This Adobe Brackets extension allows you to easily create and use *your own* template files.
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Any Template

This Adobe Brackets extension allows you to easily create and use your own template files. It adds a new "Template" menu item to the main menu bar which lists any template files you create. Templates can be of any file type supported by Brackets.


Add/Edit Templates

  • From the "Template" menu item, select "Open Templates Folder..."
  • Add any file type supported by Brackets.
  • Restart Brackets to see updated files.

Download Templates

Optionally, you can find some templates here.

Select Template

  • From the "Template" menu item, select your desired template file.
    • Template files are sorted by type.
  • Once a file is selected, you will be presented with the following options:
    • Create Untitled Document
    • Overwrite Current Document
    • Cancel

Edit Template Path

  • Upon first installing this extension, you will be asked to select a folder to load your templates from.
  • If ever you need to edit the folders path, you can find it in your preference file.

Install Extension

In the Brackets Extension Manager, either:

  • Search for Any Template
  • Use the "install from URL" option and paste in

Restart Brackets after install.



  • Improve support for hidden files.
  • Improve support for files with no extension.


  • Fix issue where an error occurs when attempting to use a template when no working files are open.


  • Update "Overwrite Current Document" logic to only support files of the same type.
  • Fix issue with how files with no extension are handled when adding the extension to newly created untitled files (see v2.4.0).
  • Make code more DRY.


  • Add file extensions to newly created untitled files (so that code hinting and formatting works).
  • Babelify logic to ES5 (in order to support certain Linux distributions).


  • Support files with no extension.


  • Handle cases where the templates folder no longer exists.


  • Update counter logic for when creating untitled documents.
    • Counter now updates on the "workingSetAdd" event.
    • Starting file counter at 10 so to better avoid Brackets "duplicated in mru list" issue.


  • Rewrite logic to allow users to choose their own template path.
  • Clean up code.


  • Replace deprecated Brackets method with new one.
  • Hard set menu item location.


  • Fix issue where Brackets throws an error if an untitled file has an extension.
    • Due to this limitation, I no longer set a file type, so code hinting will not work until the file is saved.
  • Rename module titles.


  • Initial release.


Copyright (c) 2016 - 2017 Leandro Silva (

Released under the MIT License.

See for entire terms.