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Scratchpad for add-on SDK
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This add-on allows you to use Firefox scratchpad to hack an add-ons by just typing JS into it. This works starting from Firefox 21 (Current Aurora).


Once installed just press alt-j keyboard shortcut which will bring up scratchpad with an [Addon-SDK][] context. You can type following examples and run execute to see what it does!

var Widget = require("sdk/widget")
var widget = Widget({
  id: "mozilla-icon",
  label: "My Mozilla Widget",
  contentURL: ""

// Once module is loaded it's cached, but you can force reload. This is useful
// to load modules after you modified them.
require("sdk/widgets", { reload: true })

All the changes done by the typed code are undone once scratchpad window is closed.

You could also start playing with code examples from Add-on SDK documentation. For example go to the widget API documentation page and click green button on in the right top corner of the first code example. You will get a new scratchpad with that example in it ready to execute. If close scratchpad window any changes done by it will be unloaded!

Enjoy hacking your browser!

Hacking on SDK itself

If you wanna hack on [Addon-SDK][] you may find scratch-kit also pretty handy. All you need to do is clone Add-on SDK repository and set add-on preference to file URL of the location you cloned it. For example if you clone SDK into your home directiory on OSX it will be something like: file:///Users/me/addon-sdk/

If this preference is set scratch-kit will load modules from your SDK clone so any changes you make to modules can be easily tested without running CFX or any other boilerplate. Optionally you could also set CFX_ROOT environment variable instead of add-on preference.

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