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#Seeing Sounds with Three.js

This is a tutorial series I have been writing, and very much a work in progress. The series provides an introduction the world of three.js through developing a music visualizer. The tutorials created and code used so far can be seen below:



Three.js Basics

Get up to speed with three.js: setting your first scene

Seeing Sounds Project

Seeing Sounds with ThreeJS + WebGL [Intro]

Seeing Sounds [Part 1]: Creating the star field

Seeing Sounds [Part 2]: Creating the terrain

Seeing sounds [Part 3]: Star field + Terrain

Seeing sounds [Part 4]: Animating a terrain with three.js

[Todo: First person movement with the Chase Camera]

Coding an infinite 3D terrain

Coding an infinite 3D world with three.js [Part 1]

Coding an infinite 3D world with three.js [Part 2]


Tutorial repository

Code samples can be seen here

Object oriented repository

To create a more re-usable codebase, I then refactored the javascript into object oriented code, which can be seen in this repository.