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Lighty Changelog
Version 0.4.4
(released on May 2012)
- Fix some issues.
- Some code clean up and refactoring.
- Rewrite validators and validate() function.
Version 0.4.3
(bug fix release, released on May 8th 2012)
- Add delete() method implementation into models and datastore.
- Add __len__() method into Query class and count() method implementation fix
in datastore.
- Add datastore manager and assigning between datastores and models by names.
- Add datastore manager initialization in wsgi complex application.
- Add simple signals implementation.
- Switch to own argument parser implementation from argparse standart module.
- Fix a lot of issues.
Version 0.4.2
(bug fix release on April 25th 2012)
- Python 3.2 support.
- Add some utils to work properly with both Python 2.7 and 3.2.
- Fix template filter applying.
- Small fixes in debug template.
- Working on including template file into installed files tree.
Version 0.4.1
(released on April 23th 2012)
- Add date template filter.
- Make benchmark running command and reorganize the some parts of code.
- Refactor lighty.db to make it compact: remove non-standart exceptions, add a
metaclass for functors, remove some not nessesary fields, write some docs.
- More documentation.
Version 0.4
(merge release on April 13th 2012)
- Merge lighty.wsgi, lighty.db and lighty.templates into on package.
- Add configuration loading.
- Add API to run different types of scripts inside the application environment.
- Basic tornado server support.
- Monads implementation as wrappers for view functions.
- URLs routing: url resolving and reversing.
- Fix a lots of issues.
- Static file handler for debug mode.
- Some documentation.
Version 0.3.3
(bug fix release on March 26th 2012)
- Fix issue with block template tags.
- Fix issue with template tags extending and filesystem loader.
Version 0.3.2
(released on March 26th 2012)
- Add template loader that works from file system.
- Some small syntax changes that makes new template creation and execution
little bit easier.
- "include" tag implemented.
- Refactor some methods.
Version 0.3.1
(released on March 12th 2012)
- Fix for tags issue with setting variable with a name already exists in
- Fix CHANGES list.
- Add with tag.
- Default tags library refactoring.
Version 0.3
(released on March 12th 2012)
- Simple "if" tag implemented.
- "for" tag implemented.
- "spaceless" tag implemented.
- Simple benchmarks implemented.
Version 0.2
(released on September 23th 2011)
- Template filters implemented.
- Some standart template filters.
Version 0.1
(released on April 4th 2011)
- Custom template tags support.
- Standart tags: block and extends.
Version 0.0.1
(released on January 13th 2011)
- Simple template parser and execution.
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