you've put them.


In any application type:

  • "fake:name" to insert a fake name
  • "fake:pc" to insert a fake (but valid) UK postcode
  • "fake:zip" to insert a fake (but valid) US zipcode
  • "fake:tel" to insert a fake telephone number
  • "fake:email" to insert a fake email address.

The email address is a special case. I have it pointing to unique-marker@test.leftbrained.co.uk, which is a catch all address I can access, but rarely do.

Command Line Usage

I originally used the Ruby script for generating fixture data in Bash. You can still do this...

$ ./fake.rb name
Stevie Raynor
$ ./fake.rb postcode
CB13 3QW
$ fake.rb "#name <#email>"
Selena Jenkins <125935807239340@test.leftbrained.co.uk>

Future Features

Properly formatted telephone numbers with area codes for the UK. Valid Visa/Mastercard data Email address that are valid for throw-away domain services.

Copyright (c) 2009 Gavin Montague, released under the MIT license