Roguelike 2D Kit for Unreal Engine 4
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Roguelike2D Kit for Unreal Engine 4

Marketplace | Demo | Website

Available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace

The Roguelike 2D Kit is an easy to use template for creating top down roguelike type of games in 2D!

The template is created using Blueprints and allows easy customization.

Project will be maintained, so feel free to get in touch to suggest changes, features or anything else.

Features include:

  • Different types of enemies, pickups and weapons
  • Simply create rooms using tile maps and tile sets (drag and drop)
  • Easy to create and modify enemies and powerups using data tables
  • Systems for health, player statistics, score and save/load functionality
  • And much more

For a list of features, documentation and more please see the website