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Gadget Server Project:

This is a project that builds on the Apache Shindig as the open social gadget containers.

Modules introduction:

Gadget-Core:                This is the domain object module.
Gadget-Shindig:             This is the module that implements the shindig SPI.
Gadget-Web:                 This is the module for GWT based UI showing the gadgets,
                             and RESTeasy powered restful services
Gadgets:		    This is the module that keeps the available gadgets, it will be deployed as a war.

Building the Gadget Server:

   mvn clean install

Deploy the Gadget Server:

1. Find from the target directory under distribution module. 
2. Unzip, follow the readme from to deploy the gadget server into AS7 (The AS7 version needs to 7.1.1Final or higher)

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