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font-size: 12px;
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<script type=text/expamles id=examples>;; Hello World! in LispyScript.
;; Hello World! in LispyScript.
(.log console "Hello LispyScript!")
;; A more intricate Hello World!
(if (undefined? window)
(.log console "Hello LispyScript!")
(alert "Hello LispyScript!"))
; Functions
;; An anonymous function in LispyScript
(fn [x] (* x x))
;; The first element in an expression can be an anonymous function.
((fn [x] (* x x)) 2)
;; You can set a variable name to a function.
(var square
(fn [x]
(* x x)))
(.log console (square 10))
; LispyScript is Javascript!
( (Array 1 2 3)
(fn [elem index list]
(.log console elem)))
;; You can access object methods and properties using the ".-" notation.
(.log console (.-greet { greet: "hello" }))
;; You can also use the 'get' expression to access a property of an object.
(.log console (get { greet: "hello" } "greet"))
(.log console (get (Array 1 2 3) 1))
;; You can 'set' variables too.
(set! window.onload (function [] (alert "Page Loaded")))
; Node
;; The node server example in LispyScript.
(def http (require "http"))
(def server
;; Note: How conventional dash-dilimited lispy style traslates to
;; convetional camelCase style in JS (P.S. you can use cameCase too)
(.create-server http
(fn [request response]
(.write-head response 200 { "Content-Type": "text/plain" })
(.end response "Hello World\n"))))
(.listen server 1337 "")
(.log console "Server running at")
; Macros
;; You can define a macro.
(defmacro array? [expression]
`(=== (.call Object.prototype.toString ~expression) "[object Array]"))
;; Now let us create a Lisp like 'let' macro in LispyScript.
(defmacro let (names values & body)
((fn ~names ~@body) ~@values))
(let (name email tel) ("John" "" "555-555-5555")
(.log console name)
(.log console email)
(.log console tel))
;; Conditions
(if (= document.ready-state "complete")
(.log console "loaded") ;; true expression
(.log console "loading")) ;; optional false expression
;; Do expression
(if (= process.argv.length 2)
(.resume process.stdin)
(.setEncoding process.stdin "utf8")
(.cwd process))))
;; Each macro
(each (Array 1 2 3)
(fn (elem index list)
(.log console elem)))
;; Exception handling
(var fs (require "fs"))
(var outfile "text.txt")
(.write-file-sync fs outfile "Hello World")
(catch Error e
(.log console (+ "Cannot write file " outfile))
(.exit process 1)))
;; Recursive loops
(loop [i 0 ]
(when (< i 5)
(.log console i)
; loop i will take this value
(recur (inc i))))
<div id="input" name="input"></div>
<div id="output" name="output"></div>
function updatePreview(editor) {
var code = editor.getValue()
localStorage.buffer = code
var input = CodeMirror(document.getElementById("input"), {
lineNumbers: true,
autoClearEmptyLines: true,
tabSize: 2,
indentWithTabs: false,
electricChars: true,
autoClearEmptyLines: true,
mode: "clojure",
theme: "ambiance",
autofocus: true,
fixedGutter: true,
matchBrackets: true,
value: localStorage.buffer ||
onChange: updatePreview,
onCursorActivity: function() {
input.setLineClass(hlLine, null, null);
hlLine = input.setLineClass(input.getCursor().line, null, "activeline");
var hlLine = input.setLineClass(0, "activeline");
var output = CodeMirror(document.getElementById("output"), {
lineNumbers: true,
fixedGutter: true,
matchBrackets: true,
mode: "javascript",
theme: "ambiance",
readOnly: true
setTimeout(updatePreview, 1000, input)