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ssl support #2

mzu opened this Issue · 2 comments

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mzu commented

Hi! Just started playing with jetpack-io.

It would be great if the API could offer ssl support (since this is already supported by the underlying TransportService -> @see ). Should be easy to implement?

I guess if you like to mirror the node.js API, you would need a separate tsl/ssl module which could share the code from your net module by simply passing in the correct aSocketTypes when calling nsISocketTransportService#createTransport() ?


@mzu I use default value on createTransport which I believe is smart enough to guess from server if it's ssl, starttls, or udp. I guess it should be easy to implement (tls)[] module from node if you derive from Socket and override connect so that the right aSocketTypes is used.

Since I don't have a tests / use case / time to do that it's not wont be high priority on my list, but you're more then welcome to send a pull request & I'll take time to review and pull in.

Hope this helps!

mzu commented

OK, thanks. Same restrictions in terms of available time at the moment. But might be able to help in a few weeks...

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