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data update ace-plug to version that disables annoying built-in commands.
.gitmodules Version 0.6.1


This is still very alpha experiment

Skyedit is an editor embedded in browser. Some browsers support view-source:* type URIs for viewing page source (Try clicking view-source: in Firefox or Chrome). In a same way you could view source for a files in the local hard drive view-source:file:///etc/hosts. Would not be it nice to have similar way to edit those files ? Would not be it awesome to have an edit link edit: on a gist page along with embed to start editing it an editor, or just being able to navigate to edit:file:///etc/hosts to edit it ? This is an experiment using jetpack and ace with an attempt to do exactly that and probably more in a future.



git clone git:// --recursive
cd sky-edit


Download latest .xpi file from downloads and drag it to firefox.

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