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The feature packed, lightning fast boilerplate we use at Graffino for building modern responsive static and WordPress powered websites.


Modern CSS

  • SCSS powered
  • Easy media queries
  • PostCSS optimisation via browserlist
  • Code minification
  • Custom Flexbox grid system
  • Custom mixins & utilities
  • Responsive typography
  • Automatic code linting and fixing
  • Sourcemaps

ES6 vanilla JS, VueJS

  • Vanilla JS modules
  • ES6 transpiling via babel with browserlist support
  • Babel polyfills support
  • Code minification & optimisation
  • Automatic code linting and fixing
  • Sourcemaps
  • VSCode debug support
  • Webpack build


  • NodeJS assets via package.json, you won't manually download a library ever again
  • SVG sprites for modern dynamic SVG icons and assets
  • SVG inline injection
  • Image assets compression & optimisation
  • Lazy loading & low resolution placeholders

or WordPress (PHP) powered

  • Composer integration for WordPress and plugins
  • Support for private packages and .env based configuration for license keys
  • Custom OOP base theme with automatic class loading and dependency injection
  • Cache busting support
  • Automatic code linting and fixing
  • VSCode debug support via xDebug

Regression testing

  • Regression testing via Cypress and Backstop


  • Optional dockerized development environment
  • Custom SSL certificate support for .dev domain
  • One command WordPress setup and initialization
  • Database migration & dump scripts for WordPress
  • Automatic javascript and composer packages update scripts
  • Automatic deployment scripts
  • Automatic file syncronisation scripts (WordPress)
  • Automatic package version bumping
  • Development server with code injection and hot reload

Features And Usage

To find out more about what Ninja's features and project structure see the documentation folder.

Default Password

username: graffino
password: js#O^P#S3CYp$SpwIu

## Important

- Keep the version for the imagemin-mozjpeg plugin at 9.0.0 as it is now ESM only.
- PHP linting issue with PHP8: <>
- Backstop temporarily removed from `package.json` as it is not compatible with Arm64: `"backstopjs": "^6.0.4"`