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Checked out the current version from github and saved it in "/vendor/polugins/redmine_goyello_stuff_to_do", run db migrate and enabled it for the user role.
When clicking on the "Stuff To Do" in the upper left menu I get the error message "Not Found".
How can I solve this error? I am using Redmine 1.0.3 / Ubuntu 8.04 / MySQL.

The error message:

Not Found
The requested URL /stuff_to_do was not found on this server.


Same problem with Redmine 1.0.4 / openSuSe 11.1 / MySQL.


Same here, Redmine 1.0.4 (Bitnami Redmine Stack), Windows vista, MySQL.
Also on Bitnami Redmine Stack 1.1.0.


I had the problem; this was due to the fact that my redmine install was not on http://host/ but on http://host/redmine.

I did not try to fix it properly, and went the dirty way: just replaced in the javascript files /stuff_to_do with /redmine/stuff_to_do.

It now works fine for me.

Another thing I changed: the original version actualizes every millisecond, which let my browser consume a lot of CPU. I changed this in the js files too. If so is interested, I can share the fix.


Same problem here:

Ubuntu 11.10
Redmine 1.3.3.stable (MySQL)
server in subURI /redmine
All other plugins with assets working fine.

Had to replace /stuff_to_do with /redmine/stuff_to_do in:

  • javascript files;
  • redmine_goyello_stuff_to_do/app/views/stuff_to_do/index.html.erb;
  • /redmine_goyello_stuff_to_do/app/views/stuff_to_do/_no_time_recorded.erb;

Functioning so far after replacement.


This fails in the issue_break and other timekeeping buttons.



Rather than substituting /stuff_to_do with /redmine/stuff_to_do the trick is substituting /stuff_to_do with stuff_to_do.
This way the server does not default to the root of the www.

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