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Change `maybe-read-tagged-type` function to avoid use of `if-let` form.

This will allow `if-let` form in form of library.
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1 parent 6afddbb commit 30cc204c26a6ebb24bedf036a4c9fb73bbd80bd2 @Gozala committed Aug 14, 2012
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@@ -720,8 +720,9 @@
(defn maybe-read-tagged-type
[rdr initch]
- (let [tag (read-symbol rdr initch)]
- (if-let [pfn (get __tag-table__ (name tag))]
+ (let [tag (read-symbol rdr initch)
+ pfn (get __tag-table__ (name tag))]
+ (if pfn
(pfn (read rdr true nil false))
(reader-error rdr
"Could not find tag parser for " (name tag)

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