Craigslist classifieds app intended for small communities. Built on Ruby on Rails.
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GraceList is a Craigslist-style classifieds app intended for small communities, such as at work or church.

  • Dead-simple user interface
  • Users can post to a category, like lost, found, free stuff, etc.
  • A digest email is frequently sent out to an alias to notify of changes. New posts are highlighted.
  • Handy announcements section for community updates

Gracepoint After Five’s design team originally made GraceList as an internal tool at our church, Gracepoint Fellowship Church. Because it was a small group of trusted individuals using the tool, we could have a very simple system where security and permissions were not a concern. We hope you enjoy using the tool as much as we have.

View the demo


  • git clone git:// gracelist
  • Edit config/config.yml and specify pertinent email information
  • Edit config/environment.rb and specify support links
  • You can also override the RSS feed with a Feedburner RSS if you want. Just get Feedburner to consume /posts/rss

By default, your GraceList digest will email itself out twice a week, on Monday and Thursdays. You can change this by modifying the NOTIFY_FREQUENCY variable in the config/environment.rb file.

Setting up the Cronjob

You need to setup a cronjob to fire off the GraceList email notifiers. If no new posts were made since the previous email, GraceList will not send out an email. This is to minimize spam.

Your cronjob should look something like this where yourhostname is the domain/directory where GraceList is installed.

0 12 * * 1,4 cd /var/rails/gracelist/script; ./runner -e production "app =;! ''; app.get 'posts/notify'"

GraceList uses the Integration testing framework to invoke the notify action. It’s a little hackish but it works.

Permissions and Security

  • There is no built-in user permissions, login schema or security features. Users just have to enter their email in order to post/
  • There is an administration panel to allow you to add/remove categories. It’s accessible by going to /admin.
  • If you want any security, you should secure the app using Apache’s server configuration or using .htaccess files. I would not recommend leaving the app exposed to the public as anyone can go in an edit/delete posts.

About Gracepoint After Five

Gracepoint After Five is a design blog, run by several guys who play the part of design professionals by day, who think real life starts after 5, the moment we step out of the glass doors and into the world, away from the pixels and bytes.


Released under the MIT license.