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A spinning loader, with dots
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Customized built-in elements <spinning-dots>


The goal of this module is to have a reusable component to display a spinning loader. Live demo


With npm

Install the package using npm or yarn

npm i @grafikart/spinning-dots-element
# or
yarn add @grafikart/spinning-dots-element

Then import it in your script

import '@grafikart/spinning-dots-element'


<script type="module" src="//"></script>

Then use the custom element in your html using <spinning-dots>.

<-- This will create a loader with a 68px width  -->

<-- Everything scales according to the width -->
<spinning-dots style="width:100px;"></spinning-dots>

<-- Every configuration possible -->
<spinning-dots style="width:100px; stroke-width:20px; color: #535FF6;" dots="8"></spinning-dots>


Attribute Type Description
dots number The number of dots to display

CSS Styles

This custom element is affected by these styles

Property Description
width Set the size of the element
stroke-width Set the width of the trail
color Set the color, inherit the parent color by default



  • Make library usable using new SpinningDots()


  • Better default size


  • Initial release
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