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Overlord Runtime Governance (RTGov)

Any feature requests or issues with the RTGov component should be reported here:

Setting up the environment

When building the repository, the 'release' folder is platform specific and therefore need a target platform to be specified. All other folders are platform agnostic.

The following environment needs to be setup for the selected target platform:


The 'jbossas' target platform requires JBossEAP with Switchyard. This can be obtained from:

(Note: currently requires switchyard-1.0 or later).

Once installed, set the JBOSS_HOME environment variable to point to the root of the JBossEAP/SwitchYard installation.

Building the distribution

From the root folder, build the distribution using:

mvn clean install

Once the build has completed, the distribution can be found in the release/jbossas/distribution/target folder.

NOTE: When building from source for the first time, you should include the -Pdocs option, as the documentation will be required to build the distribution.

It is recommended that you have MAVEN_OPTS set to the following: -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m

Integration tests for EAP

If the following environment variables have been defined, then the integration tests will automatically be invoked using the specified JBossEAP/SwitchYard environment.

EAP_DIST: The path to the EAP distribution zip.

SWITCHYARD_DIST: The path to the Switchyard Installer zip.

JBOSS_HOME: This is the target location of the EAP environment.

Generating Javadocs and REST APIs

To generate the javadocs and REST API documentation, include the docs profile when building:

mvn clean install -Pdocs

The javadocs will be generated to the docs/javadoc/target folder, and the REST API docs in the docs/restapi/target folder.

Building RTGov UI for deploying to FSW 6.0

To generate the RTGov UI war for use in FSW 6.0, you will need to include the profile fsw60:

mvn clean install -Pfsw60

The overlord-rtgov-ui.war is located in the ui/overlord-rtgov-ui-fsw60/target.


Instructions on setting up an Eclipse development environment can be found here:

Please also read the guidelines for contributors: