Commits on May 25, 2012
  1. got rid of the CassandraSession.Current since it was an anti-pattern …

    nberardi committed May 25, 2012
    …that didn't enforce best practices, and caused issues in threading environments
Commits on May 24, 2012
  1. moved from the obsolete property replication_factor on the KsDef obje…

    nberardi committed May 24, 2012
    …ct to the StrategyOptions to fix issue #32, as of right now this is a step backwords for the intended easy setup
Commits on May 23, 2012
  1. moved around some code from issues #28 and #30 and used DateTimePreci…

    nberardi committed May 23, 2012
    …se in other locations in the project
    moved around some methods because they were on the wrong object
Commits on May 16, 2012
  1. converted tests to use Xunit

    nberardi committed May 16, 2012
Commits on May 14, 2012
  1. updated BigDecimal to play a bigger role that in previous commits, th…

    nberardi committed May 14, 2012
    …is is because we need to be in line with the DecimalType in Cassandra which uses the BigDecimal type in Java
Commits on May 11, 2012
  1. we are now using the microsecond format from 1/1/1970 00:00:00 UTC sa…

    nberardi committed May 11, 2012
    …me as
    the Cassandra server, with backwards compatibility for milliseconds and
    seconds, for issue #24
  2. fixed issue #25 by creating a mock-BigDecimal that worked in a simili…

    nberardi committed May 11, 2012
    …ar way as Java had their own object implimented
  3. Added Reversed begaviour to CassandraType

    Mike Williams
    Mike Williams committed May 11, 2012
  4. Merge branch 'master' of C:/Dev/Wip/fluentcassandra/..\..\Incoming\fl…

    Mike Williams
    Mike Williams committed May 11, 2012
  5. Added DotCover to .gitignore

    Mike Williams
    Mike Williams committed May 11, 2012
  6. added check for 16 bytes in a decimal, so that non-.NET standard deci…

    nberardi committed May 11, 2012
    can go directly to the Java BigDecimal parser for issue #25
  7. Cassandra uses Java's BigDecimal object to store and create these val…

    nberardi committed May 11, 2012
    this isn't compatible with .NET's Decimal object, so I was able to put a
    hack in place to solve the issue when the decimal values are positive,
    negative values are a different story right now, fixed issue #25
  8. fixed a couple test issues

    nberardi committed May 11, 2012
Commits on May 10, 2012
  1. CQL Query working

    nberardi committed May 10, 2012
Commits on May 9, 2012
  1. simplified DateType conversions, because DateTimeOffset does abide by…

    nberardi committed May 9, 2012
    … day light savings contrary to what I thought in the previous commit d1f8bb5