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Runtime Governance

Overlord Runtime Governance (RTGov)

Any feature requests or issues with the RTGov component should be reported here:

Setting up the environment

When building the repository, the 'release' folder is platform specific and therefore need a target platform to be specified. All other folders are platform agnostic.

The following environment needs to be setup for the selected target platform:


The 'jbossas' target platform requires JBossEAP with Switchyard. This can be obtained from:

(Note: currently requires switchyard-1.0 or later).

Once installed, set the JBOSS_HOME environment variable to point to the root of the JBossEAP/SwitchYard installation.

Building the distribution

From the root folder, build the distribution using:

mvn clean install

NOTE: If the JBOSS_HOME environment variable has been defined, then the integration tests will automatically be invoked using the specified JBossEAP/SwitchYard environment.

Once the build has completed, the distribution can be found in the release/jbossas/distribution/target folder.

Generating Javadocs

An aggregate set of javadocs can be generated from the root folder using the following command:

mvn javadoc:javadoc

The javadocs will be generated to the target/site folder.

Running Performance Tests

To run the performance tests on a particular platform, simply add the '-Pperformance' option performing the build.

The performance tests use the standard SLA monitor sample and check that under heavy load that the time taken to process the activity events generated by the application is less than the time it takes to actually execute all of the transactions - thus indicating that the Runtime Governance infrastructure is keeping up.


Instructions on setting up an Eclipse development environment can be found here:

Please also read the guidelines for contributors:

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