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Overlord - Script to getting started with S-RAMP and DTGov
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Getting Started from Source

Project Overlord consists of a repository (S-RAMP), Design Time Governance (DTGov) and Run Time Governance (RTGov). This script will build S-RAMP and DTGov. Both of these projects have a GUI component. All components share login information using SAML bearer tokens. The SSO code lives in a shared project called overlord-commons. Because of these SSO complexities we currently support deploying to JBossEAP and Tomcat-7.

1. Check out the code from Governance on Github

This clones overlord-commons, s-ramp and dtgov from github. If you want to check out your own clones, then you can update the urls in the file.

ant clone

going forward you can update using ant pull.

2. Download EAP 6.x.0 Final

You can skip this step if you’re going to deploy on tomcat. Navigate to then login and download EAP 6.x.0 Final ( to this directory.

3. Build

While your download is running you can kick off the build

ant install

4. Deploy

Option 1. Deploy to JBossEAP

When both step 2 and 3 are finished you can deploy to JBossEAP by running

ant deploy-eap

When ready, start EAP in standalone mode (jboss-eap-6.x/bin/ using a different shell

Option 2. Deploy to Tomcat

When step 2 is finished you can deploy to Tomcat by running

ant deploy-tomcat

When ready, start Tomcat (apache-tomcat-<version>/bin/ using a different shell

5. Seed

You can now add the following section to your .m2/settings.xml


Insert the admin password you supplied during step 4.

Make sure the applications are fully booted up before you start the seeding

ant seed

This will upload the ontologies as well as the workflows. You can verify success using the s-ramp-ui. Demos for both S-RAMP and DTGov are available in their respective distribution directories.

Good luck!

Please use the overlord user forum if you need help or have any other questions. We hope you will become part of our community and start writing your own extensions. Looking forward to seeing some good Git pull requests.


The Overlord team.

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