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@@ -14,10 +14,28 @@ whole conference, venue at [Imago theatre][], talks flowing into each other acco
to very well crafted scenario. Remarkably single track (or single thread if you will :) model was used, which proved once again to fit JS perfectly. Another novelity was in a
"save questions for the bar" rule that worked out very well.
-## Talks
+## Day 1
+I learend little bit of a history about how & why node was started. How unstable, but
+still fun it was to work with at it's early days. How it matured and got deployed into
+production at [Yammer][] and elsewhere. Why companies like Microsoft invest into nodejs
+and how it became first class citizen on windows, which was not easy and required whole
+new platform layer today known as [libuv][]. Learned how it can be used to write nodejs
+like servers in **C** and how much work is still ahead to make it better. Use of [libuv][]
+has expanded far beyound nodejs: Mozilla's own [rust][] language, [Luvit][] node for a
+Lua language and even crazy new languages like [candor][] with a dedicated VM that has
+a JIT compiler and is written by a single person.
It turns out there is a nodejs powered [karaoke bar][Bar API] in portland that has a
-public rest API.
+public rest API. That is also where first night party was, where I was rocking out with
+others until I almost lost my voice, my appologies to everyone who had to bear with that.
+# Day 2
+Node is all about streaming and pipeing data, and that's what everyone should do!
+Crazy hardware: motion based spammers, js powered robots!
@@ -26,4 +44,12 @@ public rest API.
[Mikael Rogers]:
[Imago theatre]:
-[Bar API]:
+[Bar API]:
+[rocking out]:
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