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RESTful Web Services for FileMaker Server

RESTfm turns a FileMaker Server into a RESTful Web Service, so you can access your FileMaker Server databases via HTTP(S) using a common REST architecture with easy to understand API calls.


RESTfm Installation and Programming Interface Manual:

RESTfm is Copyright (c) 2011-2021 Goya Pty Ltd, and is licensed under The MIT License. For full copyright and license information, please see the LICENSE file distributed with this package.


Officially packaged releases are the quickest way to start, are available in tar and zip formats, and may be downloaded directly from github:

Note: The officially packaged releases are called RESTfm-{version}.zip and RESTfm-{version}.tgz. (Please don't be confused by the links to "Source code" that GitHub also includes. "Source code" has not gone through the "build" process, and requires additional configuration to get working.)


The installation process is described in the online RESTfm manual:


Product support is available via paid sponsorship:

Using the master branch of RESTfm from GitHub.

The master branch hosted on GitHub is considered stable, and packaged releases are built from this branch at intervals. With a little extra configuration, it is possible to run RESTfm directly from a git repository clone.



  • A webserver (Apache >= 2.4, or IIS >= 7.0).
  • FileMaker Server 18 or above, but does not need to reside on the same machine as RESTfm.
  • PHP 7.0 or above.
  • If running Apache, the RESTfm directory must be configured with AllowOverride All so that .htaccess functions correctly.

Setup example suitable for Linux / macOS

cd /{your web document root}
git clone --branch master
cd RESTfm
cp .htaccess.dist .htaccess
cp -a conf.d.dist conf.d

# The following is only required if not using the FMS Data API:
cp -a FileMaker.dist FileMaker

# To retrieve the latest updates to RESTfm:
git pull
  • Create a custom conf.d/{your config name}.ini file to override default settings in RESTfm.ini rather than modifying it directly, this will save from merge conflicts when pulling future updates.
  • When using IIS, ensure web.config.dist is copied to web.config
  • Use a browser to see if RESTfm needs further configuration:
  • Refer to the RESTfm manual for further information:


Bug reports, via the GitHub issue tracker, are welcome: