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Phantomify lets you headlessly browserify
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Phantomify lets you headlessly browserify!!

Browserify does a great job of letting you concentrate on writing reusable modules that work both on nodejs & browsers instead of spending efforts on bikeshidding module format. PhantomJS on the other hand is headless webkit browser that is well supported by a travis-ci. Phantomify composes this great tools together to let you run node module in a headless browser environment.


phantomify ./path/to/module.js

Phantomify will make a browserify bundle for the given module path and then will load & execute it in an empty "about:blank" page in a PhantomJS.

Sometimes "about:blank" is just not good enough there for Phantomify can be given second argument for the page URL where code should be executed:

phantomify ./path/to/module.js http://localhost:8080/


npm install -g phantomify
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